BuzzBgone reviews: should I buy this mosquito zapper?

BuzzBgone reviews 2022, See our thoughts on this portable mosquito zapper, and while you might need one.

Overall, there are many ways of killing mosquitoes. more zappers will still come out considering the side effects of a mosquito bite. Most of them work fine but not great. Sincerely speaking, any mosquito killer will be a great addition to your home.

In this review, we are going to introduce another method of killing mosquitoes. Things like pros and cons, features and safety precautions were also presented. How to use it and the condition to get what you want were also reviewed. I’m sure you will give us attention.

Links to get this product directly from the official website were also available because the manufacturer has promised to offer a 50% discount to all our readers who buy this. This promise was made as of when we are preparing this review. We hope they keep it. Please read and check if it is helpful.

Generally, Mosquitoes are small flying insects belonging to the family called Culicidae. Normally, they prefer to live in stagnant water where they lay their eggs. Examples of such places are ponds, marshes, swamps, and other wetland habitats. However, they can easily survive in a variety of locations other than their natural habitat. Some mosquito bites are harmless while some lead to serious health challenges.

Only female mosquitoes bite. Blood serves as a source of protein for their eggs. They have a long, piercing mouthpiece, with which they pierce the skin to consume their blood. Male mosquitoes do not consume blood, they don’t bite human beings.

Malaria, West Nile virus, Zika virus, Yellow fever, Dengue fever, Chikungunya are several harmful infections that mosquitoes can carry and transmit. Indeed, a mosquito bite is dangerous and leads to a variety of mild, occasionally serious, and rarely life-threatening allergic reactions.

There are many symptoms of a mosquito bite. The popular sign is a round, red bump with a dot in the center. More dots means that it bites in more than one place which is usually the case. Other signs like dark spots and swelling are also noticeable. In some cases, symptoms like hives, swollen glands, and low-grade fever may occur but it is likely to occur in those with weakened immune systems.

If you notice a mosquito bite and feel any flu-like symptoms or a fever, it is advised you seek medical treatment immediately. Many people have died from mosquito bites so you need to take serious action.

People have used many ways to prevent mosquito bites. Some use chemicals that work fine but in some cases, it will affect people’s health. Mechanical and electrical methods work fine without any possible threats to human lives but there is a little problem, they consume more power and in some cases make unwanted noise.

There is another way of killing mosquitoes that are currently making Waves now. It uses an electronic system, it consumes less power, it doesn’t release any harmful substances to the environment, is easy to maintain, and is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last long when fully charged.

This device is called BuzzBgone zap, it uses LED lights to attract mosquitoes and then utilizes an electric coil that kills those mosquitoes. This is how this works, no noise, no harmful substances, can cover most of your personal space, and less power. It is very compact and portable. The battery can be recharged via a type-c USB charging port or cable. It has many advantages over other methods of killing mosquitoes.

It is the safest, odorless, simplest, advanced, cheapest and it is becoming the most popular way of killing mosquitoes. This is not the kind of thing that you might be thinking. Free your home from any mosquito today. 

People have been trying several methods to stop mosquito bites. Most people have employed peppermint oil, some use fans and cinnamon oil. All this works but what if you kill the mosquito?. 

Please follow us, check if this can do what they said it is doing. We know that there are many methods of killing mosquitoes, know this one today and choose the best among them. The review is a guide for you. We prepared it for free, so take advantage!!! 

What’s BuzzBgone zap


This is a rechargeable and portable mosquito zapper that uses LED lights to attract mosquitoes and kill them. It can be set out anywhere,  you can either set it upright or hang from just about anywhere. Just charge up the battery with the handy micro USB and you can zap mosquitoes anywhere you need. This zapper is fantastic for camping, the park, or just for lounging on your deck during those beautiful summer evenings.

The device uses a powerful LED light to draw mosquitoes close to it.  There is a suction fan inside it that attracts the mosquito inside. Once mosquitoes or flies are inside, it is dehydrated and die.

This product is free of harmful chemicals and is completely safe as it uses an electrical method to catch and kill mosquitoes. Very easy to use and can be used anywhere other than your room.

People have been using chemical-based mosquito repellent to protect themselves from mosquito bites. It works fine but how safe do you think it is?. We are not condemning any method, we are Just presenting another way of doing it.

What you should consider when choosing a mosquito zapper

  • Coverage area
  •  Zapping noise
  • Cleanability
  • Cost
  • Weight
  • Portability
  • Power source
  • Safety features
  • Overall design
  • Energy-saving capabilities

How to use the Buzz Bgone zapper

  • First, charge the device from any DC source using the included charging cord. It will take about 4 hours for it to get fully charged. It is advised to charge it before using it for the first time because it comes partially charged.
  • After charging, Turn the top rotary switch to activate the device. You’ll hear a ‘click’ and the top LED indicator will turn on. It is ready to do work.
  • Hang or keep it any place you want. It works best in a dark environment and again is good to keep it working for like an hour so that it will kill all the nearest mosquitoes

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30 DAY GUARANTEE: If you are not completely thrilled with this mosquito zapper. Their return policy is straight and simple.


It uses a rechargeable battery: This gives you more flexibility, is not the kind of system that uses power directly from the mains socket. When you have the light you can plug and charge this device using the included USB cord. You can take it anywhere you wish. Once fully charged, the LED indicator will turn solid green. The charging time is roughly 4 hours. The battery can last from 3 to 6 hours.

Extremely Portable and compact: No Stress, easy to move around with. It is not designed to be stationary. It can be used anywhere, indoor and outdoor. Provided you have power.

It uses LED lights. It comes with LED lights that attract the mosquito to the device before the sucking fan draws them inside and kills them. This light gets power from the battery inside the device. Due to LED technology, the power consumption is very low when compared to some systems. 

Odorless:  sincerely speaking, there’s no order attached to this. Is not like some chemical-based mosquito killer. This is an odorless mosquito killer.

Cleanable: There is an included cleaning brush that comes with the package. The only thing I would like you to do is to switch the power off before any cleaning operation. The cleaning can be done within minutes.

Lightweight: features lightweight materials for easy handling.

Energy-saving: All LED devices are known to save energy and this is no exception.

Large Coverage:  it is very capable of covering your personal space.


 1 x BuzzBGone Zap

1 x USB charging cable

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Instruction Manual

Qualities of a good mosquito zapper

A good mosquito zapper must kill mosquitoes without endangering the life of people. Again it must cover your personal space, with no zapping noise or less of that. Portable, durable, lightweight, and Saves electrical energy. I believe Buzz-Bgone has all these qualities.


Yes, over the years, there have been ways to control mosquitoes, some work fine while some don’t even work at all. Some will say why to use this zapper while I can do it with..….

Mosquito repellent spray. Without a doubt, it does what the manufacturer says it is doing. But do you do know that? The manufacturer Never designed it to kill mosquitoes, they don’t kill anything. They just say don’t bite this fellow, Don’t eat this thing, don’t enter this room, go this side, live your life, and make sure you are happy. That’s just it, yes it is okay that way but what if the repellent is finished and you can’t get it anytime soon. I don’t want to check if the repellent is safe because I believe it passed some tests before it is advertised for us to use.

Spatial repellent, yes it is a great measure at least you have avoided the hassle of a spray repellent. It is just an improvement to spray repellent, it doesn’t kill mosquitoes, rather it pushes them away from you and starts life on that side.

Fan, yes, it is another option. It takes advantage of mosquito weakness in flying. You will indeed have some portable, rechargeable hand fans that you can easily work around with. They do their job provided that you can hold it and withstand the breeze. It again doesn’t kill mosquitoes.

That’s why you might need a mosquito zapper. Most people still doubt it. Can it attract mosquitoes and kill them? It can do that, the attractive power lies on the LED lights and suction fan. The killing power is inside the device, once the mosquito comes close, it will draw it inside instantly and dehydrate it with the help of an electric coil inside it. 

You need it because it can kill the mosquito without endangering your life, unlike chemical-based methods. Most of what we know can’t kill them. They can only give them a domain. Any chance, the mosquito will bite and you know the consequences.

Sincerely, this is a great addition to any home. It is a must-have. It is working perfectly well. You need them.

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  1. For best results, place BUZZ BGONE Zap in the area, you wish to use and leave it operating for at least two hours. This will rid the area of any mosquitoes beforehand.
  1. Because the device relies on LEDs to lure mosquitoes, minimizing ambient light in the background will give better results. Having too many lights on will be distracting and you may not see the results you expect.
  1. Make sure the device is off before cleaning.
  1. Use the brush provided to clean mosquitoes from the electric coil. Empty the bottom shell into the trash and wash your hands thoroughly
  1. Avoid spraying any liquid cleaners and using metal objects to clean the device
  1. Avoid contact with liquids in general to avoid shock and damage


BuzzBgone reviews 2022

1: The LED lights are safe for humans 

2:The part of Buzz-Bgone that holds the dead mosquito can easily be removed and cleaned.

3: This is an energy-saving device as it requires very little power to drain from the power supply device to run for a long time.

4: It uses a tiny space to set up and run. So, it can be placed anywhere like a bedroom, reading room, balcony, garden, even at lakeside to keep the mosquitos away.

5: It is very light, you can easily Carry it and move anywhere you want.

6: It is affordable.

7: It can kill mosquitoes instantly.

8: less zapping noise if any


It is available only online.

It might not work fine in large surroundings. 

It works fine only in your personal space. Don’t expect it to cover the whole garden, house, or other large space. 

What this can’t do for you?

Despite having some good qualities, there are things you can’t achieve with this. Firstly, it can’t stop mosquitoes from breeding. It can only kill mosquitoes that are within the range. You have to take some measures that Will stop the spread of mosquitoes in your home. This can only kill it once it enters your personal space. The good news is that it is doing it without endangering your environment and your health.

What’s their return policy?

The Return Policy lasts 30 days and is effective when you receive your purchase. If more than 30 days have gone by since the delivery of your purchase, unfortunately, they can’t offer you a refund, exchange, or price equivalent in store credit, please take note of this. We will update the Page in case there is an update concerning this.

WHAT A DEAL!!! Grab yours from the OFFICIAL WEBSITE at an amazing price you never imagined.

Is BuzzBgone mosquito zapper legit or a scam?

Mosquito zapper

No, it is not a scam, it works no matter the condition of the place you put it. Many people have used and confirmed it. This mosquito zapper uses LED which by far attracts more mosquitoes. 

Naturally, all light attracts them but the level varies. Is true that most zappers are not effective. Again you can receive only what you paid for. BUZZ-BGONE is working, it is not that kind of thing. I’m telling you.

“This is better than other mosquito deterrents. You won’t even notice it’s there. If you just leave it alone and let it do its job, you’ll be living in a mosquito-free home all summer”………… how possible, I guess you need to try it. I believe you will say this kind of thing after using this. 


BuzzBgone reviews

Generally, all mosquito zapper works by emitting ultraviolet light that attracts mosquitoes. Some use a kind of suction fan to draw the mosquito inside and kill them instantly.

Yes, people have been doubting if LED lights can attract mosquitoes and Some electrical designers often advised their customers to put LED lights in their backyards, porches, walkways, and other sensitive Open places. They claimed that it can reduce the number of flies coming in. It might work fine but….

 All light irrespective of its color attracts mosquitoes to some degree provided that it is in the visible range (400nm to 700nm).  LED might not have a strong effect, though it is just imagination. 

In summary, all zappers work due to the attractive power of Light towards mosquitoes. BuzzBgone, as a zapper works with this principle. It attracts them, pushes them in, and dehydrates them.


1:How does this Zap work? :It uses LEDs to attract mosquitoes and then utilizes an electric coil that kills those mosquitoes, dead.

2:Does it requires a wall outlet for power?:The Zapper is powered by a rechargeable battery that uses a USB connection for charging.

3: I’m not good with gadgets. How easy is this?: Very easy, No experience is needed. Simply take it out of the packaging, charge it via the included USB cord, and you’re ready to go! Set it upright or hang it nearly anywhere. Cleaning is as easy as using the included brush to sweep mosquitoes and debris from the electric coil for disposal. It is 100% plug-and-play.

4: Where can you buy this?: The official website, my shortest answer. You can’t see exactly this in the retail store. I don’t know any other safe place to get it. You can still do research. 

FINAL THOUGHT ON BuzzBgone Reviews 2022

There are many ways of killing mosquitoes and they work fine to some extent. BuzzBgone is just another way of doing that, it might not be the best but it gives us a nice result when we tested it for the first time. Please while using this, make sure you follow the necessary precautions listed above. If you don’t follow it you might not get what you want.  You can stop applying the sticky lotions and covering your eyes from toxic sprays! This device is the natural way to keep your family safe from mosquitoes. if you want to get this product click here.

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