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Wouldn’t it be incredible, if the electricity that is used in homes doesn’t take up extra amount of money in the monthly bill? If we could use all the electricity we use now. As the energy waste is reduced and only the amount of energy that is actually used is what the individual should be billed for? This is not a dream, although a lot of people dream about it. This dream may come true. There is luckily enough for us, a product in the market which allows the saving of energy dissipation which goes into waste. It is an apparatus which can help save electrical energy, can help reduce electricity waste, and save money and the power system so that there are no problems.

What is PowerVolt?

Powervolt is an electrical device, which helps dissipate useless energy by saving it when home appliances overheat. This overheating actually causes the electricity to go into waste. Because the appliances use electrical energy into mechanical energy when turned on, but similarly when mechanical energy is used it is than converted into kinetic energy which releases in the form of heat. This heat is the overheating that is felt on the home appliances used. When excessive load is held on these appliances these appliances most of the time damage or the plastic melts down due to excessive heating. This is why PowerVolt is a very useful device, which can help save not only electricity energy, or money on the bills, but also prevents any damage that might occur to the home appliances.

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PowerVolt’s regular usage can help reduce energy waste a lot which will save a lot of money. PowerVolt comes with additional shell cover externally that are fire resistant and explosion resistant, so there’s no chance of damage to the house, Internal discharge of protection makes it secure, safe and reliable for home. It can be used in Condo’s, small apartments, restaurants, small-scale factory, or a shop. If the area is bigger. Than it is recommended to use 1 PowerVolt after every 500 sq. ft. area. It should be attached near breaker if the house is large. It should be brought to attention that PowerVolt doesn’t work on heating appliances such as, electrical stove, electrical iron, Electric Kettle, Hair dryer, etc. as there products work on heating energy.

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How is it different than other products in the market?

There are not much electricity saving devices available in the market, but there’s still a significant amount of electricity saving devices which are available. The problem is such devices aren’t as durable. These devices can’t handle the normal load, unlike PowerVolt which can easily take up normal load on itself. Plus such devices are really expensive and are out of reach for everyone. So, PowerVolt is affordable. The shells on the outside and protection measures on the inside make PowerVolt a very safe device. Contrary to PowerVolt other devices aren’t that safe they have a plastic cover to support device and not more. Plus, it can help save energy for

like 90%, on the other hand the other devices are like dummy which don’t work rather just light up the small light LED in front of the shells, PowerVolt seems profound of the root cause of energy waste and seems to work on it pretty well.

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PowerVolt needs to be connected to a plug near a circuit breaker, than it should be turned on as soon as it is plugged there’s a green LED light that lights up that shows that the device is turned on, now just relax back and see the immediate results of energy saving and good usage of energy that would have been wasted and added to the bill, but rather it can be saved and can help in reducing electric bill.


Usually, When Electricity is provided the steady electricity from power stations flows inside the conductors or wires in the form of current the current goes in the form of wave, but the wave is disrupted. This disruption is basically the energy that is being wasted because it is not

controlled. PowerVolt is needed to be connected to the power source or in a plug the energy enters inside in the form of wave, but instead of the wave being disrupted the wave is smooth there’s no disruption in the waves, no bumps. Similarly, when the electricity enters the wires and appliances the steady current is disrupted straight wave, which isn’t actually straight because of disruption. This disruptive wave is the energy wasted on heating of appliance. When PowerVolt is installed near the appliance in a plug the distorted wave straightens out and the distorted waves are equally distributed to other appliances and not much heat loss causes energy waste.

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  • Can help save almost 60% – 90% electrical energy and bill
  • Can help in damage control of appliances due to overheating
  • Can help stabilizing current
  • Can assist in voltage stability
  • Very easy usage just plug, not even press a
  • Compact size
  • Affordable
  • Help prevent useless energy consumption


  • 1 PowerVolt : $39.98 + Shipping and Handling
  • 2 PowerVolt , (Buy 1 Get 1 device 50% off) : $59.97 , $29.50 each device , Free Shipping
  • 3 PowerVolt , (Buy 2 Get 1 device Free) : $79.96 , $26.33 each device , Free Shipping
  • 5 PowerVolt : $199.90 , $26.33 each device , Free Shipping USA
  • 10 PowerVolt: $279.86 , $27.98 each device , Free Shipping USA
  • 15 PowerVolt: $389.81 , $25.98 each device , Free Shipping USA
  • 20 PowerVolt: $479.76 , $23.98 each device , Free Shipping USA

Refund Policy

The purchase has no Refund security or policy which the customer can entertain, although, It gives a better option of Life-time Warranty on the product.

Final Thoughts – Conclusion

The product is well-thought-out and is seemingly a great device for energy saving and it’s equal

distribution. The device has internal seepage and leakage protection, and external shell

protection to help protect device from causing fire or explosion making it safe for use. Plus the purchase comes with a life-time free Warranty. So, there’s no problem, If the product is faulty or has some problem. It is covered by warranty.

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