8 Super Simple Tips & Tricks to Boost Your SEO

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The concept of search engine optimization can be challenging. With most of its processes done through codes and subtle modifications in your website development, it can get tedious fast.

However, you don’t have to be afraid of using it, because SEO techniques with elaborate procedures have a simple premise – to cater to your customer experience first and then appeal to search engine algorithms. So, as a beginner, how can you target both aspects at once in a more simple and manageable manner? The answer is by using simple SEO techniques.

8 Super Simple SEO Tips

When done correctly, you can get a significant increase in customer engagement and, ultimately, a return of investment. Investing in effective strategies will launch your market influence to a whole new level and you can do that with these super simple SEO tips:

  • Be Careful During Link Building

This involves redirecting audiences towards your website through referrals from other sites (and vice-versa). It’s considered the best trick to getting search engine algorithms to increase your website authority.

However, you have to be wary when it comes to using this technique. Google and other major search engines are aware of marketers exploiting this strategy and are careful about who and how it’s being used. Having unreliable links and linking to empty pages could have you flagged down and deindexed. 

To ensure that this SEO trick works, it’s best to invest in high-quality visual content like infographics, videos, and eBooks that other websites can utilize to present data. You can also publish articles that are more educational and informative, which incidentally increases reliability and trust among your audience. 

  • Explore Social Media Options

The more people see your new posts, the higher your level of customer engagement will be. For a beginner who is yet to foster organic audience traffic, getting enough exposure can be difficult to do. The trick here is to take the first step and publish your content on social media. 

With over 5 billion users worldwide, advertising your website on social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will open your content to a wider market. Additionally, search engines include your social media influence or social signals in their decision, to increase your ranking or not. 

  • Prioritize Readability

SEO and website development techniques may be done online, but always remember that you are interacting with human beings. Your articles and posted content can be as detailed and well-researched but if it doesn’t catch your audience’s attention, then all those efforts are futile. 

Endless blocks of texts with no breathing space can have your readers exiting the page before they even begin to read. A good way to enhance readability is to create shorter and more concise paragraphs, incorporated with subheaders, bullet points, and images for at least every 350-word mark. 

  • Incorporate Organic Keywords

Considered the oldest trick in the SEO field, keyword optimization allows you to convince search engine algorithms to rank your web page higher. However, it’s not just about jamming the most popular terms related to your content in your articles, since search engines can flag it down as spam content.

Instead, an effective way to use this trick is through carefully and strategically “sprinkling” them out so they still make sense. Changing the order, paraphrasing, and including specific locations are all steps towards latent semantic indexing, which focuses on keyword usage flexibility.

So, if you’re trying to usesecurity guard license training Toronto” or “storage North York, don’t use it repeatedly across the article. Rearrange the words or use associated phrases like; “training for Toronto security guards”.

  • Use Keywords in Tags and Descriptions

It may seem like an insignificant detail, but document and image filenames can help in boosting your search engine ranking. With website developers often missing out on this trick, they usually neglect it and use random file names for page elements.

What people don’t know is that search engines value this attention to detail and use these short descriptions as a measure of how much time and effort you put into your website. It serves as one of the factors for assessing your credibility. 

Instead of overlooking these short descriptions, use 1 or 2 keywords related to your content to make it easier for algorithms to rank you higher and increase your page authority. However, don’t use hyphens; simply connect keywords without a space in between. 

  • Utilize Internal Link Building

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Easy and convenient user website navigation is a key characteristic that all high-ranking websites share. They do this with a simple trick called internal link building. This is done by hyperlinking parts of your site and directing them back to the relevant page. 

Be it on the content or the end of the article, its main purpose is to serve as a guide for your readers, as they explore your page.

  • Be Engaging and Interactive

High bounce rates are the worst things for any website owner. This happens when a visitor exits the page without clicking on anything. This means that at first glance, your visitors weren’t impressed with your site. 

Luckily there are different ways to combat this phenomenon, and you can do it with multimedia tricks and upgrades. Engaging infographics, video ads, and charts are some of the common methods. You can even integrate audio, polls, and quizzes that can stimulate your visitor’s online engagement.

To make sure that these upgrades are properly embedded and don’t cause any glitches during loading, you can hire a B2B SaaS SEO company that specializes in these software services. 

  • Don’t Forget Your ALT Tags

Often underestimated, ALT tags are short descriptions for the image and visual elements of your website. It’s been mentioned earlier that description and tags can help search engines assess the credibility of your site by making it more detailed with the keywords that you use. 

However, other social media sites like Pinterest, where netizens use ALT tag descriptions to find certain images, make this detail more important. Instead of just randomly typing words as descriptions, utilize and arrange keywords that are more reader-friendly and suitable for tagging. 

SEO techniques are there to help you, so don’t ignore them. At the end of the day, these SEO upgrades all boil down to 2 things – to improve the netizens’ surfing experience and impress search engine algorithms. To achieve both goals, just remember to consistently use these SEO tricks and regularly troubleshoot your site. 


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