5 Applications That Improve Your Remote Work Experience

Because of Covid-19, the global scenario has changed dramatically, and businesses have altered their work schedules to accommodate their employees’ health concerns. Companies had to work hard to maintain business growth, considering this major imbalance. Consequently, the majority of businesses have switched to working from home. Employees, however, had to work from various locations. Communication and collaboration among workers, supervisors, and customers become visible roadblocks. In addition, employees were required to begin working remotely with no prior experience. Facing distractions while working remotely is a common scenario for all those remote workers who started as a newbie to the remote working process. It is the prime responsibility of managers to make sure their employees learn and work with the remote working software.
So to have all the problems in mind while working remotely, let us check out the 7 best remote working software to facilitate your work from home experience.

1. Click up – For Project Management 

Click up is a user-oriented project management software that assists in the coordination of various organizations, remote teams, and work-from-home employees.

With the support of Click Up, employees may retain productivity while working from home, and after completing an assignment, they can deliver the project on time.

Major Features of Click up: 

  • Project Management: It facilitates the streamlining of all projects, and the progress is transparent to both employees and supervisors.
  • Time Management: As a manager or employee, you may set a start time and estimated completion time for your project.
  • Task Management: It assists in organizing all duties and assigning them to the most qualified staff.
  • Team Collaboration: ClickUp boosts team cooperation and collaboration, and you can get a comprehensive summary of your team members’ activities.

Available on: Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, ios, Web

2. Brosix- For Instant Messaging 

It is a secure instant messaging tool for internal company communication that is simple to use. Brosix gives you access to the full private team network with a suite of tools designed to enhance team cooperation and streamline communication. Brosix offers private group and individual chat, screen sharing, encrypted file transfer, and rapid video chat, among other features.

Being a manager, you can check who joins the group, who talks with whom, and who may utilize certain features. Administrators may also monitor if employees are online or not at their workstations. This enables you to tailor your private team network to the unique demands of your remote team and ensures that your team’s communications stay focused on the task at hand.

Major Features of Brosix: 

  • Communication: Brosix provides instant messaging, audio and video calls, and mass communications.
  • Web Control Panel:  A centralized web-based management panel allows for the administration of team network activity, network state, and user authorization.

Available on: Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, ios, Web

3. Zoom – For Video Conferencing

Zoom is the most popular video conferencing platform suitable for organizations of all sizes and in all industries. It is packed with video conferencing functions, and Zoom evaluations indicate that the program is user-friendly and well regarded. Zoom is a well-regarded tool for video and audio conferencing. It will visibly link your teams to stay in contact with them. Video conferencing is not a new concept, but this covid-19 incident made the software zoom famous because of its advantages.

When you are working from home or somewhere and experiencing communication issues, in such a scenario, Zoom may provide immediate face-to-face visual contact with coworkers for a virtual conference. The team members can join through video conferencing. Important sessions and videos may be recorded for later viewing. These solutions provide channels for business communication that are especially beneficial for smaller businesses.
Major Features of Zoom: 

  • Video Meeting: Zoom provides you with an excellent facility for video conferencing with individual and team members.
  • Organizing Webinars: Using zoom to host webinars.
  • Audio Meeting: When a visual call is not required, you may conduct an Audio call.
  • Recording: Any of the meeting or important video can be recorded through zoom recorder.

Available on: Mac, Windows, ios, Android, Web, Linux

4. Apploye – For Time Tracking 

Apploye is a time tracking with screenshot monitoring software. The manager or employer may track the employee’s time and where it is spent. The employer may monitor the progress of each project and task. It is a wonderful employee monitoring solution that automates workflow and streamlines tough job procedures to make task management easier.

For any small business, clients who outsourced their marketing or HR activities can use Apploye to get the best outcome from the employees.

Major Features of Apploye: 

  • Time Tracking: Apploye’s automated and manual timers provide smooth time tracking and may be used as an excellent option for clocking in and out.
  • Apps & URL Tracking: Employees’ internet history and browsing sites with relevant software use, everything can be tracked by Apploye.
  • Customizable Timesheet: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly timesheet is available.
  • Screenshots: You can have your employees screenshot of their working monitor whenever you feel like seeing it.

Available on: Windows, Mac, ios, Android, Linux, Web

5. Easysendy – For Email Management 

EasySendy is a marketing tool for producers of online gigs such as bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, business coaches, YouTubers, makers, writers, course creators, consultants, freelancers, authors, coaches, musicians, photographers, and entrepreneurs.

You may use EasySendy to run multiple programs to engage your subscribers and customers, such as auto responders and automatic drip email campaigns. You may also manage and interact with your Facebook Messenger followers. EasySendy allows you to run a variety of campaigns to engage your subscribers, such as emails, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and social campaigns for all major social media platforms, as well as automatic drip email campaigns.

Major features of Easysendy: 

  • Email Report and Activities – You can get a detailed report of your email and activities.
  • List with Custom Fields – You may import customer emails together with custom fields and tag the fields with your desired tags.
  • Real-time Audience Report – Number of subscribers, unsubscribe, clicks on emails, and opens, as well as growth data for your email campaign.

Available on: Web, Windows, Mac.


Employees may find remote work pleasant, but it would not be such a strong trend if employers did not perceive the advantages from their end of the desk. Working from home is not for everyone according to recent remote work productivity stats. However, contemporary technology enables us to make working from home simple and efficient. You can enable your staff to work from anywhere if you use the correct technology and practices. These tools suggested in this post may assist you in making your work-from-home experience simple and successful.