Zaxtra Review 2021 Plus Epic Bonuses – Is Zaxtra Worth it?

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Product Name: Zaxtra

Creators: Dr. Sameer Joshi and Madhav Dutta

Product Price: $47-$97

Official Website: Click Here

Selling services or products online is a hard task and not everyone can do it today. You have to learn several technical fundamentals, design an engaging website, or landing pages, manage your products and services, and even integrate a payment gateway. That will take a lot of time and effort but unfortunately; there will be no guarantee of real results. If you have been facing such problems, it is time to break the monotony.

Zaxtra from Madhav Dutta and Dr. Sameer Joshi is a digital marketplace builder that will help you sell unlimited downloadable products like stock bundles, music, eBooks, membership sites, services, and Software-as-a-service business easily regardless of where you are. This Zaxtra Review will introduce you to Zaxtra and its working. It will also provide you with the key features, and their benefits.

What is Zaxtra?

Zaxtra is a digital marketplace suite that allows users to start selling digital products, such as eBooks, software products, courses, and music, online easily. If you do not have any digital products to start selling, you can select the white-label software library from Zaxtra and start selling.

Furthermore, Zaxtra allows the users to rebrand its software and start selling it as their own. You do not need any coding or technical skills to do that. You can further connect your payment processors and decide on the amount of money to charge your target customers. Also, decide on whether to charge them a recurring price or a one-time fee. Getting many recurring customers is the Sangraal of any online or digital business.

Who are the Creators of Zaxtra?

Dr. Sameer Joshi and MadhavDutta are the two people behind Zaxtra. Dr. Sameer is an experienced marketer and he has been selling several successful products online such as Live Event Blaster and Vidinflux. One of the key reasons his products have always ranked among the best-selling is that he always focuses on the users and ensures that the products are affordable and accessible.

How Does Zaxtra Work?

Zaxtra allows you to sell and manage your digital products as well as automate the selling process – from the payment gateways integration and automatic product delivery to email notification, autoresponder integration, members access and download link protection.

The process of starting a selling campaign for a new digital product or service is not easy. The challenges are even more if you do not have any product or service to sell. Zaxtra has eliminated the challenges. Here are the steps to follow to start selling digital products or services.

Step 1: Choose the Product

Select one of your products or choose one from the DFY white-label software library. You can promote any kind of digital product, such as software tools, videos, courses, eBooks, and online services. Zaxtra can also help you sell digital products made by other people.

Step 2: Connect the Payment Gateway

Step 2 requires you to connect a Stripe account and start the selling process. A Stripe account allows you to accept payments whether you choose a one-time payment or recurring payment method – including free trials. Customize the one-time or recurring fees, payment processors, email notifications, and autoresponder integration with help of the dashboard.

Step 3: Provide Instant Access

Zaxtra offers a reliable delivery system that works with webhooks. The good news is that you can integrate it with any third-party application, thanks to its API.

Step 4: Manage and Grow

At this stage, you should have an intuitive dashboard that you can use to manage your plans, users, subscriptions, roles, reports, invoices, and many other things at a glance. Zaxtra allows you to keep 100 percent of your profits and bank your recurring incomes.

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The Key Features of Zaxtra

In addition to the ease of use, Zaxtra offers many helpful features. Here are the features you will come across after you start using it.

  • Add Product: Add all your digital products and start selling them. You can sell PDFs, eBooks, software, images, audio files, videos, and images easily.
  • White-Label Library: If you do not have any products to sell, you can select a white-label product and start selling it. You will have the option of rebranding the products to appeal to more customers.
  • Collect Payments: Zaxtra allows users to connect their PayPal or Stripe accounts with their Zaxtra accounts and start collecting payments easily.
  • Manage Subscriptions: Zaxtra offers full control over the billing of customers. Whether you prefer a one-time price or a monthly subscription plan, Zaxtra will allow you to use it.
  • Customizable Sales Pages: Customize your sales web pages so that they can match the pitch of your products perfectly.
  • Track Sales: Zaxtra allows you to track the performance of your sales. You will receive instant insights in the user dashboard.
  • Fully Functional Website: Build as many web pages and landing pages as you want within Zaxtra. Zaxtra allows you to create customizable and functional websites.
  • Fully Functional Blog: Zaxtra allows users to create a functional blog and appear authoritative in their marketplaces. After creating the blog, you can post articles and modify them at any time.
  • Custom Navigation:Create a customized menu for your website in Zaxtra and provide the visitors with a smoother navigational experience.
  • User Management: This feature allows you to manage the users of your products and retain control over people who have access to your products. The feature is available on the dashboard.
  • Billing and Invoices: Handle the invoicing and billing straight from the dashboard and send invoices to all your customers.
  • Coupons: You can offer coupons and discounts to make our digital products more attractive.
  • Notifications: You will always receive notifications on what is happening on your account or business.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: This feature allows you to create a navigation menu for each website established within Zaxtra so that you can give visitors a smoother navigational experience.
  • Developer API:With this feature, you can connect and interface all our apps with Zaxtra. The developer API is easy to use and saves time when it comes to automating processes and tasks.

Zaxtra Bonuses

Grab Zaxtra today & get these exclusive fast action bonuses:




Coachzippy Live

One-of a-kind, premium software that converts any website or webpp into a desktop app (Mac or Windows) or Chrome extension in 3 easy steps. Create unlimited white-label apps with this amazing bonus!


You’ll never have to give out your real email address if you don’t want to. Use this awesome software platform to keep in touch with people and always keep your real email address a secret. Without knowing your real address, no one can ever spam you!


One-of a-kind, premium software that converts any website or webpp into a desktop app (Mac or Windows) or Chrome extension in 3 easy steps. Create unlimited white-label apps with this amazing bonus!

Smart Newsletter Builder

Let advanced software technology help you build beautiful newsletters within minutes. See all changes happen in real-time while this intuitive system makes it super-easy for you to create newsletters your subscribers are sure to love.


Helpzippy is the best software to provide online customer support and ticket processing. Helpzippy do all kind of customer support including instant messeging, audio, video assistance.

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Zaxtra Pricing

The product retails at $97 (one-time). After paying the price you will access 5 white-label apps, 10 products, 10 custom domains, 10GB file storage, 500k monthly views, Ready API, 5,000 customers, and 10 custom pages. Still, you can choose an upgrade and access more features. Here are the offered upgrades.

OTO 1: Pro Edition

The Pro Edition offers two options – the Zaxtra Pro Lite and Pro option. The Zaxtra Pro-Lite will cost you $97 (one-time) and offers three additional premium white-label apps along with everything that the Zaxtra Gold provides. You can further get unlimited domains, products, monthly visitors, and more storage, just to name a few features.

The Pro Edition will cost you $197 (one-time) and offers access to five premium white-label apps along with everything that the Zaxtra Gold provides. You will further get unlimited domains, products, monthly visitors, and additional storage space. This upgrade is recommendable for businesses and advanced marketers.

OTO 2: Ninja

The Ninja upgrade provides access to 2 premium white-label apps, which are the HQWebinar and the Firelist, and many other features. The upgrade removes all limitations and the users have full access to the whole Zaxtra system with a single monthly or annual subscription.

You will also get 2 white-label apps that are not available at any other level. You will enjoy live chat support, plus cart abandonment feature, VIP group access, and app customization option. This upgrade is for serious entrepreneurs.

OTO 3: Zaxtra Academy VIP Access

Academy VIP Access will cost you $197. However, it will provide you with access to specialized training sessions. The authors will help you create a 6-7 figure digital products and software tools business.


  • You will see results within 24 hours
  • Free inbuilt traffic
  • Allows you to scale your online campaigns to 6 figures using paid traffic
  • You will be up and running within 5 minutes
  • The setup process is easy and fast. You do not need any tech skills to complete it.
  • It has no learning curve. You will start earning commissions immediately
  • The low single-time fee during the launch period
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • 100 percent cloud-based and SSD servers
  • Automated daily backup
  • You do not need any experience or technical skills


  • There is no custom theme
  • Has many upsells that you will have to pay for to get started

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Who Should Go for Zaxtra?

Any person who sells digital products or services can benefit from this product. However, the creators target digital business owners, product creators, marketers, resellers, local businesses, marketing agencies, coaches, and consultants. If you are a digital business owner or aspire to start one, Zaxtra will change how you run your online business with an intuitive system and ready-to-sell white label products.

Software, eBooks, training courses, and PDF creators can also find Zaxtra helpful. They can start selling their products online without paying any fees. If you are a marketer, an affiliate, or a product reseller, Zaxtra will make your marketing life easier because you will have everything you need to sell where you need it.


Q: Is Zaxtra easy to use?

A: Yes, Zaxtra is easy to use because you just need to follow four easy steps. You do not need any special skills or experience to start using it.

Q: Is Zaxtra compatible with Mac and Windows devices?

A: Yes, Zaxtra is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices because it runs on the web. You can use any website browser or device to access it.

Q: Will I get any training or support after buying the program?

A: Yes, the creators of this marketplace offer round-the-clock user support. Besides, they offer systematic training that will make you an expert in a few minutes.

Q: Does the monthly plan require a license?

A: No, you do not need any license and this is possibly the best part of choosing the monthly plan. You will get all the features that Zaxtra offers without buying another license.

Zaxtra Review: Conclusion

Zaxtra is an amazing digital marketplace suite, which will allow you to start selling your digital products and services online easily. If you do not have any products, you can choose Zaxtra’s white-label software library and sell them. Even more, you can rebrand Zaxtra’s software and sell it as your own. That means Zaxtra will help you make money online in various ways.

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