CogAT Form 6- Explained!

There are many questions involved when it comes to CogAT Form 6. This is the reason you are here in our blog reading it. What is CogAT? What is CogAT Form 6? Why is it required? Is it helpful in any way? What does the CogAT form include? There are many other questions you might have. Let us help you with answers to some of these questions.

What is CogAT?

CogAT stands for the Cognitive Abilities Test. Schools take this test throughout the US to test children for giftedness. It is a multiple-choice taken by students of different grades. This test includes verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning.

CogAT is for students in grades Kindergarten-12 and each grade has a specific form. Across the US, CogAT scores are used for admissions in school level gifted programs.

What is CogAT Form 6?

CogAT Form 6 is one of the CogAT tests. Students or children within the age range of five to eight can apply for this test. This test gauges the students’ rationality and basic IQ. Form 7 is also available now for older students but some schools still use Form 6 for students in the age group of 6-8.

How many Parts does CogAT Form 6 Have?

CogAT Form 6 is divided into three parts: quantitative, verbal, and non-verbal reasoning skills. These three parts also have three subparts. This makes for a total of nine sections. All nine sections have different and separate questions from each other. Each section is framed so that a student’s overall skills are clear with the final scores.

How to Appear for CogAT?

To appear for the CogAT test, you need to fill out the CogAT Form 6. While filling the form, you are also required to select the books that can be used for the test. This is a paid test, so the fee has to be paid in the stipulated time period.

Is CogAT Form 6 biased?

No, Form 6 is not biased. It is based on logical thinking that tests a student’s intelligence and rational thinking. Language inquiry is not required either.

Does Everyone Fill Out the Form?

In most cases, all the students are told to fill out the form, so that overall student ability can be checked. Students who are good can be identified and put in gifted or special classes. And those who are lagging can be looked after with enrichment classes.

If a student has been specifically told to fill the form, that means the teacher has noticed something, some special learning abilities. With the Form 6, the child can be enrolled into gifted programs at school and may also qualify for more.

Use of CogAT Form 6 Nowadays

The students who fill this form are often well aware of the challenge ahead. If parents fill the form, that means they want to know their child’s abilities and performance at school. CogAT Form 6  helps children to know their weaknesses and overcome them. This test aids in surviving and performing well in today’s competitive world. Thus, taking a CogAT test is quite helpful for the academic pace.

Difference between CogAT and IQ test

Many believe that CogAT is an IQ test or is similar to an IQ test. But that is not the case, CogAT is not an IQ test and infact there are a number of differences between them. CogAT tests the reasoning and the logical reasoning of a student while the IQ test checks a student’s general knowledge. CogAT works on the psychological level where students score based on their thinking.

Final thoughts

CogAT is taken widely in the US in most public and private schools. The CogAT Form 6 is still filled even though Form 7 and 8 are available. There isn’t much difference in the forms, the test formats are almost the same and help the student to gauge their abilities. The test also assures the parents about their child’s academic progress so far and their bright future.

We hope that all the information provided in this blog was helpful for you. Read through the necessary details before filling out the form. Do not forget to check out the eligibility criteria and do what is best for your child. All the best for your child’s academic career.

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