How to Track a Phone Location without Them Knowing?

Many users wish that they could have the complete resources to spy on somebody. In the past, it was a difficult task. However, thanks to modern tech, a person can use a cell phone tracker, to perform surveillance duties. It enables the urge of a parent to keep tabs on their children and to ensure they are safe. Not only that, spy apps can help a user catch their cheating spouse in the act.

To tackle all the instances stated above, plus to prevent cyberbullying incidents, a person needs a phone tracker. At this time, a dangling question arises in one’s mind- How to track a phone location without them knowing? We will discuss everything about it in this article!

Part 1: Is It Possible to Track a Cell Phone Location Secretly?

Trust issues and infidelity in relationships are the leading causes of separation. Many times these doubts are baseless and make one feel guilty. At such times the person requires eye-openers of sorts to confirm or negate their doubts. A perfect blend of some doubt and some genuine reasons direct any individual towards phone tracking.

Either a person wants to locate a phone, check their partner’s whereabouts, or keep an eye on their children, a cell phone location tracker is all they need. Moreover, inter-family surveillance and locating a wanted criminal are the instances where safety dominates more. It is the reason one would need to track a cell phone location.

Spy phone apps can track a phone’s location without revealing the user’s identity or data. In the next section, we will share which platform is best suited to track phone location.

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Part 2: How to Track a Phone Location without Them Knowing?

A standard user might feel that cell phone tracking is a difficult task. In all seriousness, easy or hard is an objective feeling. Spy tracking apps make it easier for all users to track a phone location without the other person knowing. We have sifted through the clutter and sought out the best way to locate the direction of a particular person through his phone.

In this section, we have shared the ins and outs of a Safespy spy phone app that is worth the mettle. In the end, one would understand how this hotly anticipated app enables them to monitor any individual’s location and in-phone activities.

2.1: Safespy – A Reliable Solution to Track Someone’s Location Without them Knowing

Blind trust is said to be the key foundation of a relationship. It sounds like a cliche. One should not hang back to solicit relationship advice from a person who is not in-tune.

Instead, it is better to keep an eye on his/her activities. In this regard, a spy app is more than a gift from technology. Safespy is a reliable and robust spy app for proper spying of someone else’s phone activities. The service offers a Live Demo Mode to fully test the features available for the users.

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Here, we will reveal why Safespy is a suitable option to locate a phone secretly.

●       Complete User Privacy

It offers a higher level of privacy and security to its users while providing accurate results in real-time. The servers are encrypted and prevent any entity from learning any information related to the user or the targeted individual.

●       Stealth Mode

Safespy is incredibly discreet, and it ensures the user that their spy conduct is highly private. Moreover, all the spyine can’t be felt by the person who is being spied on in any shape or form.

It is equally useful for a single parent who has to spend most of their work and couldn’t keep an eye on the growing kid. Here this service keeps a tab on the kid and rests assured that their kid is safe and secure.

The stealth mode enables the client to monitor the other person’s location undetected. The app remains hidden from plain sight. Moreover, it does not put a strain on the target phone’s battery. There is no way the other individual will get suspicious.

●       Track a Cell Phone Without Installing an App

It is pretty easy to track a phone location without installing software. With the Safespy “Location Tracking” feature, one can monitor the real-time movements of a person far away from them. The web-based control panel will do everything.

Additionally, there is no need to install any app on the target iOS device. The entire system is linked with the iCloud, and the user only needs to know the targeted person’siCloud login credentials. This way, they will never have to touch the iOS device to enable phone tracking.

2.2: How to Enable Safespy on Target Android and iOS Device?

The method to start cell phone tracking on the target smartphones is fairly simple. The service is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Please follow the step-by-step guide to enable tracking quickly:

Step 1: Create an account for free from Safespy’s official site. From there, select the platform of the target device, namely Android or iOS device. Lastly, select any of the three subscription plans mentioned on the web interface.

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Step 2: If the target phone is Android, then there is a requirement to install an app, which will be roughly 2MB in size. As discussed above, after adding the login credential from the app, the stealth mode is enabled, which will hide the app icon from the phone, preventing any suspicion of spying.

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For iOS devices, there is no need to install any app. Access the phone’s iCloud information and perform the remote installation process from the web.

Step 3: From the browser, click on Start Monitoring and open the Control Panel to track a phone.

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Part 3: Track a Cell Phone Location Online for Free

This section of this roundup is packed with all the perks and snags of the Safespy online tracker. Moreover, we have highlighted some distinguishing features of the free app.

3.1: Why is Safespy a Must-Have?

For an average consumer, it is vital to understand what makes Safespy stand out from the rest? On the basis of real crowdsourced user reviews and endorsement from renowned publications such as Tech Radar and Forbes, Safespy is a worthy option to track someone’s location.


  • Safe and secure.
  • Protects from cyber attacks.
  • Stealth mode makes spying undetectable.
  • Offers to set a Geofence cycle.
  • Tracks social media messages without jailbreaking/rooting the target phone.


  • Internet connection required on the target device for best results.

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3.2: Other Excellent Features Offered By Safespy

This advanced online free tool is packed with tons of features. A few of those are highlighted below:

●  Track the Phone Location

Safespy allows a user to check the real-time location of the targeted person on a map to confirm their whereabouts undetectably. Also, the Geofence alert will alert the user when the device exceeds the limit of a particular area.

●  Social Media Monitoring

Social media is another platform from where a cheater can easily be caught cheating. If the user’s spouse is spending much time on social media and ignoring them continuously, it is a strong indication that they are cheating.

With Safespy, the client can access the social media chat records and track the social media activities.

Above all, Safespy does not need rooting and jailbreaking. Amazingly, it performs all spying tasks without compromising privacy.

Browser History Check-Up

One of the key functions of Safespy is checking the web records of the targeted individual. It enables the user to track browser history. The dashboard provides all details of the most visited sites, timestamps, and much more.


Innovative technologies have much evolved in recent decades. With modernization, the relationships have become weak. People can easily cheat their loved ones. Hopefully, it’d become clear how to track a phone number. To catch a cheater, a user can access spy apps like Safespy to check whether their loved one is cheating on them or not.

Moreover, being paranoid, one can avoid many fires that may arise due to insecurities and doubts. Safespy being a free app, allows a user to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing for free. The app will keep the user information redacted.