10 Tools for Maintaining your ATV Parts or UTV Parts in 2021

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Owners of ATVs and UTVs need a decent range of equipment to retain their bikes working well, and we’re going to discuss the finest gear for the task. If you’ve had an ATV or a UTV for just any length of time, you’re aware that you’ll need to do some periodic preventive maintenance here on equipment if you would like it to stay performing at its best.

Systems ease up, fluids have to be replaced, parts ought to be replaced, and so on. Although typical household equipment is useful, there are pieces of equipment specialized for operating on ATVs or are simply so useful that they must be kept in the workshop. Below are our top ten tools that every ATV or UTV operator should have.The most critical equipment for keeping your ATV Parts in good working order are mentioned following. You generally won’t need far more than the items mentioned below whenever you need to operate on the ATV.


  • Accu-Gage is the Editor’s Choice. Low Tire Pressure Gauge

ATV and UTV tires are inflated at a reduced pressure compared to truck tires. You don’t like to go for a trip with messed-up tire tensions, just as you shouldn’t go for a journey with messed-up tire stresses on your vehicle. It can result in erratic driving, flat tires, and even catastrophes. Keep a good tire pressure measure on hand. It’s much better whether it has a flapper valve. In that manner, anyone can simply check to see whether your tires are prepared for the journey and, if necessary, reduce the pressure if you’re riding in mud or snowfall. It’s low-cost protection against high-cost problems.

  • T-Handle Screws from Pit Posse

Have you ever visited the specialists’ section of your neighborhood shop or attended a race? T-handle hammers are widespread among those who work as mechanics. The explanation for this is that they are quite effective. Have the size screws you go through on a constant schedule, even if you don’t need the entire set. One aspect I’ve discovered about T-handles that has lasted a lot longer is that they are more difficult to lose.

  • Tire Plug Kit by Orion Motor Tech

It doesn’t seem to be a high-end kit, but a tire plugger is required. How often have you encountered a flat tire? You must not have been cycling enough if you declare never. You’re likely to get a flat eventually, and that may quickly derail your full day’s activities. Even the hardest tire will be sorely tested in the environment we ride ATVs and UTVs in. Get a tire filler kit and store it somewhere you’ll know it’ll be needed.

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Repair Kit with Everything:

  • This 77-piece OMT flat tire repair kit comes with everything you’ll need to swiftly repair a flat tire, just because you’ve hit a nail.
  • Abrasion-resistant Resources: From the toughened and anodized steel pliers to the corrosive environment zinc, every tool in this tire patch kit is made to last.
  • Action Plan: This industrial flat tire repair equipment works on many types of two and four-wheel vehicles, notably bicycles, motorcyclists, and ATVs.
  • Ratchet Ignition System Wrench from Tusk Racing


You’ll quickly discover that an ATV’s ignition coils are not like those in any vehicle. The size is unique, and you’ll probably go through several of them than you would in your automobile. An ignition system wrench is included in most manufacturer toolsets, but you must keep one in your garage as well. Changing out connectors is a breeze with a ratchet type.

  • Milwaukee Impact Wrench (Cordless)

  Consider that for a moment. Your equipment was almost certainly built with heavy machinery. Heavy equipment will be required to disassemble and reassemble it for service. You’ll find that having somebody on hand comes in helpful, particularly when greater management difficulties arise.

  • Digital Torque Wrench by ACDelco

All ATV and UTV users, we feel, require a good ratchet wrench. Deviating from the standards on which your equipment was designed might result in complications and difficulties that you don’t even want. Whenever you ride, double-check that everything is adjusted to factory requirements. That’s when a decent screwdriver comes in handy.

  • Axle Wrench Tusk

Your ordinary wrenches aren’t going to help you with your wheel nut, no matter how hard you try. You won’t have a tire wrench very often, but when you do, you’ll be pleased you own one. This Tusk spanner set can be used with both 3/8′′ and 1/2′′ rack and pinion for added leverage, and it stores compactly so it can’t take up most of the space inside your toolkit.

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  1. Hex lengths with the front wheel, rear axle, and moisture 2-stroke spark plug are included in this multipurpose wrench.
  2. For axle nuts, the wrench has a 6-point design that ensures a firm grasp.
  3. The small size is ideal for fanny backpacks or toolboxes.
  4. Durable hardened steel construction with a shiny finish
  • Fasteners from Movieland

When it’s essential to withdraw the plastics from your ATV or UTV, you’ll need a device to loosen the screws.

as well as some new rivets for whenever the polymers are reinstalled. The great news is that a large number of threaded inserts can be obtained for a very inexpensive cost because the one listed below also includes the special tool.

Even if visitors don’t believe you’ll ever need all of the above on the ATV or UTV, they’ll come in useful if you’re doing interior vehicle or vehicle maintenance.

  • Light Tester

You may use a tester illumination to ensure that the cable connection and cables are in good working order. Unlike a spectrophotometer, the test light’s more complex and costly relative, this instrument is affordable and simple to operate.

If scooping up the container of tools isn’t your idea of fun family activity, please contact 4-Seasons Automotive. We’re based in Payson, California, and gladly serve the communities of Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Globe, and Show Low.

  • Mallet Dead Blow

Most of the time, you wouldn’t want to be whacking your ATV or UTV with a tool, but a death blow hammer might be useful in specific situations. This hammer offers insights into pieces into position without destroying them or puncturing them.


A hammer is an excellent instrument to use when you may have to smash something hard. However, if you do need to prevent injuring the thing you’re striking, a mallet isn’t as effective. A horn’s metal head can do a massive disservice, especially with even more power behind it.

For such circumstances, a gentler tool, such as a corpse hit hammer or a rubber mallet, is required. Neither of these tools will harm the thing you’re hitting like a hammer might. 


It’s critical to keep your ATV in good working order. Because it is risky, it is difficult to ride a badly maintained ATV safely. Normal oil replacements and check-ups are also necessary for an ATV to survive as long as possible. You won’t get the most from an ATV that has been ignored if you rely on its speed and torque.

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