Bullet journal ideas for beginners

Here are some ideas to include in your bullet journal, but you don’t have to use all of them the first time. The start will be taken from two to three that you love and go from there.

  1. Bullet journal table of contents

Make a running list of your variety of spreads, goals, and trackers

  1. Dotted journal key

Use different symbols and make color code, also write a key for what each color represents.

  1. Bullet journal notebook goals page

On the goals, page writes life’s wish list to refer to as the future progresses. In short, write anything you want to do on it.

  1. Bullet journal daily spread

Make a schedule of the day in points and distribute time according to your daily tasks or maybe make for other things like daily groceries etc.

  1. Bullet journal finance tracker

Through it, we can manage or monitor daily monthly even yearly expenses.


Can bullet journal save me?

There are two kinds of notebooks for people, first one has multiple notebooks for writing on their goals, planning, and movies, and another notebook for groceries and appointments, one for dreams, and the other for doodles. The second one is those who keep bullet journal notebooks for this purpose. The multiple notebooks person has no idea where bank details, goals, dreams, and other things are written. So, bullet journals save us from this critical situation and stress.

Bullet journaling actually help

Bullet journal notebooks have become popular in the world for many reasons such as they can be made fun for users, are useful in many aspects, and very effective way to organize the plans, and also easily track your goals, and smartly complete projects. The main benefit greatest advantage of a dotted notebook is that there is no need to invest in expensive resources. Bullet journaling is good for mental health because it can be a useful aid to our wellbeing; we can easily track our moods and, habits as well as our medication and also track our appointments, main thing is self-care and our triggers. Bullet notebooks have all of that information in one place that can be incredibly useful in managing our mental health as well.

Use of dotted notebook

  • Dotted journals are not difficult to write on paper.
  • The dots on dotted paper are lined up both vertically and horizontally.
  • To write in a bullet journal notebook, first, pretend the dots are lines.
  • Use a row of dots as a horizontal line.
  • Create the Index Pages.
  • Set up the Daily, Monthly, and future logs.
  • When you have finished writing on a bullet journal notebook line then it’s up to you that can you go to the next row or skip a row.
  • It required a little bit of practice, as a result, your writing stays lined up just like you are writing on lined paper without the conspicuous lines
  • After writing tiny dots tend to fade into the background


Bullet journal work

It is a next-level diary for not only writing but also drawing purposes. In place of blank, lined pages, a bullet journal has sections to log daily to-dos, in which one can keep a daily monthly, or weekly calendar, right down notes points. Helpful track for both physiological and mental health. Bullet journals also give record both short- and long-term goals.

Make a journal look pretty

A bullet journal notebook can make prettier by using the following things:

  • Use of Pastels
  • Some use of Pastel Photos
  • Stick to a cover theme
  • Use different color markers or pens
  • Torn color papers
  • Use of Gradients
  • Add Washi Tape
  • Use of watercolor
  • Try different Themes
  • Use fancy fonts
  • Make Use of Highlighters
  • Try different stamps
  • Brush Lettering
  • Add Cute Stickers



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