Is It Worth It To Get An Electric Bike?

Recently, many people have started considering getting an electric bike, from carrying groceries conveniently to health and fitness. Some people are of the false assumption that getting an e-bike will support a lazy lifestyle because of the convenience of use, but it will not.

Truth is, many people prefer moderate forms of exercise like brisk walking and light weightlifting, and this is where the electric bicycle comes in. It incorporates a nice way to exercise with a convenient way to get around. This is why e-bikes are so popular.

Whereas they are popular, they are also not so cheap. Sometimes, good e-bikes can cost as much as $4000, with total expenses running up to $10000, because nobody wants an e-bike without any extra features. Durability and accessibility are the main points for payment, and sadly many people get ripped off due to this. It is good to pay, but why pay more?

If you have been analyzing the benefits of an e-bike and asking yourself if it is worth it to get an e-bike, here are some of the main points to consider.

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Tips To Assist In Getting An Electric Bike

  • The Fitness Perspective

There have been speculations about whether you get enough exercise riding an e-bike.

Thing is, with a regular bike, you do get more raw exercise. You tend to produce more sweat, and your heart rate is higher since you are doing a much more rigorous exercise.

The problem is if you do not want to ride because it is too much workout, then you get no exercise. Imagine a hilly area, coupled with the recent rains and the difficulty it entails to travel on a regular bike. The idea of enough exercise varies from person to person, but it is more secure to plan on consistency than for a quick burst of energy that will be dissipated just as quickly.

In other words, your best option to commute easily to work will be using an e-bike, especially if you have to travel quite a distance. This is because you will cover more ground at a better speed on your e-bike.

If you ride a regular bike often, you get to exercise more often. However, if it makes you lose interest in riding due to fatigue or other reasons, an e-bike will be better to nurture your interest and enjoy riding again.

  • The Financial Angle

We have to start by stating that an e-bike is a better economic option than a car. It is perfect for commuting to work or the grocery store, especially if you live within 20km of work. Traffic congestion and rain will not be a problem.

When compared to the cost of buying and operating an e-bike purely for getting to work, the cost of buying and operating a car is much more expensive. When compared, the cost of maintaining an e-bike total about ten percent of what a car costs.

The fun part is if you can afford it, you can keep your car and finesse your commuting experience with your e-bike, you have to drive less, so you pay less driving insurance policy.

  • The Steep Perspective

If you live in an area with many hills, chances are you have thought about it more than once that you need an electric bike. This is partly because e-bikes are a popular commodity in hilly neighborhoods.

With an e-bike, you are finally ready to enjoy climbing your neighborhood hills with as much ease as possible. Electric bikes will assist you, so you do not have to do all the pedaling to propel your bike.

  • The Battery Angle

This is a very important angle that makes an e-bike worth it even more. All KBO e-bikes are provided with stronger, longer-lasting batteries. A standard KBO e-bike battery runs for 900 full-charge cycles, with a smart charger shortening the time between rides by delivering a complete charge in about 4 – 5 hours.

The better part is that a full charge can conveniently power a 60-mile commute. This is pretty sweet for an e-bike, as many other batteries perform way less than this. With current improvements in battery technology, you can enjoy going on long rides and still enjoy enough power assist throughout your ride.

If your rides are very long, you can come prepared with backup batteries in your rear rack, so you do not have to spend any time charging while riding.

  • The Fun Perspective

This is one thing people consider more often than most when it comes to riding is the amount of fun to be had doing it. Not only will an e-bike reduce the effort required to ride steep inclines, but it also brings a lot of fun to it. With an electric bike, you can properly begin your off-road adventures. You can begin enjoying riding longer distances than before without inducing the same level of fatigue.

Normally, riders have goals they hope to achieve in the nearest future. It could be riding up a mountain, riding through a particular forest or vegetation, or breezing through a certain part of the city. The best chance you have at pursuing your riding goals is an electric bike that can provide enough fun during riding to maintain an active interest in riding.

The perspective of fun in riding is usually from personal experience, and most people would not have covered as much ground riding to places without the advent of electric bikes.

In Conclusion

With due consideration, it comes to light that electric bikes are very much worth every cent you spend acquiring them. The reason differs with every rider, and many may have not even given much thought to this.

For some, the reason is the healthy lease on life it promotes. For others, they will always consider an e-bike as a fun means of transportation.

What will your reason be? Maybe yours will be different still; you will never know if you never get that e-bike, so get yours set up today.