Shared bachelor and bachelorette party

Although it is a tradition that hen-dos and a stag-dos are organized separately for the bride and groom, some engaged couples prefer to have a shared one.

A joined party is certainly nothing unusual. It can be very convenient. You may think that it will probably be boring because the fiancés cannot even properly relax and enjoy the fun. However, the opposite is true. Stag-dos and hen-dos that are joint have their advantages and are primarily organized when the couple shares mutual friends. Various fun activities can be prepared and men will be quite happy to do their farewell without a striptease and any kinds of wild entertainment.

  • For example, you can prepare a garden party, which will be associated with a quiz on how well the engaged couple knows each other. There will be a barbecue and even tasty drinks.
  • Organize a bachelor and bachelorette scavenger hunt which is a good activity for a joint farewell.
  • An adventurous trip with unusual refreshments.
  • Team up with each other’s friends and have some fun competitions.
  • On a stag and hen night arrange a private hire of the wine cellar.
  • Travel abroad to enjoy a bachelors party in Las Vegas.
  • Organize a spa day for those preferring time of relaxation.

The possibilities are endless and a joint event before the wedding is a great start. Just choose your destination and let the rest of the arrangements to the maid of honor and the best men. Nevertheless, bachelor and bachelorette invites should not be missed.

What gifts are suitable?

Stag-dos and hen-dos are also about preparing a surprise for the groom and bride-to-be. If there is a joint farewell, friends would give more traditional gifts like those given at the wedding. However, even a small, funny gift will make the couple happy. The future bride can be given a bride-to-be sash, and the groom-to-be would appreciate a bottle of quality alcohol. As for wilder parties, it is advisable to organize this party a week or two before the wedding to allow some time for full recovery from all that alcohol.

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Adam Ali