Inexpensive Tools That You Need for Your Startup

The initial days of any startup are tough as it entails lots of work and money to build the business till it reaches a certain stage. To cut down costs you need to digitize most of your work processes. Using software tools saves both money and time as you can automate most of the mundane tasks. 

In today’s digital age, there are a plethora of tools that you can choose from. However, you shouldn’t go for the fanciest and trending tools, you need to check how that tool can help your business grow and streamline the processes. Along with your requirements, you need to consider your budget too. Thus, depending on your budget and needs, you should pick the right tools. To help you better with this, we have listed down a few of the cheapest and yet effective tools that are widely used by startups.

1) Squarespace:

No matter how big or small your business is, you need an online presence. Online presence is not just about having a social media account, it’s about having an aesthetic and appealing website. A website is where people get to know about your business and what you can offer. Thus, Squarespace is an effective tool that helps you to build a beautiful website and you don’t need any coding skills to set this up. All you need to do this signup to Squarespace and you will be provided with many templates. You just need to add content alongside the templates.

2) Visme:

Visme is another effective tool to build your online presence. It helps to create engaging content about your business through videos, graphics, and text. It is very easy to use and you don’t need any graphic design skills. All you need to do is to sign up in Visme and use the templates that you like and create the content in your way. Everything is clear and visible in the tool, you just need to use it effectively.

3) Actioned:

Once you start to hire a few people, you need to manage them effectively and get the best output. Doing everything annually is tough as it is very time-consuming and a tedious task. This is where tools like Actioned come into the picture, it is a tool that helps to manage your team and the task lists. It helps to keep everything in order and make the work process smooth and easy. Actioned is available for free, so try it right away.

4) Learning management system:

If you want experienced people for your startup, you need to pay them well. This can be a little tough for several startups. In this case, you try to hire inexperienced and young people who are just starting their careers. To make them competent enough, you need to offer training. Offline training is expensive as you require a classroom, instructors, traveling costs, and more. However, with online training, you can minimize the costs to a large extent. With tools like Skilljar, you can create, manage, and deliver content effectively. It has all the features to offer an engaging learning experience to the users. Its pricing is also very minimal and offers a free trial too.

5) Slack:

Because it’s the age of remote working, you need a tool through which you can communicate with your team formally. With communication tools like Slack, you can share text messages, graphic content, videos, and much more. All you need to do is sign up in Slack and add all your teammates to that particular group. It is a free-of-cost tool as well.


To wrap up, there are plenty of tools that are at your disposal. Some of which don’t need you to pay anything and some need minimal payment. Now, it’s about you to research different tools and see which are inexpensive and at the same time benefit your organization.