Best Sites to Download eBooks for Free in 2022

Are you someone who loves reading, to the point that you feel odd for not going through a page every day? If you find yourself in such a category, you’re most definitely at the correct spot.

There are a variety of methods to express life and emotions; a book is among the top ones. Needless to say, books make up a huge component of our lives.

At some point in life, you must’ve searched for places to source your books from other than your usual neighborhood bookshops and libraries. Thanks to the advancing technologies, eBooks have quite graciously turned out to be the next big thing.

Of late, there are tons of sites that are offering services related to eBooks. And in case you aren’t familiar, many a time, you don’t need to spend anything on these eBooks.

Crazy, right? Thus, without further delay, let’s find out more about these Best Sites to Download eBooks for Free.

Best Sites to Download eBooks for Free

1.  LeanPub

Among the top sites providing readers with wonderful eBooks at no cost is LearnPub.

At this particular eBook site, you’ve got two options. The first is, of course, you can simply get the eBooks for free. On the other hand, there are certain selective eBooks that do require you to shell out a few bucks.

Although, fret not! The best part is that you can avail yourself of these eBooks at the prices that you’re comfortable paying.

Also, there’s one important aspect of LearnPub. That is, the eBook site mostly offers books on computer programming and other textbooks in tune with that genre. Click here to get a detailed review of this eBook site.

Thus, if you’re searching for books on computer programming, visit LeanPub. It’ll surely become a haven for you.

2.  LibriVox

There’s something very interesting about this particular site for eBooks. Do you want to guess?

LibriVox goes a bit further when it comes to making available material to its users and readers. That’s right! Aside from offering you reading material in the form of eBooks, the website also provides the same in an audio format.

So much so that discussions on online forums have only good reviews for LibriVox.

Searching for a specific book? Head to the official website of LibriVox, and enter the keywords such as language, genre, or the name of the author.

3.  LibGen

Books, particularly in the Academia field, are for sure expensive and oftentimes unavailable due to high demand. So if you’re someone who’s looking for eBooks in the field of Science & Technology, LibGen is where you’ll find the answer to all your needs.

Library Genesis, or simply LibGen, isn’t your around-the-block-eBook site. Based on the findings of, it functions as a Google for eBooks.

You’ll accurately find the material you’re looking for by making use of the features it offers. There are tons of sub-topics under various other diverse topics.

4.  Open Library

This particular site is among the most diverse spaces on the internet when it comes to eBooks. Quite aptly, it’s a domain that’s open-sourced.

If you head to Open Library, you’ll be able to read eBooks for free. Not only that, you can borrow and sponsor a plethora of eBooks and other such content.

When it comes to the availability of genres, there’s simply no end. It offers genres such as sciences, recipe eBooks, romance, fantasy, and autobiographies, among many others.

5.  Google eBookStore

If you didn’t expect Google to enter and offer their services in this field, you’d have been surprisingly quite wrong!

Similar to the other top-notch services it offers, Google has succeeded in this field as well. Not a shocker, though.

It’s an especially exceptional service for those who are making use of Android platforms. You have access to among the most sought-after eBook collections available anywhere.

On top of that, the best part is that you can avail yourself of these eBooks at Google eBookStore without getting charged for doing so.

You’ll be able to find eBooks in the form of ePub and PDF, among others.

6.  Project Gutenberg

In our listing of the best sites to download eBooks for Free, this particular domain has to be among our top favorites. Why? Simply go take a look at this.

If you ever visit the official site of Project Gutenberg, know that eBooks are available at basically no cost. The site has an extremely large library that offers over 60K eBooks.

You can easily download these eBooks on your platforms. The site offers these eBooks on a variety of platforms, including Kindle and ePub, to name a few.

7.  Open Culture

If you’ve got someone at home who’s still in school or you yourself are a student, Open Culture has all that you’ll ever be in need of.

Be it Syllabus-related eBooks or any other books that are associated, you’ll be able to find them on Open Culture.

Simply use your devices and download these eBooks without having to pay for any of them.

Other than that, you’ll find various collections of online courses, movies, and audiobooks at Open Culture.

Don’t trust us? Read this impressive review.

8. Many Books

Keeping in tune with the best sites to download eBooks for free, we present to you Many Books. Needless to say, it’s also among those sites that freely offer tons of eBooks in its massive libraries.

You can easily find genres ranging from sweet romance, dreamy fantasy, thriller adventures, and action, among others. In total, Many Books offers you over 50K eBooks through their impressive website.

Thus, it’s quite obvious that if you land up on their site, it’ll be a while before you’re exhausted of options.

9.  FreeBookSpot

This particular listing is among the lesser-known options. At the same time, that has nothing to do with the efficiency of this eBook website.

Firstly, the site has an expansive library consisting of over 50K books. You have free access to such a massive collection. That, in itself, is pretty impressive.

Before you make use of FreeBookSpot, make sure to check this out first.

10.  Amazon Kindle

Ending our listing with a pretty popular and loved site, we present to you Amazon Kindle. Surely, we don’t need to introduce this entry to you.

When you think of eBooks, Amazon Kindle is possibly among the first things that come to mind.

Do you want to read your top writers? Science fiction? Romance? Classics? Amazon Kindle has it all.

All you need is an account on Amazon, and you’re good to go.

Closing Thoughts

There are no bars when it comes to eBooks availability on the sites that we’ve mentioned. Be it educational material, a light read, poetry, or mind-boggling mysteries, we’re sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for on these sites. So if you do decide to make use of one of these sites, let us know.