Cholibrium Reviews – Ingredients By Simple Promise Supplement Really Work?

Cholibrium is among the newest supplements in the market that attempts to tackle the issue of high cholesterol levels and weight gain. With blood pressure being an issue that affects a multitude of people across the world, with no seemingly proper solution in sight, there is an urgent need for a natural way to tackle this ongoing predicament. The use of natural supplements much like Cholibrium have been a talking point for this issue for some time. However, this is one product that has truly managed to enter the limelight and garner a lot of positive response from its users. This review will take a closer look into the many aspects of the Cholibrium supplement to see if it is something that is worth using.

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Product Name Cholibrium
Category Heart Health
Ingredients List Reishi, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Turkey Tale, Chaga, Royal Agaricus, White Button, Black Fungus
Features  Approved Facility

Natural Ingredients

Jar size 30-day supply
Age Best for adults 40+
Refund 180-days refund policy
Price $59 (Discount available)
Shipping Free Shipping All Over USA
Official Website


Natural supplements that aim to provide users with a number of benefits to their composition have been garnering quite a bit of attention in the market. The main allure of these products is that they offer a more natural and safer alternative to the usual methodologies that may be prevailing. In doing so, they are not only able to effectively deal with an issue from within, but also do not lead to any kind of side-effects and similar ramifications.

Blood pressure and cholesterol in particular is an issue that has been a hot talking point lately. With many experts wanting to look into how one can overcome this problem in a manner that does not yield long term side-effects, supplements have remained a consistently thought about option. Cholibrium is one of the newest supplements to attempt to look into this issue, and does so in a manner that has many people impressed. The supplement further claims to provide benefits that go beyond the basic blood pressure alleviation.


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About Cholibrium

Cholibrium is a dietary supplement created by Simple Promise. The team behind the supplement has been known for making similar such options in the past, which have generally been well received. The company focuses on the provision of natural additions to one’s diet and ensuring that users are able to overcome major health concerns without having to undergo any large issues. The main focus behind the creation of Cholibrium was to ensure that users were able to deal with issues such as excessive weight gain, and brain fog. In addition to this, it helps to moderate one’s blood pressure levels and cholesterol level too. The supplement is supposedly all based on a scientific formula that has managed to come to light recently.

With a new research adding much more credibility to a previously little known technique when it comes to alleviating one’s blood pressure concerns, Cholibrium has managed to make quite a bit of spark among the community. Described as a near miraculous white carb, this is a supposedly useful ingredient included in the composition of this supplement that helps to save lives. The creators state that it helps to put off and deal with statins and that it can naturally lower the users’ cholesterol and avoid horrible side-effects.

All these benefits certainly makes this ingredient a worthwhile consideration, and as a result, it has been added into the composition of the Cholibrium supplement. The best part about all this is that users are able to receive the benefits of this product without needing to:

  • Sacrifice any aspect of their current lifestyle
  • Having to stop eating their favorite meals and foods simply because they were told to
  • Being able to enjoy their life to the fullest without having to put any sort of limitations

For people suffering with issues like blood pressure, such freedom is downright unheard of. But with the aid of Cholibrium this is supposedly something that is now becoming a possibility for a large array of its users.

How Does Cholibrium Supplement Work?

The supplement states that the main focus behind its composition is the utilization of the White Carb. This is a useful ingredient that is biologically engineered to provide people with the ability to “poop” out their cholesterol in the morning. The supplement states that one is able to utilize this composition to effectively force out their unwanted fats in the form of excrement the very next morning. Users are thus able to deal with a multitude of their issues without having to worry about any kind of special weight loss.

The entire idea might be one that invokes a lot of scepticism from people, but apparently, it has been presented to a number of Ivy League institutions who have all arrived at the same conclusion that this white carb is supposedly something to keep one’s eye on. With over 1000 clinical studies, there is no denying that Cholibrium’s white carb solution has managed to become a massive hit among many people who previously had no way of losing weight and attaining a moderation and stabilization in their blood pressure levels.


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Who Is The Creator Behind this Supplement?

The main person behind this supplement is supposedly a “regular joe” from Ohio. Robert Johnson, is a retired man who looked into system engineering in his youth. That said, the website clarifies that he is no Harvard researcher or Ivy League scientist. However, despite that he claims to offer a solution that has apparently been quite successful for him. This is because it affects the body’s and lives of average regular people. According to him, he tried a number of notable things to help alleviate his issues with blood pressure, but none of them were truly able to give him the assistance that he wanted. It was only after he found out about this white carb solution that he was able to find out the benefits that await him. As a result of this, he wished to share this knowledge with a lot more people and give them the chance they needed to effectively deal with their blood pressure issues in a proper manner. Thus, the creation of this supplement came into being. It has already managed to come to the aid of many people and is seemingly continuing to help more people daily.

Cholibrium Ingredients List:

This supplement includes a variety of potent ingredients, many of which are unique mushrooms that are found from different parts of the world. Mushrooms in particular have been a potent consideration, especially those of the Japanese variety. The full list of ingredients and mushrooms that are found in this supplement are:

  • Reishi

This is also known as Lingzhi. The notable Reishi mushroom is iconic for its somewhat bitter taste. But most importantly, it is able to provide users with a vast array of useful changes to their body. According to certain researches, it is a good way to promote good HDL cholesterol in the body.

  • Lion’s Mane

This is a mushroom that is most notably found in North American parts of the world. It is known for helping to stabilize brain function while reducing brain fog and enhancing clarity. Some studies have indicated that this ingredient has the potent ability to deal with heart issues too, making it a worthwhile consideration for this composition.

  • Cordyceps

Cordyceps are considered to be a must-have option for people who are into exercise. This is because it helps in the provision of more oxygen during one’s athletic ability. In addition to this, it apparently assists with one’s heart health too. It has also been reported that this mushroom can help avert issues with one’s cholesterol.

  • Shiitake

This mushroom is known for originating in certain parts of Asia. While it is making its way to Western medicine now, it has been a traditionally used option for many centuries in its native areas. It is known for providing users with a compound that can help reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels. Furthermore, it helps alleviate inflammation in the body too.

  • Maitake

Maitake is another one of the famous Japanese mushrooms that people recommend for ideal health. It is regarded as the “dancing mushroom”, largely because of its ability to boost the users’ energy levels while combating cholesterol levels.

  • Turkey Tail

Antioxidants are needed by the body to help avert the rise of toxins. This particular ingredient is packed to the brim with over 35 useful antioxidants that can help keep one’s internal systems clear of any issues.

  • Chaga

Chaga Mushrooms are natively found in parts of Siberia, and are known for aiding in the rise of good cholesterol levels while combating inflammation. For this reason, it is a must for this overall composition.

  • Royal Agaricus

This is a useful mushroom that is found in Brazil. It is good for providing users with a nice blend of antioxidants, while keeping things such as inflammation at bay.

  • White Button

This is a mushroom that has managed to mark its renown across the entire world, primarily because of its many benefits.

  • Black Fungus

This is a mushroom that is known for relieving issues like hypertension. It has been used quite a bit across history because of its many potencies and is now making its way into the composition of dietary supplements too.


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Where To Buy Cholibrium By Simple Promise:

Currently, this is only available on the official online store of Simple Promise. Users are able to get their supplement in the following packages:


  • A single bottle of the supplement that contains 60 capsules for 59 USD


  • 3 Bottles of the supplement that contain 60 capsules for 49 USD each


  • 6 Bottles of the supplement that contain 60 capsules for 39 USD each

Thus, from this list it does become clear that users are able to get quite a good discount if they decide to buy the supplement in bulk. With the 6 bottle bundle, users are able to save up to 20 USD per bottle, which is a significant amount. However, it is worth noting that one will also be paying quite a bit upfront, thus, this option should be considered by people that plan on using the supplement for a long duration.

Pros of Considering the Cholibrium Supplement

  • Tried and tested solution

The team behind this supplement – Simple Promise – is known for providing users with a number of noteworthy supplements. One iconic thing that is consistent across all their products is that they are heavily researched and tested. The team makes sure that they are adequately considering all the aspects, from the ingredients to the formula to create a final solution that is able to appeal to the masses. In the case of this product, they did the same thing, and created a formula that is able to provide assistance to quite a bit of people.

  • Uses natural ingredients

One of the most notable aspects of the Cholibrium supplement is the fact that it is made using natural ingredients. Users will thus not have to fear any kind of issues or side-effects. This is because the creators have ensured that they adequately check each ingredient before its inclusion. With positive testimonials and existing reviews, there is no doubt that this product is able to truly provide what it promises.

  • Users can order it online with ease

Another useful component of the product is that it can be bought directly from the official website of the creators. One will thus not have to hop from one store to the other to find a bottle of this. Instead, they can order it directly from the official website at the right price.

Cholibrium Reviews – Conclusion:

Overall, this is one supplement that is quickly making the rounds and becoming a noteworthy option for anyone that wishes to overcome issues like high cholesterol and blood pressure in a safe manner. The use of mushrooms is something that is quite unique, but is seemingly a well-researched consideration. With positive testimonials available on their website, it does seem like that the Cholibrium supplement is worth a try for most people. For more information, visit their official website. It has pricing details and more intricacies.


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