Top 10 Business Name Generators Reviewed


Entrepreneurs all over the world should be asking a pressing question that might not seem important at first- What’s in a name? While initially, it might seem as though a business name is for mere identification purposes, the name of the business is crucial for the overall performance, image, and growth. Research shows that customers take a grand total of 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a brand, and the name clearly plays a large role in that.

Coming up with a name can be stressful and overwhelming for entrepreneurs who need to juggle one hundred different things at the same time. The name needs to be creative but not so much that it has no grounded meaning. It needs to send a message to the consumer, but it needs to do so subtly and in an interesting manner. Finding the Goldilocks zone is vital when it comes to business names.

To help alleviate the pressures of creating the perfect name, many websites have taken the opportunity to create Business Name Generators that can help with the overall process, by providing a name that encapsulates all the necessities. With so many different name generators available, it is important to consider which one is best suited for the needs of the business.


Here Is a List of The Top 10 Business Name Generators

  • TRUiC Business Name Generator

Known for being extremely advanced and detailed, TRUiC has taken the process of name creation to the next level with its business name generator. So much work has gone into the AI tools that work behind the scenes to generate a name for a business or brand.

While the system is filled to the brim with codes and complex systems, the actual process of generating a name couldn’t be easier. By entering 2 keywords that relate to the business and selecting the industry that the business belongs to, the name generator can come up with names that are perfectly suited to the business.

With more information relating to the location of the business, TRUiC manages to come up with a list containing hundreds of different results. To make matters even better, the business name generator emphasizes privacy, searches are never publicly recorded. This website contains even more information relating to their business name generator and how it works seamlessly.

Copyright: TRUiC

  • Namelix

Namelix focuses on all of the key ingredients that go into the making of a great business name, and that shows with their business name generator which creates a brandable name that will stick in the minds of all consumers.

Sometimes name generators can come up with a list that is loaded with so many different names, making the right choice can be tough. With Namelix, it is possible to apply a filter to these names, so that you can focus on shorter names, longer names, or names that contain a specific keyword.

With time, the name generator gets even better, as the algorithm remembers the names that were favorited, and then that is utilized to generate even better content in the future.

  • Looka

Creativity is at the core of the Looka business name generator, as they manage to create a name that sells the business with an artistic punch. Looka allows entrepreneurs to pick an abstract idea such as “Bold”, “Thrive” and “Premium” and they are able to generate the perfect name from just that.

Alongside this, one is able to choose the industry that their business belongs to and they can adjust the specific length that they want so that the name generator does not waste time presenting names that are too long or too short.

Looka also understands that every great name needs a logo that pops, and so the logo idea is immediately presented once the name is generated, creating an even greater experience.

  • NameSnack

A business name generator that is quick and efficient, NameSnack delivers on all of the key fronts to generate a list of names perfect for any type of business.

Alongside name generation, NameSnack does a domain name search to ensure an entrepreneur’s dream name is completely available for use. This business name generator focuses on cool, catchy, unique, and even one-word business names.

By either generating a list of names or looking through a list of names that have already been created, businesses are in good hands with these names that have all it takes to sell a brand.

  • Brandroot

A name generator that falls on the premium side of things, Brandroot is for entrepreneurs who want long-term growth for their entire brand. By entering a keyword, the name generator comes up with a list of good-quality keywords that are available for purchase.

The website also allows one to like and dislike certain names so that a more refined list is presented that is better suited for the person searching for a specific name.

While more costly than other name generators, the cost does come with good quality and high chances of success.

  • Hipster

Hipster focuses on  generating interesting names that have never been seen before, guaranteeing originality and a sense of uniqueness that most other business names are lacking.

By entering a keyword that is related to the niche a business is targeting, Hipster generates a good list of names that stand out in the crowd.

Premium names are also suggested with this name generator, should somebody want to spend a little extra on a specific name that might be more captivating, the option is always there alongside the free choices that are also great for any type of business.

  • Namesmith

One of the more crafty name generators on the internet, Namesmith goes above and beyond expectations to generate a list of names that will amuse, inform and inspire in a single moment

By providing the name generator with a maximum of 5 keywords, the name generator comes up with a list of names that could contain purposeful misspellings and prefixes and suffixes.

Namesmith oozes charm with a name generator that adds character to the business and creates something that is innovative and stylish.

  • Shopify Business Name Generator

Searching for business names and checking domain availability is easy with the Shopify Business Name Generator. By inserting the correct industry, Shopify is able to come up with a good list of suitable names.

Free to use for 14 days and very simple to navigate, the website is clean and clear, making the journey of creating a name for a business very simple and enjoyable.

  • Naming.Net

Specificity is the main goal of Namin.Net and it shows with their very detailed business name generator

When choosing a name, one will be able to spot a root word, syllable, letter, rhymes and so much more. Added features like this make the process of naming a business much easier, as this much detail ensures a creative name that sells the goals of the business.

  • Dot-O-Mator Name Generator

Simple but efficient, the Dot-O-Mator Name Generator is a quick solution to the age-old problem of coming up with an amazing business name that is able to convey so much with only a few words.

With an easy click of a button, a plethora of random names will be displayed, and a running list of these names can be kept so that one can always check if the domain is available.


Final Thoughts 

By utilizing a business name generator such as TRUck’s name generator, entrepreneurs are already setting themselves up for success before the business has even begun operating in the market. A name is crucial, and much thought and consideration needs to go into it, and thankfully, these business name generators do a lot of the heavy lifting for new business owners.