Phentermine Side Effects – Where can I get Phentermine to lose weight?

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Losing weight is a daunting task and can is a prolong process. Whatever solution you are opting for losing weight, you have to be patient and consistent to enjoy the weight loss results. Eating a well-balanced nutrient enriched diet, reduced calorie intake and exercising regularly are some of the cornerstones of weight loss, but there are certain drugs in the market as well that can provide powerful weight loss support. When it comes to weight loss drugs, Phentermine needs no introduction, as it is one of the most popular weight loss drugs in the world. Click Here to Buy Phentermine for Weight Loss

Phentermine has been proven effective for short-term weight loss when used properly alongside a caloric deficit diet and regular exercise. However, using Phentermine for weight loss is not a game that comes without risks and downsides. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about phentermine, along with its usage and from where to buy the phentermine. In addition, we will discuss the side effects of Phentermine and will guide you about over the counter Phentermine alternatives as well.

Phentermine to Lose Excess Weight

Phentermine is a popular appetite suppressant synthesized in the 1950s that has become one of the most popular and best weight loss pills. However, this drug is a restricted product and only available by doctor’s prescription and may cause some undesirable Phentermine side effects if used incorrectly. Due to this downside of Phentermine, there are numerous people who have turned to better, natural phentermine over-the-counter alternatives, which we will discuss about in the later section of this article.

Phentermine is a prescription medication that can help you lose weight. It aids in losing weight by suppressing appetite and increasing your heart rate, which may lead to faster burning of fat. Phentermine was first approved for use in the United States in 1959. During the 1990s, doctors began combining this drug with other weight loss medicines and named this combination as fen-phen. While it was highly effective for weight loss, it came with devastating cardiovascular side effects. Therefore, the product was taken off the market in 1997, and many major lawsuits followed. In most states, Phentermine is considered illegal without a prescription. Due to this reason, we only considered phentermine OTC alternatives that are readily available and legally allowed to purchase in the whole United States, saving you for unwanted troubles with the authorities.

The primary focus of Phentermine to lose excess weight is its ability to suppress appetite and killing the need of hunger at wrong timings. Due to this ability, it will be easier for people to stick to their caloric deficit diet plan without feeling hunger pangs. Also, the lesser intake of calories and eliminating the binge eating habits will lead your body to better fat burning mechanism and you will drop the weight on scales as well. However, Phentermine and its clones can endanger your health and damage your body in the longer run. It is therefore important to study about them before ingesting them into your body. Be with us and read the complete detailed research and information that we have gathered to benefit our readers to move them with the better decision.

Can we buy Phentermine Online?

Phentermine has been known as the popular weight loss drug. It helped many obese people who were trying to lose weight by following different strategies. No matter what so ever strategy for weight loss you follow, diet and workout has always been considered as companions during the journey. Phentermine is an anorexigenic drug, approved for the treatment of obesity in adolescents and adults. With several limitations of laws, Phentermine is sold in just a few countries around the world, including Australia and the US. In Australia you can buy Phentermine under the trademarks Duromine and Metermine. Also, there are several dozen Phentermine containing medicines available in different phramacies of USA, the most common of which Adipex and Suprenza.

Residents of countries, in which Phentermine is not approved for the treatment of obesity, can buy Phentermine online through pharmacies’ web stores. The international online pharmacies sell Phentermine pills without a prescription. Therefore, men and women, who are battling against obesity, can order them in almost any country in the world. When buying Phentermine online, attention should be drawn to its release form. In retail, three Phentermine dosage forms are available, including; oral tablets, orally dispersible, modified-release capsules. Weight loss pills and capsules may contain different forms of Phentermine. Usually, Phentermine is used in the form of Hydrochloride in the production of tablets. Each tablet can contain 8 mg to 37.5 mg of Phentermine Hydrochloride.

The dosage of Phentermine in one capsule can vary from 15 mg to 40 mg. People can buy Phentermine online as well, but while buying Phentermine tablets or capsules without a prescription, it is important to pay attention not only to their dosage, but also to the indications of use. Phentermine, as an anti-obesity drug, may be prescribed to adolescents over 16 years of age and adults, who have a BMI equal to or higher than 27. If you are ready to put your efforts to lose weight, you can put them in the right way by opting for safe and healthy option like Phentermine over the counter alternative products.

Side Effects of Phentermine and Legit Over the Counter Phentermine Alternatives

The advantages of Phentermine over other anti-obesity drugs is that it has a very powerful anorexigenic effect. Most patients find that one morning dose of Phentermine sufficient to control and suppress the appetite throughout the day. The duration of the appetite suppressing effect depends on the dosage form of Phentermine, the amount of single dosage, and the chosen regimen for the anti-obesity treatment. People can take Phentermine as a one single dose or can divide the total daily dose into several intakes. However, it should be taken it consideration that even the Phentermine is prescribed for the treatment of obesity, the daily dose should not exceed 40 mg. Before using Phentermine, understanding about dosage and administration is extremely important.

As we have discussed earlier that Phentermine also comes with the side effects, so it is better to take Phentermine over the counter supplements if you want to lose weight. However, it is not allowed to use for minors and pregnant women. Generally, the over the counter phentermine alternative products don’t cause harmful side effects like Phentermine drug. This is because, they are made of all-natural active substances extracted from natural and botanical sources. Some ingredients like caffeine, may lead to headaches and mild jitters for sensitive individuals. In some cases, even the product is not accompanied with negative effects, but an individual might still be allergic to some ingredients present in it. It is therefore important to check the item’s ingredients to see if it has something you are allergic to. In addition, you should not consume any of these Phentermine over the counter supplements shortly before or after having caffeine in any form, especially if you are sensitive to the substance.

Phentermine Pills Side Effects – How much weight will you lose?

The most common question regarding Phentermine is about how much weight the user will expect to lose. In fact, weight loss depends on factors, including age, gender and other environmental effects. However, the most important factor concerns how much you eat, that is how many calories you consume. If you want to lose weight, you have to consume fewer calories than you burn. Phentermine helps you losing weight by reducing your appetite so that you would not eat as much, which makes you burn more calories than you intake. Most patients using Phentermine can expect a 5% reduction in body weight over a 12-week course duration. However, in some individuals they weight loss is as much as 10%, which is about somewhere between 12 to 20 lbs. To experience better results and faster weight loss, it is recommended to consume a low-calorie diet and incorporating exercise in your daily routine.

What are Phentermine OTC products? – Natural Alternative to Phentermine

As mentioned earlier, Phentermine is not available over the counter. People that cannot get their hands on proper prescription from the doctor often turn to safe substitutes and alternatives that are popularly referred to as phentermine over-the-counter products. These supplements are available in both online and in physical stores in various forms, among which pills and tablets are the most common and popular. The components are primarily synthesized from natural products, such as coffee, tea, or certain organic roots.

Phentermine over the counter alternatives work as energy boosters and fatigue reduces besides helping you in burning fat and losing weight. These supplements are ideal for users with an adequately active lifestyle. The main use of OTC phentermine is however to help in lowering your caloric intake, both by suppressing your appetite and stabilizing your mood.

Difference between Prescription Phentermine and Over the Counter Phentermine

If you are still confused about Phentermine and the over the counter Phentermine products, we will discuss it briefly in this section. Phentermine is usually prescribed for up to 12 weeks. After this time, the medicine may lose its effectiveness, so the patient won’t lose any more weight. It is important to know that you should take exactly how much your doctor tells you to. Taking more than the prescribed dosage will not help you to lose weight or lose it faster, but it could increase the side effects that you experience. On the other hand, over the counter Phentermine alternatives does not need any prescription to use. Also, they are not accompanied with the side effects that usually comes with the usual Phentermine drug. However, with both the options you should use the supplement in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise to lose weight.

Traditional prescription Phentermine is closely related to amphetamine, however, it is classified as a schedule 4 controlled substance by the regulatory body, which means it has minimal abuse liability. However, Phentermine over the counter products are entirely legal and regulated by federal and state authorities. Consuming Phentermine without prescription is not permitted, but that is not the case with OTC phentermine.

Classic prescription phentermine is usually prescribed as single dose of up to 37.5 mg in the morning or three dose of 8 mg divided throughout the day. If you are prescribed with the single dose, you can take it before having your breakfast and if you are taking multiple dosages per day, you will take it half an hour before meals. Though, prescribed phentermine indeed as a higher potency, but it comes with some severe downsides that can severely hamper your lifestyle. On the other hand, Phentermine over the counter substitutes do not contain addictive substances and are perfect safe to consume without worrying about side effects. The legit Phentermine over the counter products can be as effective as the traditional drug, minus any adverse side effects.

Phentermine Amazon

If you are looking to buy Phentermine online through Amazon or other e-commerce websites, you will find a plenty of options there. However, we won’t recommend buying Phentermine from Amazon and other online stores as you cannot buy real, traditional phentermine online. It is available only in pharmacies and requires a prescription. However, you can buy Phentermine over the counter products online with zero issues.

If a product is advertised online as Phentermine, we recommend not to buy it. There are chances that it would be a scam and the advertised drug is inert or dangerous. It is therefore advised to search for the reputable and well-established Phentermine alternative supplements that would not disappoint you in terms of quality and effectiveness.

The advantages and benefits of Phentermine alternatives over the traditional drug are their all-natural components and the absence of any required prescriptions and legal issues. You can properly search for the best Phentermine alternatives and judge their benefits, prices and availability in your country. Most of these supplements shipped directly to you can we can confidently say that most over the counter phentermine supplements are on average cheaper than many other weight loss products. In the next section we will suggest you the top Phentermine over the counter weight loss supplements to help you narrowing down your search.

Best over the counter Weight loss Pills 2022

As Phentermine is not available without prescription, the best way to avail its benefits is by using natural alternatives to Phentermine. Though there are many supplements available in the market that claimed to be the natural alternative to phentermine, however, not all of them work well towards helping you to reach your weight loss goals. After going through countless products and detailed research on them, we have shortlisted the best three over the counter weight loss pills for our readers to help them in taking a wise decision. Each product is excelling in its own unique way.

Following are the names of top OTC phentermine alternative products:

1.      PhenQ

2.      PhenGold

3.      PrimeShred

We will discuss each of them in detail to give you a proper insight about the product.

PhenQ – Overall Best Phentermine Over the Counter Product

PhenQ has been placed as one of the best over the counter Phentermine alternative, as it is well-known, tested, and proven weight loss formula. PhenQ has gained huge reputation in the market with its effective and revolutionary fat burning formula. The powerful dietary solution of PhenQ has helped over 190,000 customers to achieve their desired body with lesser fat and better shape in less time than other diet pills.

The product itself is great in delivering results and offers free shipping as well in an elegant case containing 60 tablets. These easy to take pills can help you burn excess fat, blocking the fat production, suppressing your appetite and will offer you a better energy boost as well. The tablets are composed of only natural, common chemicals, like caffeine and capsimax powder that are also mentioned on their official website. The main secret ingredient of this effective weight loss formula lies in the scientific proven and trademark weight loss ingredient called a-Lacys Reset. It is the secret weight loss ingredient that turns up your body’s natural thermogenesis, which means the body’s ability to heat will get triggered. This eventually will help in burning fat quicker and easier than ever.

PhenQ Reviews – Positive Highlights

Natural Formula: PhenQ Weight loss pills are made from natural and vegan ingredients only. The brand is completely transparent about sharing its formulation and ingredients and have mentioned complete details about the supplement’s formulation on the website. The supplement contains capsimax powder, a compound made from B3 Vitamins, capsicum, and piperine, all found naturally within certain vegetables, fruits, and food sources. It also contains aminoacid L-Carnitine, Nopal, caffeine, and chromium picolinate.

Efficacy: PhenQ tablets are among the most effective over the counter Phentermine alternative supplement. As per the clinical studies, this dietary supplement has helped people burn off 7.24% of their body fat and increase their muscle mass by 3.80% after just two months of using PhenQ. The formula of PhenQ pills is really effective in delivery great weight loss results by turning up body’s thermogenesis that works as the driving force behind getting the fit and well-shaped body.

Lifted energy: Caffeine included in the PhenQ formula is the most extraordinary substance, as it does not only help in shedding extra pounds, but also gives your body with a significant boost in energy levels. It is scientifically proven about caffeine and this is the reason it is included in the formulation of PhenQ weight loss pills in a decent amount and potency.

Suppressing Appetite: If you are working towards your weight loss journey, you must be dealing with the struggle of combating overeating and hunger cravings. PhenQ helps you in dealing with your weight gain related to overeating as it is the phentermine over the counter supplement that will curb your appetite and keep you away from ruining your weight loss progress and efforts. This effect is achieved primarily by keeping your blood sugar levels balanced through chromium picolinate, which is a natural mineral found in whole grains, vegetables, and meat.

Mood Improving: PhenQ weight loss pills will help you in managing and enhancing your mood incredibly well. Usually during the weight loss journey, people tend to feel cranky, especially when taking a low-calorie diet plan. However, PhenQ helps in beating up this issue by enhancing your mood so that you will feel happy all the while.

PhenQ Pros

Following are the pros of using PhenQ weight loss supplement:

  • It is 5 in 1 pills that works in dynamic way to help in losing weight.
  • It comes in a convenient 60 pills package.
  • It works as a great appetite suppresser.
  • It acts as an excellent energy booster
  • It keeps you away from feeling cranky.
  • It contains Vegan ingredients only.
  • It comes with a 60 days money back guarantee
  • It offers Free shipping worldwide

PhenQ Cons

Following are some cons of the PhenQ weight loss supplement:

  • PhenQ tablets don’t taste good to some people.
  • The caffeine contents might interfere with sleep cycles, if taken on improper timings.
  • It is only available for purchase on the official website.

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PhenGold – The Biggest Metabolism Booster to shed pounds

PhenGold is a relatively new weight loss supplement that is now known as an excellent phentermine over the counter alternative. This supplement has been selected in our list, as it allows you to lose all excess weight when used along with a balanced and healthy lifestyle. PhenGold works as the best appetite suppressant and is ideal for both men and women to lose weight. It is a powerful formula that will instantly captivate your attention. In addition, it is a potent supplement of high quality ingredients that delivers all its promises. It is manufactured by Swiss Research Labs Ltd that has always been at the forefront of natural supplement development and has already synthesized two other greatly successful products; Zotrim and TrimTone.

The powerful formula of PhenGold is enriched with potent ingredients that helps you break down and burn fat quicker than ever. In addition, this weight loss supplement can boast the most uplifting energy boost on the list. Furthermore, PhenGold is all formulated with natural ingredients that means it is safe to use without any side effects. However, we strongly suggest to consult your doctor before start using any pills, especially if you are allergic to certain ingredients. Also, if you are under 18, as with all the other phentermine over the counter products on this list, you should better not consume them at all. PhenGold formula is a weight loss supplement that works to boost metabolism. One bottle of PhenGold contains 90 capsules, which will sustain you for around a month. It is recommended to take three tablets before breakfast daily or before a work out. In addition it is backed by 100 days money back guarantee, which is a total win-win situation for buyers.

PhenGold Reviews – Positive Highlights

Potent Ingredients: PhenGold formula contains only natural, vegan, and GMO-free ingredients. It contains cayenne pepper extract, which increases your body’s thermogenesis, thus allowing you to burn off fat even faster. It contains 225 mg of caffeine that will give you a massive energy boost, which will help you to focus on your daily activities throughout the day. In addition, 500 mg of green tea and 100 mg of green tea extract will aid with stress and fatigue by lowering your caloric intake.

Curb Hunger and Cravings: PhenGold will help you immensely if you are having troubles in controlling your overeating. It is a potent formula to regulate your blood sugar levels and eliminate your cravings altogether. On top of that, the formula contains L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine contents that will boost your adrenaline and dopamine, which helps you keeping cool and happy while improving both your concentration and focus.

Boost Energy Levels: PhenGold supplement offers the best energy enhancement among all phentermine over the counter supplements on this list. The supplements contains caffeine, green tea, and green coffee, the ingredients behind the product’s uplifting effects. These contents in PhenGold also aid in boosting your body’s thermogenesis, resulting in you shedding even more excess bodyweight. Having boosted energy levels will lead to you being more active, which results in better and quicker weight loss.

Formula’s Transparency: PhenGold’s manufacturer is very transparent about ingredients and formula’s composition. The manufacturer has never hidden behind false advertisement and fake claims. On the contrary, it offers a complete list of all ingredients and dosages directly on the product’s main page. Moreover, the formula is backed by legitimate featured customer reviews that cemented the product’s spot on this list.

Attractive Offers: While PhenGold’s initial price seems a bit higher due to its premium formula, it is surprisingly affordable to buy this product in bulk. In fact, a single bottle costs $ 59.99, while five of them will costs you $ 35.99 per bottle, all thanks to the attractive offer of buy 3 and get 2 free with a whole 40% discount. Besides that, PhenGold comes with a 100 day money back guarantee which is one of the best attraction for the customers.

PhenGold Pros

Following are the pros of the PhenGold weight loss supplement:

  • It is backed by positive customer reviews.
  • It helps in boosting your metabolism to speed up your weight loss.
  • It is manufactured by established manufacturers.
  • It helps in boosting energy levels.
  • It comes with great money saving packages and 100 day money back guarantee.

PhenGold Cons

Following are some cons related to PhenGold:

  • The caffeine contents in the formula may throw off some sensitive users.
  • It might be pricey if not bought in bulk.

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PrimeShred – The Top-rated Phentermine alternative for Weight loss

The last but not the least on our list of best OTC phentermine alternative supplements is PrimeShred. This is hardcore fat burner formula that is an excellent way to burn fat fast and accelerate the weight loss results. PrimeShred is a natural way to use body’s fat reserves as energy, thus helping you melting away the fat. It is designed to curb your appetite and promotes better sleep quality to make your weight loss journey easier. It is manufactured with only vegan, non-GMO ingredients that are entirely safe and healthy for your body. It is manufactured by MuscleClub, which is an internationally well-known company with years of reputation in the diet.

If you are a bodybuilder, PrimeShred is a perfect choice for you, as it not only helps in shedding off excess fat, but it also gives you a massive boost in energy levels that aids in increasing your workout endurance. In addition, these pills will not reduce your muscle mass, thus helping maintain a ripped muscular yet lean body. With the potent PrimeShred weight loss formula, you will be able to burn off your fat quickly by increasing your metabolic rate, ramping up your fat eating hormones and elevating your senses while boosting your productivity. Its working mechanism is based on a three-pronged attack that is going to put an end to those extra pounds.

PrimeShred Reviews – Positive Highlights

Go Beyond Limits: PrimeShred formula is the right product for those who are ready to push their limits and go on plus level above and beyond. This product will enhance your productivity as part of its anti-fat effects, which will allow you to boost your workout routine immensely. It will help in melting away your fat quickly, but you will enjoy the maximum muscle gains simultaneously. The product is based on all-natural and vegan ingredients like L-Theanine, green coffee extract, and caffeine anhydrous.

Convenient to Use: Using PrimeShred fat burner pills is as simple as it gets. You have to take just three pills 20 minutes before your morning meal every day to get the most benefits out of it. This will be enough to get the fully-loaded benefits of this high performing formula. Your stubborn fat will be broken down, burned, and replaced by muscle mass throughout the day.

Vegan-friendly Ingredients: The phentermine over the counter supplement only contains natural, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients that are all readily available on its website, together with their exact potencies and mentioned amounts. PrimeShred is also approved and  certified, which means that each tablet went through the vigilant quality control. In addition, the product is soy and gluten-free. It also contains no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

Mood Enhancing: Losing weight is a stressful journey and taking PrimeShred will make it easier for you by balancing your mood even when you are on low caloric intake. It will also aid in maintaining your focus while keeping you sharp and motivated day by day. You will great improvements in your mood with better energy before, during, and after your workout.

Potential Results: PrimeShred is an effective formula that works on higher level than any other phentermine over the counter product. The signature three-step working mechanism will help you burn fat quickly and lets you replace it with lean muscle mass. It helps in revitalizing your hormones and accelerate your metabolism, thus aids in shedding those extra pounds with a massive energy boost that will always keep you active and positive.

PrimeShred Pros

Following are the pros of PrimeShred:

  • It is a great choice for bodybuilders.
  • It is a high potency weight loss formula that increases the body functions to great extent.
  • It helps in curbing your appetite and hunger cravings.
  • It helps in promoting better sleep quality.
  • It aids in boosting the body’s metabolism to burn fat quickly.
  • It is a vegan and non-GMO formula.
  • It is completely gluten and dairy free.
  • It is clinically backed by researches and positive customer reviews.
  • It comes with 100 days money back guarantee.


Following are the cons of PrimeShred formula:

  • It might taste bad to some people.
  • It is more effective if backed by adequate training and workout sessions.

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Concluding Thoughts – Side Effects of Phentermine

Though, losing weight is a whole stressful journey, but you can make this impossible journey less painful by getting help of the right supplements. If you cannot get the prescription of using Phentermine, you can take the correct path and make a right choice of picking up the best over the counter phentermine alternative to ensure that your efforts will be worth it. Numerous people want to try out weight loss supplements to accelerate their weight loss journey, but feel reluctant in picking the right one for them. We wrote this detail guide about over the counter Phentermine supplement with the intent of solving their confusions and helping them to take decisions.

While the internet is full of ineffective products and scams, we have shortlisted the best natural phentermine alternative weight loss supplements that can help you embarking your weight loss journey with zeal. Now, you don’t have to waste your hard-earned money on useless pills, as with our guide you know precisely which phentermine over the counter alternative you will have to buy. We highly suggest our readers to use over the counter Phentermine alternative supplements to accelerate their weight loss journey, as they are all natural and safe to consume.