LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews 2022 (Special Update): The Powerful LionLung Device You Need



This LionLung Breath Trainer Review is one of the best reviews out there on the amazing breath trainer called LionLung. This LionLung IMT Breath Trainer Review is guaranteed to give you detailed information on the features, pros and cons, and also answer any question you might have about this breath trainer.

Breathing is the most essential part of being alive. Any slight breathing difficulty will render anyone incapacitated and unable to perform even the simplest of tasks. As people get older, their breathing starts to change because of three things.

Firstly, as we age, our bones thin and change shape. When the bones of our rib cage get affected by age, it affects the elasticity of our thorax and how far our lungs can expand. While this is going on, the respiratory muscles are also weakening which is the second thing that affects our breathing as we get older. When the muscles weaken, it also affects how far we can inhale and exhale, especially when the diaphragm weakens. The diaphragm is the most important muscle of respiration (LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews).

Lastly, older adults have lower lung defense mechanisms. This means that they are more susceptible to lung infections and environmental contaminants. The situation is worsened in the face of obesity, unhealthy lifestyles and heart problems.

If you’re generally healthy but just getting older, it is quite normal to notice some changes in your breathing and activities. You might start getting tired faster than you used to when you were younger while performing your usual activities of the day. It might start taking you longer to climb a flight of stairs or jog a mile. You might also notice you feel a bit winded during workouts. All these are perfectly normal as an adult advances in age.

But in as much as you’re paying attention to your nutrition, your weight and your health in general, an important part of general well being people usually overlook is breathing. In fact, if you want to improve the way you move, sleep and live, you need to start working on improving the way you breathe.

This is why the manufacturers of LionLung Breath Trainer came together to develop this device that will help you significantly improve your breathing. LionLung Breath Trainer functions to make your inspiratory muscles stronger and reduce the steep decline of age on your breathing.

Let’s dive right into how this LionLung does the awesome job of improving your breathing and every other thing you want to know about this breath trainer.


What is  the LionLung Breath Trainer?

LionLung Breath Trainer is a simple device that uses Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) to help you efficiently improve your lung strength and capacity. Breathing affects a lot about the way we live and even behave. People who inspire or inhale deeply tend to be healthier, calmer and sleep better (LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews).




Confident, calm people who are in charge of their lives tend to inspire and expire deeply. People who breathe shallowly tend to always be irritated, hasty and find it hard to concentrate. This means that you should be trying to improve your breathing as it will help improve all the aspects of your life.

The LionLung Breath Trainer is very effective in helping you train your breath and improve your health. You can start seeing results in as fast as 20 – 30 minutes of cumulative use. The LionLung Breath Trainer does not require anything more than just a few minutes of use every day and your lungs will start seeing results.

If you care about the health of your lungs and by extension, your overall health, then you should try LionLung Breath Trainer. It strengthens the power of your lungs and helps you inhale and exhale powerfully to live a powerful life. Whether you’re young, middle-age or old, the LionLung Breath Trainer is made for you and can surely help you improve your health significantly (LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews).

Athletes are very active people that need their lungs more than anyone else. Athletes, especially the ones who engage in sports that require a lot of running, depend on their lungs to perform efficiently. The LionLung Breath Trainer is one of the best tools any athlete, whether professional or not, requiresto attain maximum performance. The LionLung Breath Trainer will help athletes improve their lung capacity, so they can run around for hours without gassing out.


Why Should I Get A LionLung Breath Trainer?

A boosted lung capacity is what will give you that winning edge in your field of sports, whether you play soccer, basketball, rugby, wrestle or even engage in martial arts. Whatever the sporting activity may be, LionLung Breath Trainer will help you improve your fitness and stamina by improving your breath capacity. When you increase your lung capacity with LionLung Breath Trainer, the amount of oxygen you get in one breath will be twice the amount a regular person gets in one breath. Your cardio gets boosted and you eventually maximize your performance.

Improving lung capacity is not only essential for athletes and sporty people. It is crucial for performers like singers, dancers, actors and other performers. Singers use their lungs a lot and they have a very short interval between their lyrics to catch their breath. If you’ve tried to sing along to any song, you will understand how breathing affects their performance. Singers undergo voice training, and a huge part of the vocal training is breath modulation. They learn how to inhale, pause and when to catch their breath (LionLung Reviews).

The LionLung Breath Trainer will help performers improve their performance in a lot of ways. By improving their lung capacity, they can hold their breath for longer while they change the pitch of their songs or blurt out a few more lyrics. It can help singers perform on faster beats without slowing down or singing off-beat. Dancers need LionLung Breath Trainer to be able to dance better and for longer periods. Dancing is a very intense activity that looks simple while watching. With LionLung Breath Trainer, dancers can maximize their performance.




Who Needs This LionLung Device? (Lion Lung Breath Trainer Reviews)

Professional actors play different roles and LionLung Breath Trainer can help them improve their acting in a lot of ways. With LionLung Breath Trainer, they can improve the quality and pitch of their voice. Voice, both in terms of depth and quality, is an important part of acting. Also,

when they take on active roles, they can give top-notch performance without showing sign of burn-out.

LionLung Breath Trainer has been shown to significantly help people who have chronic breathing difficulty like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, silicosis and restrictive airway diseases. People that have chronic breathing difficulty could be as a result of a problem it’s best to consult a doctor before you start breath training.

with the lung itself, the airways or the respiratory muscles. LionLung Breath Trainer helps with all three of them so it is easy to see how the breath trainer can help strengthen their breathing (LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews).

How does it help with all three? Firstly, it helps improve the elasticity of the lungs by continually stretching the lung tissue which in turn improves the amount of air the lungs can contain on full inspiration, which is known as the lung capacity. Secondly, the airways are being expanded with each daily use of LionLung Breath Trainer. This will help people with narrowed airways especially in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by slowly increasing the diameter of their narrowed airways.

Finally, the LionLung Breath Trainer improves the strength and contractility of the respiratory muscles, especially the muscles of inspiration. It makes the muscles stronger and halts the age-associated inspiratory muscle weakness that affects older people’s breathing.

Think of it this way: the way your mind needs brain teasers, your body needs food and your muscles need the gym; that is the way your lungs need the LionLung Breath Trainer. Help your lungs help you by investing in a LionLung Breath Trainer for yourself. You can also get for your loved ones.


How does the LionLung work?

Lion Lung Breath Trainer works in a way that is similar to exercising your lungs. It allows you to inhale and exhale properly in a way that involves all your muscles of inspiration and your entire lung. Doing that for a few minutes every day will produce results in no time.

LionLung improves your breathing by increasing your lung capacity, reducing the symptoms of shortness of breath, and delaying the secretion of lactic acid (a natural process that happens during intense physical activity). The gadget features variable intensity and a maximum pressure of 174 cm H2O.


Health Benefits of Using LionLung Breath Trainer

The Lion Lung Breath Trainer has quite a number of health benefits, both the immediate benefits and the long-term benefits. Here are a few (LionLung Reviews):




  • Increased lung capacity– The Lion Lung Breath Trainer expands your lung with each use and improves its elasticity. This leads to an increased lung capacity, meaning that you get more air and more oxygen with each breath. An increased lung capacity helps you breathe better, and helps you perform even the most strenuous tasks with ease as you have enough oxygen circulating in your blood to keep your lactic acid levels low and your energy up (LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews).
  • Increased diaphragm thickness– The diaphragm is the single, most powerful muscle of inspiration. In a healthy person, the diaphragm is the only muscle that contracts during inspiration. This shows the importance of this muscle to the depth and efficiency of our breathing. What the LionLung Breath Trainer does is that it ‘works out’ the diaphragm, making it thicker and stronger. This, in turn improves the strength and efficiency of the diaphragm in discharging its duties as the chief muscle of inspiration.
  • Improved cardio-respiratory endurance: What happens when you use Lion Lung Breath Trainer is that your body becomes more efficient at getting and using oxygen. Oxygen is the fuel of your body, so this means that you can exercise better, longer and not feel short of breath too quickly. This means that you can jog for longer distances, work out for longer and not get tired or short of breath. When you jog longer or work out longer, your overall health improves all because of the portable breath trainer, the LionLung Breath Trainer.


How To Use LionLung Breath Trainer (Lionlung Reviews)

All the features and benefits of Lion Lung Breath Trainer might make you think it will be complex to use, but the opposite is the case. The LionLung is really easy to use. Its use can be condensed into three simple steps:

  1. For your first session, put the Breath Trainer at its lowest intensity setting. Stand or sit up straight, relax, then put the mouthpiece into your mouth. Bite the teeth pad and close your lips around the outer shield.
  2. Exhale, then inhale quickly with your mouth. Exhale slowly until you feel that your lungs are empty.
  3. Relax your chest and shoulders. Pause if you need to, and then inhale again. You can repeat this process for 20 to 30 minutes every day and you will see results in no time.




Notable Features of the LionLung Breath Trainer

Fast and Easy Way to Improve Your Breathing: The LionLung Breath Trainer uses scientifically tested mechanisms to strengthen your breathing muscles. You will start feeling the results after just 15 to 20 minutes of cumulative usage. More importantly, you can increase the intensity level of your training.

As you increase your intensity level, it is a sign that your lung capacity is increasing and you can now easily take on your apartment stairs without breaking a sweat or stopping to catch your breath. You can even go on to swimming, running and cycling. And if you’re into singing and dancing, LionLung Breath Trainer can help you do these better and longer (LionLung Reviews).

Variable Intensity Levels: An important feature of the Lion Lung Breath Trainer is that you can vary the intensity of your breath training based on your needs, using a button on the device. Everyone cannot train their breath at the same intensity. The LionLung lets you adjust the intensity or resistance depending on your comfort.

 You can start where you are and work up as your lung capacity increases. This also means that you can use it for a long time as you gradually strengthen your breathing muscles (LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews)

Can Be Used By Anyone: The LionLung Breath Trainer can be used by anyone, anytime. Anyone can improve their breathing anywhere, anytime with LionLung. Athletes can use the Lion Lung Breath Trainer to bet their track records, singers can use it to improve their performances, and everyone can use it to improve their quality of life.

The good thing about Lion Lung Breath Trainer is that it improves all aspects of your health – physical, emotional, mental and social. When you breathe better, you can move more, sleep better, walk better, talk better and get things done faster without feeling fatigued (LionLung Reviews).




Pros and Cons of LionLung Breath Trainer

Pros of Lion Lung Device:

  1. Maximize your sports performance: Use LionLung Breath Trainer for just a few minutes per day to improve the depth and power of your breathing to maximize your performance.
  2. Great for singers, dancers and other performers: LionLung Breath Trainer is great for artists who need the most oxygen they can get, like singer and dancers. LionLung makes it easy to be your best.
  3. Used by respiratory therapists: Devices of this kind are used by respiratory therapists to help patients regain their breathing power (LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews).
  4. Portable: The device is super lightweight and portable. You can take it with you when you’re travelling or going on a vacation.
  5. Cost-effective: The LionLung Breath Trainer is very affordable. When you consider the great features and health benefits, you’d surely prefer buying the LionLung to being admitted to the hospital.
  6. Easy to use: The LionLung Breath Trainer is very easy to use (LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews).
  7. Effective: The LionLung Breath Trainer works.
  8. Helps a lot as you get older: You can use the LionLung Breath Trainer to keep your lungs healthy even as you get older (LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews).


Cons of LionLung IMT Breath Trainer

  1. If you have chronic respiratory problems, you should consult your doctor before using the LionLung Breath Trainer.
  2. This product has a high risk of selling out at any given moment. You could delay for just a second and the product would be sold out. Stocks are severely limited at the moment. This is due to its increasing popularity and the special discount that it comes with from the manufacturers (Lionlung Reviews).
  3. This product can only be bought online from the manufacturers official website which I have provided the link to. If you do not buy directly from the manufacturers, you stand a big risk of being scammed or being sold a knock off and inferior product. It is recommended that you only buy from the Manufacturers.


Where to buy the LionLung Device?

LionLung Breath Trainer is available in the official website. There are several advantages to purchasing LionLung Breath Trainer from the official website.

Firstly, there are several discounted offers that run for a period of time. Currently, the manufacturers are offering a 50% discount on all breath trainers purchased for a limited time period. If you purchase more than one breath trainer, there will be extra discounts meaning that you will end up buying each breath trainer at less cost than it will cost you to buy singly.

Secondly, there are a lot of secure payment options offered on the official website including Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, etc. You can make secure payments there without worry of losing your money. Also, in case you are being refunded, it will be easier to refund it to the payment option you used in making the purchase.


Return Policy

The return Policy for LionLung Breath Trainer lasts 30 days and it takes effect from the time you receive your purchase. If more than 30 days have gone by since delivery of your purchase, you won’t get a refund, exchange or price equivalent in store credit.

Assuming you return your purchase within 30 days from receipt, to be eligible for a return:

  1. Product must be in brand new condition, unused/unworn and in its original packaging.
  2. Product packaging must be intact and returned in an appropriate shipping container.
  3. Product must be returned to the return facility address provided by their customer service.


For reasons of health protection, sanitary and hygiene, unless they are faulty, the manufacturers cannot offer refunds on their products unless they are returned within 30 days from the time you received your package, new, unused/unworn, and intact in their original packaging.

To ensure quick processing of your return, confirm the return facility address with their customer service at and provide them with the tracking number. Once your return is received and inspected, they will send you an email to notify you that they have received your returned item.

Return will be processed within 30 days upon receipt of the returned item at the returns facility. Once the return has been processed, they will notify you of the approval or rejection of your return. Approved returns may be refunded or exchanged. Approved refund will be issued to the same payment method used for the order.


Price of LionLung Breath Trainer

Buy 1 LionLung Breath Trainer at $49.99

Buy 2 LionLung Breath Trainers at $99.99

Buy 3 LionLung Breath Trainers at $111.99

Buy 4 LionLung Breath Trainers at $136.99




What are the customers saying on the Lionlung Reviews?

Sheena T. from Easton, MD says, “LionLung helped me get back into tennis! I’ve played tennis casually for years, but I’ve been struggling with it lately. I always feel winded and I get tired so quickly. But after just a few weeks of using the Breath Trainer, I’m back in the game and I’m doing great!”

David B. from Ocala, Fl says, “I often struggle with shortness of breath despite my never smoking, so I thought I’d try this LionLung Breath Trainer. Very happy with it so far. I like that it’s got several levels so I know I’ll be using it for a long time.”

Jules P. from Queenscliffe, AU says, “I always saw myself enjoying my retirement years exploring the great outdoors, still playing sports, and being very active. So I was quite disappointed when I noticed that I was getting tired more easily. A friend suggested that I try the Lion Lung Breath Trainer to see if better breathing would make me feel better. And it did! I’m confident that I’ll be able to do more thanks to stronger lungs and LionLung.”

Ramon Z. from los Angeles says, “This thing really works, and it’s easy to use, too! You just put it into your mouth and breathe through it. It strengthens the power of your lungs in a way that exercise never could! I consider it a vital and essential part of my workout.” (LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews).

Lula W. from Chicago says, “As a professional dancer, my blood needs to be as oxygen-rich as it can be. I use LionLung a few minutes every day to make my breathing powerful. I can definitely see the increase in stamina whenever I perform!”

Bill J. from New York says, “I’m a professional saxophone player and LionLung lets me give my lungs a workout in places where it’s too quiet to bust out my sax. It’s great for travelling, hotel rooms, even on the plane!”

Louis V from Worthing, UK says, “As a voice tutor, I know how important breathing is and how it can really affect the way you sing. But as I get older, I’m finding it hard to sustain proper breathing and keep up with my young students. Thankfully, I found out about the Lionlung Breath Trainer. I’ve been using it for a month now, and it feels like I’ve got my old lungs back!” (LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews)

Nathaniel P. from Peterborough, ON says, “I’ve been running marathons for years. And while I think that helped me stay fitter than most people my age, I’ve hit that stage where I was gasping for breath more often. It’s affected my times, too. My sister recommended LionLung to me and so far, it’s been helpful. I feel less tired and I’m able to train better. I can’t wait to surprise the younger athletes in my group with my ‘comeback’!”




FAQs on LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews

What is inspiratory muscle training (IMT)?

IMT is a form of resistance training that strengthens the muscles you use to breathe. You can think of it like weight training, but for your diaphragm and the rest of your breathing muscles.

Who can use the Lion Lung IMT Breath Trainer?

Anyone! It’s suitable for all ages and is completely drug-free. Athletes, singers, and older people in particular can benefit from strengthening their lungs with Lion Lung Device (LionLung IMT Breath Trainer Reviews).

How can LionLung IMT Breath Trainer help me?

Healthy people can experience benefits like better sleep, less fatigue while doing everyday activities, and better athletic performance. This is because the Lion Lung Breath Trainer increases your lung capacity and makes your body more efficient at taking and distributing oxygen (LionLung Breath Trainer Reviews).

Can I use the LionLung Device if I have a lung condition?

While LionLung Breath Trainer can help those diagnosed with asthma, COPD, or other breathing problems, it’s best to consult a doctor before you start training.



If you want to look and feel better as you get older, start with the basics! Improve your breathing with the LionLung Breath Trainer and enjoy all the benefits of having stronger lungs. You’ll sleep better. You’ll get to exercise more, and longer. This results in a healthier, happier, better you (Lionlung Reviews).

Order a LionLung Breath Trainer today and experience the difference yourself. Not only will you get a recommended and reviewed high-quality breath training tool, you’ll also get 50% OFF your entire order!





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