Geoffrey Girnun Explains Three Ways Science Impacts Medicine

Geoffrey Girnun is a professional who has made his career in oncology, cancer metabolism, and translational biomedical research. He has a love for both science and medicine. Science has a huge impact on medicine and health but many people do not realize this. Dr. Girnun would love for everyone to realize the connection between the two. Read on as he explains three ways that science impacts medicine and the medical world.

Geoffrey Girnun Explains How Science Develops Treatments, Cures, and Vaccines

Geoffrey Girnun says that one of the major ways that science impacts medicine is by developing treatments, cures, and vaccines. Scientists are the individuals who work behind the scenes to test and develop the various treatments and vaccines that are used today. For example, when it became apparent that COVID-19 was a worldwide pandemic, scientists from around the world got together to study the virus itself and work to develop a vaccine using technology that had been used in the past. Scientists were the reason a vaccine was able to be developed and distributed so quickly.

Geoffrey Girnun Explains Three Ways Science Impacts Medicine

Geoffrey States How Science Helps Detect, Treat and Track Illnesses and Health Issues

Geoffrey Girnun explains that science also plays a critical role in detecting, treating, and tracking illnesses and health issues. Scientists study viruses, illnesses, and genetic issues within the body. This allows them to determine what causes health issues, what factors may put someone more at risk or less at risk for certain health issues, and the best way to treat health issues. For example, scientists study cancer to determine what may cause cancer, why someone may be more prone to cancer than someone else, track who gets cancer, and are working to develop treatments and cures for various types of cancers.

Girnun Shows How Science Can Be Used to Prevent or Minimize Diseases and Health Issues

Geoffrey Girnun states that the last way that science impacts medicine is through prevention. A lot of research is being done by scientists to help prevent or minimize diseases or health issues that affect individuals. Stem cells, gene therapy and rewriting DNA are two of the huge issues that are being looked at and researched for preventing or minimizing major diseases, including birth defects and hereditary health issues. By studying these types of areas, scientists hope to cure or minimize certain types of health problems completely.

Girnun has made a career out of both medicine and science. The scientific and medical research he does has made an impact on the medical field, particularly in the oncology world. Dr. Girnun encourages people who have both a love for science and medicine to learn more about medical and scientific research and how they can make an impact in this field.