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Petplan Reviews

What Is Petplan?

Petplan places No. 7 in our Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2021. Petplan, founded in 2007, is available in all states, although some policy information varies from state to state. The company was started by pet owners who incurred a $5,000 vet bill for treating their cat. Now, they work to help pet owners in the United States and Canada plan for the unexpected. Petplan offers coverage starting from six weeks of age until your pet’s senior years, focusing on coverage for dogs and cats. They offer comprehensive coverage that allows customers to be reimbursed up to 90 percent of the cost of vet bills from unexpected injuries and illnesses. They have one plan that covers complete sick visits including exam fees, chronic and hereditary conditions, comprehensive dental for all teeth (not just the canines), holistic care, boarding fees, and virtual vet visits – all at no extra charge.

In 2019, Petplan was acquired by Warburg Pincus. Petplan insurance policies are administered by Fetch Insurance Services, LLC and underwritten by XL Specialty Insurance Company, and AGCS Marine Insurance Company.

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Petplan Pros & Cons – Petplan Reviews 

Pros Of Petplan:

  • Visit any veterinarian in the U.S. and Canada for treatment
  • Online vet visits are included
  • Customers can set their reimbursement level

Cons Of Petplan:

  • Plans include annual limits on coverage
  • No preventative care coverage
  • No multi-pet discount

One of the most attractive features about Petplan, and just about all pet insurance plans, is that you can keep your current veterinarian or visit any vet of your choice for care in the United States or Canada. Coverage extends to your regular vet as well as any veterinary specialist you may need your pet to visit upon referral from your regular vet. During the 2020 pandemic, Petplan also began offering the option of virtual vet visits at no additional cost, up to $1,000. And while you can’t control what illness or injury may impact your pet, opting for coverage through Petplan insurance does allow you to control your out-of-pocket costs. With Petplan, your annual premium and coverage amount, as well as reimbursement percentage, are something you can select to meet your budget.

There are a few drawbacks, however. Petplan does not offer a wellness plan or add-on, so their plans don’t cover preventative care for your pet, such as regular veterinary visits for vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, teeth cleaning, and spaying and neutering. Pre-existing conditions are also not covered, as is typical with many insurance providers. They also do not offer a multi-pet discount, so Petplan may not be the best option for households with several furry friends.

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What Are The Plans Available From Petplan?

Petplan claims to have the most comprehensive coverage for pets, covering up to 90% of unexpected vet bills. Their one plan offering covers unexpected veterinary visits should your pet become ill or sustain an injury. Petplan covers the exam fee for these vet visits. Holistic care, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathic therapy are also covered. Virtual vet visits –via video, chat, call or text– are also covered, up to $1,000. Another feature is up to $1,000 in boarding fees for your pet should you as the pet owner ever become hospitalized. Dental injury and disease are also covered. Some common purebred conditions are also covered. And chronic conditions, like diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and cancer, are covered through Petplan as long as those conditions were not affecting your pet before coverage began.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered by Petplan. Petplan insurance also does not cover routine care and wellness. This includes annual veterinary visits, spaying and neutering, teeth cleaning, flea and tick protection, and vaccinations. Elective procedures, such as tail docking, ear cropping, and declawing, are not covered either unless your pet’s vet deems them medically necessary. Keep in mind that Petplan insurance also does not cover your pet doing damage to property that belongs to someone else.

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What Is Petplan Pet Insurance? & How Does Petplan Work?

Pet insurance is similar in some ways to health insurance in that it helps cover the cost of unexpected illness or injury for your pet. A major difference is that pet insurance often does not cover routine care of your animal. Petplan insurance is one option in planning for the unexpected, and sometimes significant, costs of caring for your furry friend. While Petplan offers insurance coverage for dogs and cats, routine wellness, treatments, and routine care for your pet are not part of the coverage. But injuries and illnesses — including dental, chronic, and some hereditary — are eligible for reimbursement through Petplan.

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Petplan Optional Features

With Petplan, there are no additional charges or coverage add-ons. It is possible to customize your coverage to meet your budget. Customers can decide how much they would like to pay annually for their deductible, what their annual limit will be, as well as what percentage of reimbursement they would like to receive on claims made to Petplan. These options will impact the overall monthly cost of your pet insurance coverage through Petplan.

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How Much Does Petplan Cost?

On average, Petplan says their insurance will cost $35 per month for dogs and $25 per month for cats. Although it doesn’t list any specifics about those plans. Several factors go into figuring your monthly cost, including your pet’s age, the annual coverage amount you think you need, breed, the reimbursement level you expect, where you live and the annual deductible you are willing to pay. There is a 10% military discount available through Petplan, but interested customers must reach out via phone to discuss this.

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Petplan Pet Insurance Real Customer Reviews

“My dog had an illness and a surgery all within 2 months, and having Petplan Insurance made it much easier to bear the cost of both. Very glad I have it!” Nancy Cornell Dorrien

“I have had the most satisfying experience concerning reimbursement, communication, processing of claims etc. with Anne Wheitsel, Member Experience Associate of your team. We have a purebred German Shepherd and within the last few years we have encountered a multitude of medical issues with him. We have purchased Petplan Pet Insurance since he was a puppy and have not needed their assistance until recently. Working with Anne has provided us with the reassurance that we can seek out the medical attention that our dog needs with the comfort that we are receiving some assistance from the insurance that we are paying for. It has been a gratifying experience and we are grateful for Anne’s personal attention to our pets claims!” – Michele

“Petplan processed our claim fairly, accurately, and promptly and helped our family take the best care of our dog during a very stressful time. Thank you for walking your talk!” – Dawn

“Thank you for your assistance, Stacy! Who knew getting my dog’s records would almost be as complex as my own? Today, finally, Stacy said she’d intervene and request those forms on my behalf so that our claims could be processed. 🤞🏾I appreciated Stacy’s patience and kindness. Please thank her for me.” – Sharon

“We have had pet insurance with Petplan since our Dacschund Riley was a puppy. Hoped to never need it but unfortunately Riley got IVDD and needed surgery. The peace of mind that knowing we had Petplan was very comforting. We were very worried about our dog and also very worried about what the process would be like submitting a claim with Petplan – the process was very easy even being online and the support we received from Petplan was wonderful – while they requested added documentation at every turn, it was always the relevant information needed to make the claim and Petplan always guided us when we needed to be guided. Thank you for helping us through this difficult time. Our little girl is doing better every day and walking again. Now our biggest fear will be to see where our insurance renewal goes – but ultimately, we are very happy with the insurance experience Petplan provided and would recommend Petplan to anyone looking for a great pet insurance experience.” – Ari Cohen

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Petplan FAQ

One of the most common frequently asked questions with pet insurance is whether pre-existing conditions are covered. At Petplan, they are not. Pre-existing conditions are defined as a medical condition first occurring or showing clinical signs before the effective date of the policy. However, Petplan allows that if a previously-cured condition remains symptom-free for an extended period it may be eligible for coverage.

How Do I Buy Pet Insurance From Petplan?

Petplan makes it simple to enroll in its program and obtain an insurance policy for your pet. Visit the Petplan website to begin the process. You’ll be asked about where you live and need to know your pet’s age – which can be your best estimate –and breed(s). Your out-of-pocket cost will depend on these and other factors. You’ll be provided a quote within a few minutes of submitting your information online. You then select your annual coverage amount, reimbursement level, and annual deductible to find a price that meets your budget. Next, you’ll enter payment information to set up your account. There is no sign-up fee, but it will be used to charge your premium. The policy then goes into effect the day after your enrollment at 12:01 AM EST. After that, there is a 15-day waiting period before your pet is eligible for coverage. Petplan also requires that you establish your pet’s baseline health. If you don’t have documentation of a vet visit from six months prior to coverage beginning, you’ll need to take your pet to visit the vet for a wellness check within 30 days of coverage taking effect, at your own expense. Also, look for variations on this requirement specific to the state you live in.

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Does Petplan Offer a Wellness Plan?

Petplan does not offer a wellness plan. Routine wellness visits to the vet, vaccinations, flea and tick protection, as well as spaying and neutering, are not covered through Petplan’s policy.

How Do I Contact Petplan’s Customer Service?

Full contact information can be found on its website, including phone numbers for customer service and the sales team. They also share the company’s email address, fax number, and mailing address. Customer service hours are listed as 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST on Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday. Customer Service is not available by phone on Sundays. There is also a feature to live chat on the website and through the PetPlan app. Petplan also has a FAQ section on their website to help answer some common questions.

How Do I Cancel a Pet Insurance Plan from Petplan?

To cancel your Pet Insurance Plan from Petplan, you need to reach out to Customer Service by phone. Your policy can be canceled at any time. The cancellation process can also be started via email or mail. If you’d like to cancel your pet insurance within 30 days of your policy taking effect and you’ve not submitted any claims you will be refunded your entire premium. After 30 days, your premium refund will be prorated based on the date of the termination of coverage.

Does Petplan Have Any Payment Limits?

Petplan does set annual limits on payments made for injury and illness coverage, but those are not made available on their website.

Does Petplan Have a Deductible?

Petplan offers customers the opportunity to set their deductible. Rate options are only available by starting the quote request process through the Petplan website. Any illnesses or injuries treated during your policy period would require the pet owner to cover the co-pay and the deductible will be subtracted from the covered amount. According to Petplan’s sample policy, if treatment dates fall into two or more policy periods, you will be responsible for paying the deductible in each period. An annual maximum coverage limit will be set and laid out in your specific Petplan insurance policy.

Is There a Waiting Period for a Petplan Plan?

As with many pet insurance providers, there is a waiting period before the policy takes effect to cover any illness or injury to your pet. With Petplan, you’ll have a 15-day waiting period from the effective date – 12:01 a.m. EST the day after you enroll – of your policy in which your pet would not be covered. There is also a 6-month exclusionary period on hip dysplasia, cruciate ligaments and patellas, but it can be waived based on veterinary examination within 30 days of the policy taking effect. This can also vary depending on the state you live in.

How Do I File a Claim with Petplan?

Petplan makes it simple to file a claim. Your account – accessed via the website or the app – allows you to print a pre-filled claims form. You will also need to provide paid, itemized receipts from your pet’s veterinary visit. When making your first claim with PetPlan, pet owners are also required to provide the Medical Record Release Form, which should be completed by all veterinarians – specialty and emergency – that your pet has visited in the last two years. Once you complete and sign the form (keeping copies for your records) you email or mail it to Petplan. Claims should be filed within 90 days of treatment.

How Long Does it Take Petplan to Reimburse a Claim?

Once a claim is submitted to Petplan, their team of claims adjusters – who are also trained veterinary specialists – view the claim within a day of it being received. While the claims process seems straightforward, claims can be paid in as little as a few days but sometimes take up to 30 days to receive your reimbursement. Providing all the necessary documentation helps move the process along.

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Final Verdict

Based on our methodology, we were impressed by how much coverage Petplan offers in just one simple accident and illness policy. Although you won’t get coverage for routine care, you can enjoy many emergency benefits that other providers don’t offer.

We would like to have seen a few more deductible and annual coverage options as well as a discount for multiple pets, and the inclusion of a wellness rider would have created a well-rounded package for whole-pet coverage as well.

Nonetheless, for a simple accident and insurance policy, Petplan delivers more than you’d expect for your money with coverage for lost pets, vacation cancellation, and more, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your pet is taken care of in just about any emergency.

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