AKA AI Introduces AI Robots Musio and Pepper to Over 100 Institutions in South Korea

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From left to right: Musio and Pepper; robots serviced by AKA.

AKA AI (“AKA”) announced that it has introduced AKA’s social robots “Musio” and “Pepper” to over 100 South Korean institutions. AKA’s social robots “Musio” and “Pepper” are both powered by AKA’s proprietary AI engine, “Muse.” This comes after nearly one and a half years since AKA’s entrance into the South Korean market.

Musio entered the Korean market in March 2020 with its first implementation in Jeju Island’s Murung Elementary School, and it is now approaching the two year anniversary of its launch in Korea. AKA has since ramped up the distribution of Musio and Pepper to elementary and middle schools throughout Korea, from Gapa Island in the south to Seoul Kyodong Elementary School.

AKA’s rapid growth is attributed to being selected by the Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups in October 2020 as the implementing organization for the “EdTech Monitoring” category in the “non-face-to-face service voucher” business sector in elementary, middle, and high school education. Since being selected, AKA has implemented Musio not just to schools, but also to private academies and general educational institutions. This has helped the company bring its services to over 100 educational institutions. The rate at which Musio and Pepper are implemented continues to grow faster every semester.

Musio’s introduction to elementary and middle schools has fostered a new environment for foreign language education and provided an innovative tool for supporting education. Principles and other heads of educational institutions have attested that Musio has helped bridge the education gap in metropolitan areas. As part of its efforts to innovate, Musio has also benefited students by giving them a futuristic, tailored education based on AI and data.

Musio is an AI robot powered by Muse, an AI communication engine developed by AKA. Driven by deep learning algorithms, it can recognize the underlying context in a conversation and communicate with the user by remembering past conversations. In addition, Musio is equipped with an English conversational learning system and language proficiency assessment algorithm, which helps users assess and improve their English proficiency. Finally, Musio leverages educational AI technology, as shown in its automatic adjustments of the difficulty of its conversations to accommodate the user’s English proficiency level.

“Moving forward, we will focus on improving the stability and performance of the Musio robot and expanding the range of our study materials so that more institutions can make use of them,” said Park Byung-tak, Head of AKA’s B2B Business Team.

AKA’s technological capabilities are internationally recognized. The company received a 2021 Edison Award in the U.S. for technological and market innovation and was awarded the 2021 Intelligence Grand Prize in intelligent products from the Korean Intelligent Information Systems Society (KIISS). AKA leads the AI transformation of education at home and abroad, having grown the number of paying Muse users by 2500% in 2020.

About AKA AI

AKA AI is the developer of the AI engine Muse and the Muse-powered social robot Musio. AKA’s focus is on providing the Muse engine in the form of software-as-a-service (SaaS). The company targets the global market, as demonstrated by success cases like the integration of Muse with SoftBank’s social robot, Pepper. The company’s mission is to supplement humanity’s intellectual capabilities through AI and social robots. Ultimately, the company seeks to effect practical changes through AI technology, in ways that will transform and enrich lives.

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