CoolMe Pro Air Cooler Review: Cool Down Your Hot Air Within Seconds.

And who says the summer hot weather can’t be controlled and conquered?. Are you still panicking about how to go about air cooler this summer? Are you confused if you should choose air conditioning or air cooler for your family? Are you looking for an affordable, trusted, noise-free, portable, unique and quality air cooler? Do you want to make this year’s summer a memorable one? This Air Cooler Review is for you.

You have been roaming around the internet, on different gadget sites for the perfect air cooler to purchase for you and your family, yet you still have not gotten it. Search no more for a trusted air cooler that will sustain you through is available to you now. It only requires you to purchase it and be a replica of comfort.

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Regular Air conditioner sucks out people’s fortune through its regular maintenance, installation energy usage etc. It has stable air conditioning and can’t be carried around wherever you go. It is heavy and big in size and it also requires technicians for operation. This is quite not convenient for all, some individuals can’t afford it.

This was why a trusted, second-generation air cooler known as the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler emerged for your maximum comfort. CoolMe Pro is the most demanded air cooler this summer. It is the number one ranked mini air cooler across the globe.

CoolMe Pro Air Cooler is the perfect antidote for heatwaves and their discomfort. It does that which a regular air conditioner does with an added advantage for your full protection as it moisturizes your air, unlike the regular air conditioning that dries you out.

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Staying cool helps you to be focused and feel relaxed in carrying out your daily routine. It also increases your productivity at your work. CoolMe Pro air cooler is what you need to maintain a stable cool temperature.

There is more about CoolMe Pro that will be discussed in this review which includes how it works, how to operate it, the price, benefits, and its outstanding features. Read down carefully to catch more about CoolMe Pro Air Cooler.


What Is CoolMe Pro?

CoolMe Pro is an air cooler that cools down, humidifies, and moisturizes your air. It cools down your space within seconds without costing you a fortune. It does not only make your air cool, it also makes it fresh and pure.

CoolMe Pro is the number one rated air cooler that stands as a solution to summer discomfort as a result of hot temperatures. It cools down any area within seconds.

CoolMe Pro is a mini air cooler with natural evaporative technology that chills and makes your home a comfortable place to stay without placing a financial burden on you. It does not consume much energy. It provides you with refreshing air both indoors and outdoors.

CoolMe Pro is an air cooler with 2nd generation engine that shields you from being dehydrated which other air conditioners can’t do.

CoolMe Pro air cooler is portable and weighs only 2.2 pounds. You can take and use it anywhere you are, be it your home, workplace, camp, business trip etc. It uses the power of water evaporation to carry its task.

CoolMe Pro air cooler has unique features which include the following:


CoolMe Air Cooler Features

Ultra-Portable: CoolMe Pro air cooler is designed in a special way that you can conveniently and easily carry it around to wherever you are going. It is light in weight, never a burden to carry around.

Strong and long-lasting battery: CoolMe Pro is rechargeable, it can be charged with your personal computer, power bank etc. CoolMe Pro has a strong battery that lasts for hours, it can sustain you throughout your work hours. It has a 5000mAh battery that can sustain you for hours.

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LED Night Lights: CoolMe Pro air cooler has seven colour changing lights that can illuminate your room when there is a power outage.

Adjustable:  CoolMe Pro can be adjusted in three levels which are the low, medium and high. This is established with the aid of the CoolMe Pro thermostat.

Noise Free: CoolMe Pro is designed with a 2nd generation engine. This makes it work quietly without distracting its users.  You can use it while sleeping, reading, working, meditating, resting etc.

Easy operation and maintenance: Unlike other air conditioners that require people with technical know-how to install and maintain them, CoolMe Pro is very easy and stress-free to maintain and startup. Its users can also carry it anywhere they wish to, anyone can use it.

Low Energy Consumption: CoolMe Pro air cooler does not drain much energy while in use which can increase your electricity bill. It quietly cools your air without imposing an extra electricity bill on you.

It is Affordable: CoolMe Pro is affordable, unlike other air conditioners that are very expensive to purchase.

It has a 700ml water tank that holds water.

It works as a humidifier and a purifier.


Why you should choose CoolMe Pro Air Cooler

 There are many reasons why CoolMe Pro is the best air cooler for you this summer.

  • CoolMe Pro is fast in cooling down hot air. It cools down your air within seconds. Other air conditioners start work in hours.
  • CoolMe Pro air cooler is extremely noiseless and free of all hazardous chemicals that can be a threat to you both in your physical body and internal organs.
  • CoolMe Pro is anywhere you go. CoolMe Pro air cooler is lightweight and portable to carry around. You cool your space anytime anywhere without it being a burden for you.
  • Whether you are conversant with gadgets and air coolers or not, you can use CoolMe Pro air coolers efficiently. It is not difficult to operate nor does it require any complicated installation.
  • Unlike other air coolers, CoolMe Pro air cooler has a sturdy battery that can sustain you for hours when fully charged. Yes, it is rechargeable.
  • CoolMe pro air cooler price is friendly, it can be purchased by all. Unlike other air conditioners, that sucks out all your fortune. With CoolMe Pro you are automatically a saver and not a spender.
  • Using CoolMe Pro air cooler can never hike your electricity bill. It does not consume much energy. CoMe Pro is used even in the absence of electricity.

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Who Needs CoolMe Pro Air Cooler?

Many air coolers or air conditioners out there restrict certain people from using them, especially children and people with lung diseases.

But the CoolMe Pro air cooler is used by all. Both young and old are friends of CoolMe Pro. CoolMe Pro is free of any chemical that can kill or cause damage to your body. Better still it purifies and makes your air free of germs, it shields you from lung infections that can be contracted from unpurified air.

People of all ages, classes, skin types, professions etc can purchase and enjoy CoolMe Pro air cooler for it is designed for the comfort of all.


Benefits of CoolMe Pro Air Cooler

CoolMe Pro Air Cooler is ordered and preferred by many people because the benefits they enjoy can’t be overemphasized. Some of the numerous benefits are:

  1. You will Enjoy cool, purified, refreshing air all the time even during the period of a power outage. It is rechargeable. It can be charged anywhere with your power bank, car, PC. It keeps cool for a long time.
  2. It makes you a saver. Much is not required from you in terms of electricity used, installation, and maintenance.
  3. You will be free from noise distraction caused by air conditioners for it works quietly. It is suitable for reading, working etc.
  4. CoolMe Pro air cooler increases your level of productivity. It will always provide a conducive environment for you at your workplace and home – for people who work from home. It always humidifies, moisturizes, cools your air.
  5. The stress of searching for a suitable air cooler for your little ones is lifted, all your family members can use CoolMe Pro air cooler.
  6. Your summer will be filled with enjoyment and good memories.
  7. CoolMe Pro air coolers never give you the space to regret the money spent on it.
  8. You will always conquer the summer’s heatwaves.
  9. Regular cool and comfortable environment will always be for you and your family.
  10. You will always be guided against dehydration.

They are more to enjoy, purchase make CoolMe Pro Air Cooler your choice and have all this enjoyment all to yourself.


How to Use CoolMe Pro Air Cooler

Using the Cool me Air cooler is never hard and complicated.

Step 1: Add clean water from atop the CoolMe Pro air cooler.

Step 2: Insert the water filter inside the air cooler. This water filter serves as a shield against dust and other microorganisms that can enter the air cooler.

Step 2: Switch CoolMe Pro Cooler on.

Step 3: Adjust to the gear that satisfies you using the thermostat control. Relax as it does wonders to your sultry environment.

CoolMe Pro cools your air as the water evaporates.


Why CoolMe Pro is the number 1 rated air cooler

Cool Me Pro air cooler works and delivers its services efficiently.

People always look out for products that will solve their problems and not the ones to add to their already existing problems.

This summer, CoolMe Pro has emerged as the number one air cooler that stands out to be the solution to hot temperatures. It cools down your space within a short space of time and establishes a conducive environment immediately.

CoolMe Pro is affordable and keeps its consumers chilly. Its operation and maintenance is not difficult task.

It gives people the opportunity to enjoy a cool environment anywhere for it is portable to carry around. It has a strong battery that can be charged thereby reducing the money you spend on power supply, this battery when charged lasts for hours. Your CoolMe Pro can be charged with your power bank, PC, car etc.

People don’t jeopardize their comfort, and I’m sure you would like to be among the comfortable ones this summer. Make CoolMe Pro your chosen air cooler and stay in a cool conducive environment all the time.


Pros and Cons of CoolMe Pro Air Cooler



  • It has a 5000mAh battery that makes it last for hours.
  • It is portable and light in weight.
  • It cools down your air within seconds.
  • CoolMe Pro air cooler is sold at a discount price.
  • It is accompanied by a warranty.
  • It serves as a humidifier and a purifier
  • Absence of hazardous chemicals.
  • It is noise-free. It works quietly.
  • Easy to set up.
  • CoolMe Pro has seven different LEDs that work as an illuminator.
  • CoolMe Pro Air Cooler is eco-friendly.
  • It gives you the maximum comfort you always look out for.
  • It meets all your cooling needs with its adjustable speed.


Cons of CoolMe Pro Air Cooler

  • CoolMe Pro Air Cooler is in high demand and the available quantity is limited.
  • CoolMe is only available on the company’s official website.
  • Can’t be purchased in a local store around you.



CoolMe Pro Air Cooler Price


CoolMe Pro air cooler is affordable, unlike other air conditioners. The company is currently giving a 50% discount to all the purchasers. This 50% discount is also accompanied by free shipping, you must not miss this amazing offer.

1 unit of CoolMe Pro air cooler is sold at  $178 but is currently sold at $89

Want to maximize your discount, buy CoolMe Pro Air Cooler in bulk.

  • Purchase 2 units of CoolMe Pro @ $172
  • Purchase 3 units of CoolMe Pro at $249
  • Purchase 4 units of CoolMe Pro air cooler at $219.

These discounts are limited. It will last for long, grab this opportunity now and purchase yours before the offer ends. Buy before the price increases.


Where You Can Buy CoolMe Pro Air Cooler


CoolMe Pro Air Cooler is available and you can buy it on the official website. It is not sold in any of the retail shops around you. You can visit the official website through any of the links in this article.

You can place your order now before the product goes out of stock. To avoid regret visit now and purchase at a discount rate. Purchasing it on the official website will protect you from being scammed.

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Frequently Asked Question (CoolMe Pro Review)


Does CoolMe Pro have a warranty?

Yes, CoolMe Pro air cooler has 30day warranty. This implies that the product can be returned if not satisfied with its services within the 30days of purchase.

Is CoolMe Pro only purchased on the official website?

Yes, CoolMe Pro air cooler is not sold on any local market. Payment and order is only made online on their official website which is accessible with any of the links. Any claim to sell outside the website is never the real product, don’t fall victim.

Purchasing from the official website will also make you be among the lucky ones that will benefit from all the enticing packages that CoolMe Pro offers now.

Are there any exceptions for people who can use the CoolMe Pro Air Cooler?

No, all living individuals can use CoolMe Pro irrespective of their age, health condition etc. Pregnant women and newborn babies can also use CoolMe Pro air cooler, no one feels comfortable under hot temperatures, CoolMe Pro is made to give comfort to everyone.

Will it take much time before my order will arrive?

No, it takes a few days for your order to arrive depending on your location. Your location will determine the number of days it will take.

When your order is received, the company will get it processed immediately. It is essential that your shipping details are correctly stated to ensure your product arrives to you.

Does CoolMe Pro company accept payment on delivery?

No, it is your online payment that gets your order approved. Without making payment, your slot is not approved and secured. Once you pay, your product will arrive at your doorstep.

What mode of payment does CoolMe Pro accept?

You can make payment with any of your debit/credit card (verve, mastercard) or paypal. Depends on the one you prefer.

Does CoolMe Pro need any technical maintenance?

CoolMe Pro air cooler does not need any technical maintenance at all. All you need to do is to clean and keep the water outlet clean.

Consumer Reviews (CoolMe Pro Air Cooler Review)

Many individuals have purchased, used, and rated CoolMe Pro air cooler, some of their reviews are stated below.

I love CoolMe Pro because it always releases cool air and is adjustable. It is simpler to operate, and works efficiently than the old version. Bradley

CoolMe Pro provides me with instant and steady cool air each time I turn it on. I use it while sleeping, working and relaxing. Martha

I ordered one unit of CoolMe Pro air cooler, it works perfectly. It gives me the comfort I need this summer. I will purchase more for my friends. Matt.

CoolMe Pro is worth purchasing, grab this chance now and have yours.

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Final Words (CoolMe Pro Air Cooler Reviews)

Don’t give the scorching heat of summer the room to disorganize you. Prepare to Conquer it before it conquers you. CoolMe Pro is the perfect air cooler for the task. Don’t get yourself worked out looking for the air cooler to choose, you are at the right place.

CoolMe Pro air cooler is not only portable in size, it is also affordable and very easy to operate. You can use it without undergoing any special training. Its size is convenient to carry around.

CoolMe Pro is an instant cooler, it reduces hot air to a comfortable and accommodating level within seconds. It is noise-free, CoolMe Pro does not disturb you when blowing. You can use it at work, during your night rest, during study hours and during outdoor camp.

CoolMe Pro cooler saves you a lot. It consumes less energy, unlike other air conditioners that make you a spender over power supply. CoolMe Pro air cooler can be charged, when it keeps you cool for hours, it can be charged with a power bank, your personal computer or in your car. It takes only a few hours for its 5000mAh battery to get fully charged.

CoolMe Pro is indeed the best air cooler to run this summer. If you want steady, cool, fresh and calm air, CoolMe Pro is for you. Grab yours now.