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Norma Obergh is here to work for you. For some 30 years, Norma has been providing professional and compassionate immigration services to the San Fernando Valley community. Her goal is to assist immigrants looking to become citizens of the United States because her goal is to help people achieve their dream. Having grown up in an immigrant family and amongst other immigrants in New York City, she has seen first hand how incredible it is to become a legal citizen of the United States. It is simply life-changing. 

Her compassion for immigrants comes from her own first hand experience as an immigrant and with the many years of offering legal services to the immigrant community. Growing up in a heavily-immigrant neighborhood, Norma got to experience various cultures. Just walking home from school, she would pass through the Irish neighborhood, to the Italian neighborhood and the Jewish neighborhood before arriving in her Latin neighborhood. This is how Norma experienced the richness that people from all countries bring to the United States. This led to her belief that she could be of the most help to those in need of legal services for immigration. At the end of the day, Norma feels the most accomplished when she has helped change someone’s life, given them hope, and brought a smile to their face. 

Norma knows that helping an immigrant become a legal citizen of the United States can change a person’s life dramatically. She understands that there are many people who have lived in the US for years and haven’t been able to legalize, either due to incorrect legal advice or lack of understanding of the system. Norma not only has the experience in immigration law, but also the compassion to help those in need. For many, legalization means the difference between working for a daily wage versus a higher-paying, more stable job or even the difference between staying with loved ones, or having a family separated. Norma’s goal is to ensure that any immigrant can achieve their dream in this country. 

Norma is here to help her community. She understands the stress and anxiety that comes with the legalization process. Because she believes so deeply in helping other people, she often provides free immigration advice to those in need. Her services include Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), naturalizations services, consular visa processing, family visa petitions, adjustment of status applications, amongst others. She thrives on assisting clients navigate complicated immigration laws successfully. During her many years serving the community, she has provided affordable legal services that have allowed hundreds of people to become U.S. citizens. 

Norma’s roots in the San Fernando Valley are well-established. After growing up in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and New York, she finally settled down in California, where she got married and raised her children. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking the Sierras with her son. Occasionally she likes to swim with sharks in Canun. She also works on her home projects — the latest being a long-dreamed about bathroom remodel

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