GEO NFT Minting Startup DROPP GG Raises $8mil, Will Launch Public Sale Jan 27 of Non Fragment Token Collection

DROPP’s geo-minting technology is changing the way people experience the metaverse.
* DROPP’s NFT’s are tied to users actual physical location.
* This meeting of augmented reality, virtual reality and physical world is next generation mixed reality.
* DROPP is backed by notable investment groups and has formed partnerships with celebrities, athletes and influencers.

After raising $8 million technology startup DROPP GG is launching a public sale of it’s Non Fragment Token Collection on January 27, 2022. Dropp was instrumental in launching the NFT collaboration between Hiroshi Fujiwara, the “godfather of street wear” and legendary musician, and Mark Gonzales, one of the pioneers of modern skateboard culture. They created 10,000 unique NFT art pieces featuring unique “Shmoos,” each of which is a variation of Gonzales’ personal logo with accents of the thunderbolt logo of Fragment Design, a fashion label founded by Fujiwara. The series, titled “Non Fragment Token,” will be available on beginning at 10PM (HKT).

“This mix of AR, VR, NFT’s and geo location minting is one of the ways we see the space evolving”, says founder, Bruce Porter Jr. “People often ask me for an explanation of what the metaverse is. DROPP is vastly improving the way people experience the metaverse by mixing the digital world with the physical world.”

With Play-2-Earn becoming such an important part of the technology ecosystem DROPP is leading the way building it’s own open, decentralized metavese. Users mint nonfungible tokens (NFT’s) using an augmented reality (AR) filter while on-location in the physical world. This ties the NFT to the actual location where it was minted gamifying the entire experience. These NFTs can be viewed through AR and purchased by other users at these locations, merging the physical space with the virtual real estate built by players in Dropp Land.

Kevin Lin, co-founder and former chief operating officer of Twitch, and Daniel Dinh, founder of elite cryptocurrency gaming platform TSM, are among Dropp’s angel investors. Additionally, Dropp’s partnerships tap into a network of celebrity influencers, athletes, media partners and limited partners. The project’s advisors include Sherwin Lee, founder of QCP Capital; Jonathan Choi, chief information officer and head of partnerships at Metaplex Studios; and Wraya (formerly Wengie), a well-known Instagram influencer and co-founder of Solana-based play-to-earn game Nyan Heroes.

Dropp GG is a social NFT minting platform that aims to bring the metaverse into the real world. It currently offers exclusive, geo-based NFT releases. The project is developing Dropp Land, a metaverse where NFT tokens for virtual land plots have counterparts in the physical world. This will be integrated with Dropp 3D, an augmented reality feature that bridges virtual and physical experiences. At the moment, Dropp runs on the Solana network but plans to extend its functionality to function on multiple chains.

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