Ice House Portable Air Cooler Reviews (2022 Summer Update): Is Ice House AC Legit or Scam?

Please Take Note That the Ice House Portable AC Is Not Sold On Amazon, Walmart, Or Any Other Retail Stores; Instead, It Is Sold Exclusively On the Vendor’s Official Website.

Ice House says that their coolers, which cost $90 each, will keep anyone cool and comfortable during the entire summer. Additionally, in addition to functioning as a portable air cooler, it also functions as a humidifier.

What exactly is Ice House’s portable air conditioner? How exactly does Ice House function? Continue reading in order to get all of the information that you require concerning the Ice House personal space cooler.

What is Ice House Air Cooler? – Ice House AC Reviews – Ice House Portable Air Conditioner


The Ice House is a personal space cooler that also humidifies the air while also cooling it.

Ice House, much like other portable AC coolers marketed online nowadays, consists of a container that holds water and a fan that blows over that container. The warm air causes the water in the container to evaporate, which brings the temperature of the air down while also increasing the relative humidity. Air that has passed through the gadget emerges on the opposite side as colder, wetter, and more invigorating air.

Throughout the hot summer months, an increasing number of individuals are turning to Ice House to maintain a comfortable temperature in their homes, bedrooms, businesses, and other small spaces. Ice House is not intended to imitate the functionality of a central air conditioning system in a home, therefore it does not consume as much electricity or cost as a central air conditioning system would. Instead, Ice House is intended to provide straightforward and portable cooling wherever you go.

Ice House is carried from room to room by a significant number of users throughout the entire summer. Using Ice House, you can bring the temperature down in whichever room you happen to be in at the time. You could spend hundreds of dollars cooling your home over the entire summer, or you could just utilize Ice House to cool the rooms that you actually spend time in.

Ice House can only be purchased online by following this link, where it is listed at a price of approximately $80 per unit.

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How Does Ice House AC/Air Cooler Work?

The Ice House is a hybrid device that combines a portable air conditioner, a fan, and a humidifier into one convenient package. This is how the unit is supposed to function:

  • You put water into the container that is part of Ice House.
  • After that, you switch on the fan and plug in Ice House.
  • Evaporation is caused by the fan by blowing hot air over the container that Ice House uses.
  • Evaporation requires both heat and moisture; the Ice House removes heat from the air and takes moisture from the water tank, resulting in air that is colder, cleaner, and more invigorating.
  • Ice House is responsible for exhaling the brisk and fresh air on the other side of the gadget.
  • As a result of this procedure, the air in your home will be far less dry and significantly more humid.

Conventional air conditioners remove moisture from the air by drawing it through a coil. This may be effective for rapidly cooling the air, but it is not useful for generating a comfortable environment inside of a building. Because they remove all moisture from the air, standard air conditioning systems can wreak havoc on your skin. Ice House operate in a distinctive fashion. Ice House gives you all of the benefits of a standard home AC system while removing any of the moisture that comes along with it by cooling the air while simultaneously adding moisture to it.

Ice House AC/Air Cooler Features & Benefits

The manufacturers of Ice House advertise the following qualities and advantages of their product:

  • Both a powerful air cooler and a normal fan in one convenient package
  • Performs the function of a humidifier
  • Everyone will find it easy to use.
  • Fully transportable in all aspects
  • In just a quarter of a minute, quickly brings the temperature down.
  • Convenient and inexpensive
  • Adjustable (via three fan speeds and a variable vent)

In addition, Ice House provides effortless pouring from the top, and there is no need to bother about a refill tank. Simply guide the pouring of water into the unit when necessary. Whenever Ice House is turned on, the apparatus will begin drawing moisture from the tank. You do this on a regular basis to ensure that Ice House will continue to function properly for as long as it is required.

How to Use Ice House Portable AC


Using Ice House is not complicated in any way. The device functions in a manner that is analogous to those of other portable AC units that can be purchased online nowadays. You shouldn’t have any problems using Ice House even if your technical experience or competence is on the lower end of the spectrum.

The following is the Ice three-step approach to follow:

Step 1: Place your Ice House portable air conditioner on a level platform, insert the power adapter into the appropriate port, and then plug the other end of the adapter into a wall outlet.

Step 2: Take the filter out of the drawer, soak it in water for a few minutes, and then put it back in the drawer.

Step 3: After selecting the mode you want, fill the water tank with water, and you should be able to start enjoying the cool air within 30 seconds.

Once Ice House is up and running, you will have complete control over the configuration and behavior of the device. You have the option of changing the direction of the fans as well as selecting one of three different settings that determine the amount of air circulation and the speed at which the fans operate (say, if you want the air to blow at your face or feet).

The Science Behind Ice House – Ice House AC Review

It is helpful to have some knowledge of the science that underpins the portable air cooler in order to comprehend how Ice House operates.

When heat is applied to water, it causes the water to evaporate, which is the single most critical fact to keep in mind. Evaporation is caused when hot air is introduced to water in the Ice House.

Heat is necessary for the evaporation process. Evaporation cannot occur in the absence of heat. Evaporation is produced within the Ice House as a result of hot air coming into contact with water. The heat moves in the opposite direction from the air to the water, and then from the water to the air outside of the tank. As the water evaporates into the air as droplets, it changes temperature and becomes more humid, yet the total volume of water in the tank decreases.

The use of a water barrier in Ice House’s evaporation process allows for even greater efficiency overall. Before you use the curtain, you must first soak it in water. The process of evaporation restarts each time air moves through the water barrier that was previously used. The rise of moisture from the curtain, which is caused by hot air, contributes to the drying out of the curtain and the cooling of the air.

Because of this, the air that escapes the Ice House on the opposite side is damp and chilly. The air in the Ice House is moved to wherever it needs to go by the fans.

Who Should Use an Ice House? – Ice House AC Reviews

Ice House is targeted to everyone who is looking for an efficient and simple method to maintain their cool during the entire summer.

Ice House, on the other hand, is not designed to chill an entire house like a central air conditioning system is, nor is it designed to cool larger areas or more than one room at a time. Instead, it is best suited for use in confined quarters, such as dormitory rooms, bedrooms, offices, and modest residences.

The following is a list of some of the persons who might gain something from using Ice House:

  • Anyone who want to avoid the expense, inconvenience, and installation of a full-scale air conditioning system in their home
  • a person who works from home and wishes to cool an office, desk area, or other workspaces located within the home
  • Those who spend the summer in studio apartments or other cramped quarters and struggle to maintain a comfortable body temperature
  • Anyone who want to steer clear of the dryness and dehumidification that are inherent to conventional air conditioning systems
  • Students who desire to maintain their cool in the dormitories
  • a person who does not want their skin, eyes, or nasal passages to get irritating, preventing their skin, eyes, and nasal passages from drying out and becoming irritated
  • Whether you use Ice House for work, sleep, leisure, or general use around the house, the unit is designed to keep you cold no matter how hot the weather gets outside.

In addition, since Ice House is a portable device, you can use it regardless of where you are. For instance, if you need to go from room to room while cooling off, you may easily carry it with you. You also have the option of purchasing additional Ice House units online, which will allow you to experience cooler temperatures throughout your entire home at a cost that is significantly lower than what you would pay for a standard home air conditioning system.

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Ice House Versus Normal Air Conditioning Systems

Ice House was conceived as a less expensive alternative to traditional air conditioning systems and is built with that goal in mind. With a single Ice House cooler, you may enjoy cool air without having to spend a fortune on full-home air conditioning (via an HVAC system) or on installing window-based air cooling devices. Both of these options require installation of separate cooling units.

Complete air conditioning systems in homes remove moisture from the air by evaporating it, leaving the air inside of your home dry. It’s possible that your skin, eyes, and nasal passages will all show signs of the impacts. Some even experience nosebleeds owing to the dry, indoor climate.

Ice House is intended to be a more intelligent alternative. Ice House will add moisture to the air while still effectively cooling it, as opposed to drying up your air as it would do to remove moisture. This enables homes to reap all of the benefits that come with using a conventional air conditioning system, but without the drawbacks, such as an uncomfortable environment and increased dryness.

Ice House Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say? (Ice House Portable AC Reviews Consumer Reports)

Ice House is a relatively new portable air conditioning system, and outside of the manufacturer’s website, there are not many reviews available online. On the other hand, the portable cooler has received highly positive feedback on the company’s website, where it has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, and 89% of reviewers have given Ice House a flawless 5 star rating.

On Ice, some of the verified customers have left testimonials, including the following:

One man from Shreveport, Louisiana, states that he used to sleep with a fan next to his bed, but that he eventually stopped doing so because he found it to be too noisy and unpleasant (it would blow the pages of his book around). Now, instead of using his old fan, he utilizes the Ice House to get the same chilly air, but without the trouble of using a fan.

Ice House was purchased by a woman from Toronto as a gift for her father, and she claims that it helps her father remain comfortable for a longer period of time.

Ice House was purchased by a man from Michigan who wanted to ensure that his house remained cool during the summer. Even with the blinds down, he discovered that the heat was too much to bear inside the house on the hottest days. Because it makes him feel good, he loves to keep Ice House close by his reading chair. This makes him productive.

When it comes to keeping the rooms in their homes chilly, the majority of consumers who have been quoted online appear to agree that Ice House works as stated. Customers are typically pleased with the outcomes of their Ice House purchases so long as they utilize the product in the same way that they would use any other small, portable air cooler.

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Ice House Portable AC Pricing – Ice House Portable Ac Where To Buy?

The price of Ice House is $89.99 per unit, although there are discounts available for ordering two, three, or four units at once.

You are able to place an order for Ice House just through this link, where the prices are broken down as follows:

  • 1 Ice House Portable Air Cooler unit is available for purchase for $79.99 each
  • 2 Ice House Portable Air Cooler models, each at a price of $74.99
  • There are three Ice House Portable Air Cooler units, and each one costs $66.66.
  • There are 4 Ice House Portable Air Cooler units, and each one costs $56.24

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Ice House Refund Policy

Ice House provides a satisfaction guarantee for a period of 30 days. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you have up to sixty days to return it to the manufacturer for a full refund or replacement, but you will be responsible for the cost of shipping both ways.

Ice House must be returned in like-new condition in order to be eligible for a refund (unmodified and unaltered). In addition, you are required to return the product in the package in which it was originally sold.

  • Email:
  • Toll-free at: 1-888-341-3832.
  • Address: Icehouse

12924 Pierce St, CA 91331

Final Word – Ice House AC Reviews

Ice House is a transportable air conditioning system that costs approximately $80. After filling the tank with water and saturating the curtain with water, you turn on the device to get air that is cool and revitalizing in just a quarter of a minute.

Ice House may only be purchased through the online storefront located at The cooler is made to be portable, has adjusting features, and is simple enough for anyone to operate. In addition, because it adds moisture to the air rather than taking it away, using Ice House will always provide you with air that is cooler and more humid than normal.

Click on this link to get more information about Ice House or to buy the portable air cooler right now from the comfort of your own home.

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