What Should You Know About Cryo Shipping? Some Intriguing Picks!


Biomedical transportation is the biggest option for sending the IVF samples or the entire research lab. However, transportation samples must arrive safely throughout the city or abroad. Crew shipping management services offer unparalleled confidence when transferring valuable assets. In addition, they provide good cryo shipping services for embryos, reproductive cells, oocytes (eggs), blood, and reproductive cells.

One might have to ship reproductive cells or embryos if one travels overseas for reproductive procedures. Based on the processes, one will require service support to assist with transporting frozen embryos, sperm, or eggs. However, weighing the various possibilities might be confusing. In addition, it’s not always easy to grasp the procedure or find a trustworthy cryo shipper.

We’ve put together this guideline for knowing cryo shipping. Keep reading to find out more.

What is Cryo Transport?

Cryoshipping is the shipment process of embryo cells or genetic material. Expert cryo shipping providers assure that cells are managed and delivered from their source to their final location without jeopardizing survival. Maintaining cryogenic temperature during cell transportation for IVF is crucial for cell survival and subsequent reproductive therapy effectiveness.

Cryopreserved reproductive material is kept securely in massive liquid nitrogen containers with a controlled temperature of less than -190°C or liquid nitrogen vapors with a temperature range of -160°C to -190°C.

Cryo shipment Specifications

The delivery services bear a great deal of responsibility for managing risks, quality standards, and monitoring. Among the most important parameters are:

Dry shipper

A dry shipper is a shipping container that has been pre-treated with liquid nitrogen. They are available in various capacities, keeping the temperature stable for a fixed period. Dry shippers are built similarly to storage facilities used in IVF laboratories and sealed before dispatching. However, the collecting facility breaks the seal once reached.

Temperature Syslog

A temperature recorder is an integral part of a cryo shipping container to provide quality transport services. Also, to record and give data captured to all concerned parties, including the customer and both receiving and sending institutions. An important quality management technique is to use a temperature monitor that maintains a proper temperature throughout the journey.


How to Select a Cryo-Shipping Company Specializing in IVF transport

Picking the right service can be a challenging and scary task. Hence, the following points to consider when deciding on cryo shipping firms.

Customer Service is Critical

Conduct a background check before dealing with a transportation service. Investigate web pages, customer contacts, and forums. One can call them to see how kind and professional they are. Enquire about corporate insurance options for each cargo.

Shipment Tracking

To guarantee that any shipping issues are fixed swiftly, the service should ensure constant touch with sending and receiving customers and have positive connections with transporters.


Sealing and labels protect all deliveries from the material breach. So, assure that the service provider considers these aspects.

Shipment Efficiency

Because most customers want same-day delivery, rapidity has become a critical selling point. They’re even willing to pay more for something if it involves getting it quickly. Irrespective of the extra cost, it’s wise to ask delivery services about shipment time and plan.

Examine the Shipping Company’s Reach

When delivering on a lower level, local transporters will often have a greater understanding of the area and be more efficient. However, if shipping the material over a long distance, go with a delivery service with a global network and a proven track record.


It is critical to select professional cryo shipping services since they know the ins and outs of the market. They travel with the package that contains the cryo materials the entire route. In addition, they also understand how to speak with the IVF facility personnel, all clients, and security checks.

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