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Onychomycosis, often known as nail fungus, is a common illness that affects the nail plates of the hands and feet. Toenails are more likely than fingernails to get a fungal infection.

The fungus thrives and grows by feeding on the nail and surrounding skin, eroding the nail plate. If onychomycosis is not treated, the infection may spread under the nail and become more difficult to eliminate. The fungus in the infected nail spreads, infecting the skin.

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There are several treatments for nail fungus, including lotions, varnishes, other medications, and unique procedures. Nonetheless, there is no simple remedy to this issue. The fungus might persist on the nail bed and infect the new nail even if the nail is completely removed. Therefore, it is crucial to eradicating the fungus entirely.

To treat nail fungus, one must use an antifungal medication containing a specific active ingredient that targets the fungus. Clavusin gives its consumers total fungal infection eradication in the safest and most cost-effective manner conceivable.

About Clavusin

Clavusin is a supplement that aids in the treatment of nail fungus, foot fungus, and foot rot. It also strengthens the immune system and prevents illnesses. Mark Thompson, the inventor of this product, had a similar experience and had to battle this fungus before discovering the composition for this supplement.

This supplement’s composition was derived from an African tribe’s secret method for maintaining healthy feet. This mixture from Kenya has protected generations of barefoot tribal members against fungal infections, despite their lack of access to basic hygiene products such as soap.

Clavusin is seen to be inexpensive, easy-to-use, and efficient. There is no pricey drug or surgery involved. Multiple organizations, such as The Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and the National Center for Biotechnology Information, have conducted research supporting this claim. It is most effective when administered in the early stages of a fungal infection. In conclusion, it is a supplement for relieving nail fungus that contains only natural and detoxifying elements.

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Clavusin has just five listed components that are beneficial additions to the fungus menace that humans are now facing.

Ingredients in Clavusin include:

  • Psyllium Husk
  • L-acidophilus
  • Glucomannan Origin
  • Black Walnut
  • Bentonite Cement
  • Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk

It is the principal component of the Kenyan antifungal mixture from which Clavusin is derived and is rich in antioxidative and antibacterial characteristics. These natural remedies often keep fungal infections at bay and alleviate discomfort and itchiness. This makes it easier for the body to recuperate from the fungal issues it is now facing.


L-acidophilus, the second-in-command to Clavusin, has been discovered to defend the body against several toxins, including the dreaded mycotoxins. Therefore, it is not only a probiotic that helps improve digestive health, but it also defends against harmful foods!

Glucomannan Origin 

This root extract suppresses the development of fungal, yeast, and mold infections inside human bodies. However, this benefit is only seen when combined with L-acidophilus, making this component more suitable for this combination in general.

Black Walnut 

Clavusin is incomplete without the addition of supporting substances. Black walnuts include characteristics that help enhance the skin and the immune system. In addition, it might encourage the body to eliminate the fungal infection.

Bentonite Cement 

Bentonite clay is also on the list because it assists in the formation of keratin in our fingernails and toenails. In addition to making them physically stronger and healthier, it also has the same stimulating properties as black walnuts, which permanently eliminate harmful poisons from the body.

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Working of Clavusin

Here is how the product works:

Lightens Toenails 

Clavusin is designed to eliminate fungal infections. It initially demonstrates its effectiveness by whitening the toenails. This enhancement will signal the beginning of recuperation and have a cascade impact that one will appreciate for days.

Color and Texture of Fingernails Return to Normal 

The toenails should regain their usual appearance after shifting from a yellowish to a rosy tone. The formerly fragile texture of the toenails will now be more resilient, and they also feel better and healthier. Similar to previously, the edges of the nails become smooth and uniform shortly afterward.

Smell Becomes Normal 

Clavusin then begins to repair the inside of the nails. As the fungal infection gradually disappears, the odor of the feet returns to normal. It also improves confidence since others will no longer evaluate a person for that strange and offensive odor.

Varicose Veins Vanish 

As evidence of the efficiency of this supplement, varicose veins should begin to vanish. This benefit may not work for everyone since it is not directly tied to changes in the fungal sector, but this supplement also contains chemicals that may help the veins seem normal.

Other Skin Issues Are Eliminated 

Last but not least, Clavusin eliminates all skin issues, including dry skin and dandruff. It revitalizes the skin from the inside to cure itself as quickly as possible. After that, the users can be confident that their health will return to perfect shape.

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Benefits of Clavusin

The advantages of Clavusin are just astounding. Fungal infections are regarded as one of the worst conditions that a person may experience. The immune system keeps them at bay daily. They are not initially life-threatening, but they will likely strike hardest when the defenses are down since they exploit weaknesses. In this regard, this supplement is likewise overwhelmingly superior to fungus.

The benefits of Clavusin are as follows:

  • No surgery required
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It results in strong, healthy-looking nails
  • It protects against irritated and fragile skin.
  • It relieves foot pain.
  • It reduces the unpleasant odor emanating from feet.
  • It eliminates all traces of fungus in the body.
  • It gives all the confidence one needs.
  • It works for all ages of adults
  • Easy-to-chew capsules
  • Begins working in only one week
  •  Aids in the elimination of varicose veins; makes bodies stronger and healthier
  • The memory may strengthen

The list is exhaustive. This dietary supplement helps one rise to the occasion and battle the current fungus menace. Yes, we cannot immediately alter our lifestyle due to contemporary food production, but we may make every effort to do so.

Clavusin has a few points to address. Some of its advantages differ from one to individual. Variables include the removal of varicose veins and the enhancement of memory since people vary. Therefore, it is better not to have too high of expectations, but by taking this supplement every day, the user may get a level of assurance.

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Side Effects 

Clavusin component adverse effects are nil and nonexistent. This dietary supplement has no disadvantages despite its numerous positive attributes. This makes it one of the greatest antifungal pills available to remove toxins from the body and boost immunity.

However, there are cases in which negative effects may still occur. As has been often said, individuals vary from one another. Therefore, infrequent episodes of vertigo, nausea, and similar symptoms may occur while using this product. If one takes more than two capsules each day, these effects will be amplified; thus, it is important to adhere to the daily advised dosage. Consult a physician promptly if adverse symptoms persist.


The recommended daily dose of Clavusin is two (2) capsules. It is most effective when taken after lunch or supper. Take the nutritional supplement with a large glass of water. Utilize the same time every day for optimal outcomes. Each container includes 60 capsules, so they should last for a minimum of 30 days after the first dose.


Clavusin is exclusively available on the company’s website. This supplement is not sold elsewhere as it might undermine the quality of their product. Therefore, the most effective approach to deal with it is to restrict it to their website. If duplicates of this product are on Amazon or Walmart, those bottles are immediately marked as counterfeit and are not eligible for a refund.


Currently, Clavusin capsules are offered at a substantial discount thanks to three distinct promotions.

  • Each vial of Clavusin costs $69
  • Three bottles of Clavusin cost $59 each (best seller)
  • Each of six bottles of Clavusin costs $49 (super saving pack)

Refund Policy 

Clavusin is now offering a 60-day money-back guarantee that may be initiated by sending an email to or calling their toll-free number. In addition, the official website notes that bottles may be returned for any reason or if they do not operate. Due to the simplicity of their return policy, purchasing this supplement, in general, is risk-free.

Conclusion: Clavusin 

Clavusin is an antifungal dietary supplement that seeks to strengthen the body’s defenses against the fungal epidemic that is now occurring in the system. Our immune system needs all the aid it can get to fight off this devastating illness, so it must enlist every available assistance. This dietary supplement has a proprietary combination of twelve all-natural, unadulterated substances that may battle this danger from the inside. Consistent supplement use may provide astonishing outcomes. First, it will improve the appearance of the toenails. Then the surrounding skin will become softer. After that, the internal vitality will begin to rise, and energy will once again surge. One will have a greater sense of vitality, and confidence will return. After three to six months of constant usage, all fungal issues should be eliminated permanently.