Wifiblast Review 2022: Is The Wifiblast Extender worth my money?

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Wifiblast review

In our world today, almost everyone finds it difficult to stay the entire day even hours without doing one or two things on the internet. Whether you are downloading files, watching your favorite Netflix movies on the internet, attending zoom meetings, and much more, even working from home might be an arduous task without a stable and fast internet connection because a stable internet connection is required to perform most of the tasks involved in it.

However, you may get fast and reliable wifi in your office or home, but do you realize that there are some places where networks are hard to reach, which are called dead spots?

Nevertheless, Enabling your wifi to extend to every corner of your entire home can be annoying. This might be due to the existence of some dead zones in your home where you want to stream movies, but unfortunately, it does support your wifi range. How do you go about it? This is where Wifiblast comes to play a vital task.

The wifiblast will help you to get a wide coverage  and strong internet connection, even in those hard-to-reach areas like your bedroom garage, backyard, and other places. It is the best portable device you can use to improve your internet connection anywhere you are.

With this adapter insertion device, there is no need to always sit closer to your router just to get a strong signal because you can place your devices anywhere and experience the wide coverage and strong internet connection you ever wanted.

It is easy to use and set up, all you need is just to plug it in the electrical outlet and you will experience the excellent performance of Wifiblast.

So if you are struggling with a slow internet speed and desire to have the best product in the market to improve your internet connection Wifiblast might be the solution.

It is affordable, portable, and pretty easy to use. Do you want to know more about Wifiblast, if yes, then a wifiblast review is for you?

The Wifiblast review will provide in detail the information you need to know about this product including the features, how to use, specification, and where to purchase it.

What is Wifiblast? (Wifiblast review)

Wifiblast is a small and portable device that extends the range of WiFi coverage while maximizing speed.it is designed to transmit and improve your wireless connection immediately to reach all the corners of your home even the backyard without forfeiting connectivity or speed.it is compatible with laptops, phones,tablets and works perfectly well with almost any router.

It is pretty easy to use  and does not require technical skills or expertise to use. All you need to do is simply plug it into a power outlet and you are good to go.You will just sit back and see the Wifiblast booster extend the range of your internet.

It has an inbuilt antenna to allow better and more consistent performance across your entire home and even beyond.

It is a perfect option for large homes that are struggling with how to keep up a stable and strong connection, even places that are liable to deadspot. Wifiblast amplifies your WiFi signal and delivers it to every corner of your house, mostly where there is a deadspot. Whether you are at home, offices, or any other place, once there is a powerful signal, it simply means better coverage.

If you want a strong internet connection everywhere, this compact device is the inexpensive answer you need to upgrade your existing WiFi setup without breaking the bank.

Wifiblast Range extender is an optimal and most efficient manner of extending and boosting your Wifi coverage at blazing fast speed.it does not only boost your existing network coverage but also delivers fast data transfer up to 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band.

Glance specification of Wifiblast (Wifiblast review)

Dual Antenna

WPS button

Support data transfer up to 300Mbps

Support WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK encryption.

LAN and WAN/LAN ports.

Latest software setup.

Power and mode functions

LED signal strength indicator

Speed data transfer of 300 Mbps.

Compatible with almost any router and other devices like your smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet.

Has two modes which are Repeater mode and AP mode.

Features and benefits  of Wifiblast range extender (Wifiblast review)

Portable and Compact design -The makers of Wifiblast design it in such a way that you can easily carry it to wherever you want, it doesn’t take much space. You can put it inside your bag, purse and take it to any place it needs to go, it can be your office, backyard, garage, or places that are prone to deadspot.

All you just need to do is to unplug it from the electrical outlet and plug it into another electrical outlet that is close to where you want it to be.

Compatible with almost all routers and gateways – Wifiblast is compatible and works perfectly with laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and almost all Routers to enable increase in internet coverage.

Irrespective of your router or other home internet setups, you should be able to use  Wifiblast booster without interruption.

Easy plug and play setup – Wifiblast is designed to work right from the box with minimal work.You can easily plug and set up WiFiblast in a few minutes.

It does not require technical skills or expertise.

All you just need is to plug it into an electrical outlet, Pair it to your existing router or another mobile connection to enable a strong and stable internet connection in every corner of your home.

Range upgrade technology -The main reason of setting up Wifiblast is to upgrade the range of the existing WiFi and enable strong and stable signals in hard to reach areas, though the makers of WiFiblast booster does not specify the footage square, it can easily boost and increase WiFi coverage in large homes and hard to reach areas.

You can set it up in the areas where you notice the weakest signal to upgrade the range throughout your home.

Boost your wireless Internet connection- According to Wifiblast review, The wifi blast range extender can relay and boost wireless Internet connection to instantly reach all the WiFi deadspot in your home without sacrificing connection.No more lags, dropout or disconnection!

Dropout and lags can be due to ISP issues and other related problems.

However, Wifiblast promises to boost your wireless internet connection to extend every corner of your house, even the backyard, garage, and so on.

Connect unlimited devices – Unlike other Wifi boosters that have limited number of devices that it can connect to, Wifiblast is not the same, you can easily connect it with your phone, laptop, computer for better browsing, downloading of files, streaming videos, and other devices.

The ultimate range extender- Wifiblast range extender improves your existing network range and delivers a WiFi range of up to 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz band.it is compact,small and discreet to easily blend into your home decor.

Stable and strong WiFi signal-Wifiblast comes with an inbuilt antenna to enable the wireless signal for stable data transmission which results in strong and fast WiFi signal throughout your home.


Effectiveness of Wifiblast Extender (Wifiblast review)

The major selling point of the Wifiblast range extender is the fact that it doesn’t have limitations to the number of devices that can be connected to it. It is compatible with almost all wifi routers and home internet connections like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

This compact wall plug device can be used by the entire family, large homes to access and boost their internet connection without interruption, whether you are in the kitchen, bedroom, backyard, garage or even hard to reach areas, the wifiblast will strengthen and boost your internet connection.

It is small and has a compact design which makes it barely noticeable and does not occupy space in your room or wherever you set it up.

Wifiblast has an inbuilt antenna to ensure optimal performance and to support up to 300mbps fast and 2.4GHz band data transfer.it has many unique features which include an easy plug-and-play setup.

Unlike a router, Wifiblast is designed to work straight from the box, you can easily set it up with minimal effort. All you need to do is just plug it into an electrical outlet, connect it with your existing router or another home internet connection and you are good to go.

Even if you want to go to another place like your office, garage with it, you are free to do so, once there is an electrical outlet where you can plug it.

It is incredibly secure and supports both WAP, WAP2 setup, and encryption. This is to provide network safety and to protect your important data and others from stealing your network.

All these unique features, easy plug, and play setup, strong and stable internet connection have made this device unavoidable especially in the time of working from home.

Why do I need Wifiblast Extender (Wifiblast review)

I’ve needed a small and portable wifi booster that could extend a wifi connection into my bedroom which was about 25 feet from my modem. However, for some reason, I’m sure because of the layout of my home and the barrier between the rooms, l was never able to receive a nice internet connection in my bedroom.

Wifiblast has instantly put an end to these challenges.No more poor signal or disconnection! I can now enjoy a stable and strong internet connection in every corner of my home.

Wifiblast range extender is the perfect and effective way of extending and upgrading your WiFi coverage at blazing fast speed.it is very easy to set up and works well with almost any router or gateway.

If you are a lover of Netflix movies, download files or you want to watch your favorite Tv show with no interruption from your internet connection, Wifiblast will boost and extend your Wifi coverage  so that your network will not get stuck in between and you don’t get disturbed in your fun time.

According to Wifiblast review, even if you are staying in large homes or places that are prone to deadspot, Wifiblast claims to boost your internet coverage instantly so that you can have a stable internet connection in all corners of your home without sacrificing connectivity.

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Wifiblast review

How do I know that I need Wifiblast extender?(Wifiblast review)

Below are some of what you will see and you know that there is a need to purchase Wifiblast. Let’s take a look at them.

If you notice that some of your devices cannot connect to your WiFi.

Poor WiFi signal in your room or any corner of your home.

If you are staying in a large home where there is an unstable internet connection or places that are prone to deadspot.

Dropping off your internet connection randomly.

Slow video streaming on Youtube, Netflix, Instagram, Amazon, etc.

Interrupted functioning of your online video games due to poor internet connection.


How to use Wifiblast extender (Wifiblast review)

Wifiblast is made to work straight out of the box with minimal effort.it is very easy to use and operate and does not require technical know-how or professional assistance to install. It has a small, compact and discreet design which makes it easier to blend into your home decor.

Wifiblast review has proven that the simplest way to cover all of the WiFi deadspot in your home is by the use of this compact wall plug device.it is a perfect option for larger homes and those that are liable to deadspot. Below are the simple steps to guide you on how to use Wifiblast.

Open the package of Wifiblast to ensure that you receive exactly what is ordered.

Plug it into any wall socket at your home or place of work. you should plug it in the areas where there is a low or poor signal.

Connect it to your wireless network.

Finally, you are good to enjoy a stable and stronger internet connection in your home, offices, and hard-to-reach areas.

Main benefits of Wifiblast Extender (Wifiblast review)

Perfect for mobile connection -Boost your mobile WiFi speed by up to 100%.it has an inbuilt antenna to extend WiFi coverage throughout large homes and even backyards, garages, and others prone to deadspot.

Fast and easy setup-No technical skills or expertise is required to install WiFiblast.it is pretty easy to use and made to function straight from the box with minimal effort.

Just plug and play connectivity.


No hassle return- The manufacturer’s of Wifiblast offer a 90-days money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product for a full refund.

Affordable and cost-efficient -Wifiblast extender comes with so many features and is affordable that you don’t break the bank before purchasing it. Once you purchase the product, there is no extra cost needed for the installation and usage.

Guarantee high quality -improved and uses the latest wireless technology to ensure faster and smoother internet connection in your bedroom, backyard, and even hard-to-reach areas.

Never lose internet coverage again-By setting up Wifiblast at the right place of your room, large homes, or prone to deadspot, losing Internet coverage will be a story of the past for you and your family.

Does Wifiblast extender worth my money? (Wifiblast review)

Absolutely yes, Unlike other wifi extenders that are not affordable and at the same time do not offer reliable and stronger internet connections as they claim, Wifiblast is affordable and has other top-notch features to boost and extend your wifi coverage at blazing fast speed. According to Wifiblast review,

There have been testimonies online from the users of this product.

Wifiblast is compatible with almost all routers and gateway.It is easy to use and set up, just plug and connectivity.No extra cost and technical assistance is required for the installation and usage.

WifiBlast  extender worth every dime you spent on it.if you are having trouble downloading your files, watching your favorite Tv shows, browsing the web due to weak internet coverage.Order for Wifiblast today and join the multitude of customers to testify about this product.

Pros (Wifiblast review)

Easy to use and install.


Compact and discreet design.

Strong and reliable wifi range extender for large homes and others prone to deadspot.

Compatible with almost any router and gateway.

Offers a fast data transfer of 300Mbps

Provides strong internet connection, no more instability or speed drop.

Elimination of deadspot.

The perfect option for offices and a home-based work network.

Comes with a 90 days money-back guarantee.

Special discount applied.

Cons (Wifiblast review)

Not available in physical stores, you can only buy it online.

Limited in stock.

Where can I buy a Wifiblast extender (Wifiblast review)

Wifiblast is only sold online this means you can’t purchase it from offline stores or markets. It is sold on some sites online but to be safe you should purchase it from the official website. You may ask questions like are other sites not safe? Well, aside from the official site some sites are safe but how do you know them? , this is the reason purchasing from the official site is always the best option.

There are other benefits you are eligible to get when you purchase from the official website. They are:

You can purchase this device at a reduced price because of the discount offer.

You will get the original version of this device and not the clone.

You will be eligible for the money-back guarantee but there are terms and conditions to be satisfied.

How much does Wifiblast extender cost? (Wifiblast review)

1x Wifiblast extender cost  $49.95

2x Wifiblast extender cost $89.95

3x Wifiblast extender cost $129.95

4x Wifiblast extender cost $169.95

Money back guarantee and return policy.

The manufacturer of Wifiblast range extender is offering a 90 days money back guarantee to the users who are not completely satisfied with their product.The item(s) must return back in it’s original package and unused.Simply send the item(s) back to them for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wifiblast range extender (Wifiblast review)

Is the Wifiblast extender compatible with my older devices?

Yes, the Wifiblast extender works well with almost any router and other devices like smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, and more.

How long does it take to set up Wifiblast?

Wifiblast is very easy to use and set up.it takes less than five minutes to install and get it ready for usage. Just plug it into any electrical outlet and follow the simple steps on the user guides.

Assuming I want to use it outside, Can it still work?

The answer is yes, Wifiblast WiFi can boost and extend the range of your internet signal to every corner of your home, even garage, backyard, and hard-to-reach areas.

Most of the Wifi extenders I use have a limit to the number of devices you can do it. Is it the same with the Wifiblast extender?

No, it is not the same. Wifiblast does not have a limit to the number of devices you can connect with it. You and your familycan connect as many devices as you want, and still have a stable and fast internet connection.

Customers reviews on Wifiblast Range extender (Wifiblast review)

“I absolutely love this range extender. Shipping was fast, and the product felt like it was made of quality materials. After the easy set up, I could noticeably see the difference. All my devices were running much faster and smoother on my WiFi”

Andrea P- Bolton.

I’ve tried a big name range extender before and it simply couldn’t reach my backyard and was way too expensive. I gave WiFiBlast a shot and now I can browse the web in my backyard NO PROBLEM, thanks!”

Robert G- Stockport.

This is the best range extender so far. We were having trouble streaming on our downstairs TV at slow speeds. Now it works with this small extender perfectly, so I am very very pleased with this purchase.”

Michelle S. – Birmingham

Am not really a fan of Tech,but I wanted a wifi extender to improve internet connection upstairs.I was so amazed it took just a few minutes to set it up and the WiFi signal was strong and fast!

Am even thinking of purchasing one Wifiblast extender for my younger sister as a gift because their Wifi is terrible.

Anderson- Canada.


Never lose internet connection again! No more deadspots in your home.if you are experiencing low network connection in your home and those prone to deadspot,

The Wifiblast range extender has come to solve the problem and it’s good at it.

With a minimal investment in this WiFi extender, you can rest assured of a stable and strong internet connection in every corner of your home.

The Wifiblast is worth every dime you spend on it.it has many unique features and benefits which makes it a necessity for a larger home, offices, home-based work network, and others who are struggling with a weak internet signal and need to boost and extend their WiFi coverage.

Whether you are a lover of movies, want to download files, browse the web, or watch your favorite Tv shows on the internet, Wifiblast range extender is here to meet up with your needs.

We recommend that you rush now to the Wifiblast manufacturer’s official website today and place an order so that you can receive up to 50% discount and save more.


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