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There are many positive Provacan CBD reviews from users of their products.  Provacan is a UK based company that specializes in the highest quality, organic full spectrum CBD oil products in various forms like oil, isolate, spray, capsules, cream, e liquid and vape products, gummies and lip balm. The oil is available in various potencies like 600mg, 1,200mg, and 2400mg. In this Provacan CBD review, we’ll discuss the price, benefits, side effects, dosage, where to buy, and most of all, is Provacan CBD oil good?

Buy Provacan CBD Oil In UK

You can buy Provacan CBD oil products directly from the manufacturers website, with delivery options available throughout the UK.

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Is Provacan CBD Oil Good?

The hemp for all the Provacan CBD products is 100% organic from farms that adhere to the most strict EU agricultural guidelines. The CBD is extracted using low pressure and low temperatures so that the maximum extraction of cannabinoids is achieved. CiiTech, the parent company, has been involved in numerous CBD studies conducted in Israel. The Provacan brand is the result of collaborations of researchers and scientists committed to producing the highest quality medicinal grade CBD oil products in the UK market. They have a wide variety of products to choose from. Provacan has become a well established brand, and Consumers can feel safe that the products are safe and effective. Below we will discuss the different products that they offer and the price.


Provacan CBD Oil Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Tinctures

Provacan’s CBD oil full spectrum is their core line of products. They have four potency levels to choose from, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Provacan 300mg CBD Oil

Price: £24.99

300 mg

3% CBD

1.5mg of CBD per drop

The 300mg oil is the lowest potency that they offer and it is a perfect fit for those who are new to CBD and want to start with a lower dose.

Provacan CBD Oil 600mg Review

The Provacan CBD 600mg oil is one of their most popular full spectrum formulas.

Price: £39.99


6% CBD

3mg of CBD per drop

Below is a Provacan 600mg oil review from Jackie:


August 28, 2021

Rating : 5 Stars

“Provacan 600mg oil is my go to solution for so many things. I wouldn’t be without it. Customer care is 5 star with provacan. I’ve tried other CBD brands but, honestly, there’s no need to look elsewhere when Provacan is so effective for me. Thank you”

Provacan CBD Oil 1200mg Review

Price: £69.99


12% CBD

6mg of CBD per drop

The 1200mg Provacan CBD oil is for people who want a stronger formulation, which is ideal for everyday use. Below is a Provacan 1200mg CBD oil review from Susan:

Susan Sklar

February 25, 2019

Rating : 5 Stars

“This is my 2nd time buying from Provacan. I am very impressed by the superior refined taste and feel of the 1200mg oil. Thank you!!”

Provacan CBD Oil 2400 mg

Price: £119.99

2,400 mg

24% CBD

12mg of CBD per drop

The 2400mg CBD oil is the strongest formulation, this is what you need if you want to take it to another level with a huge kick of CBD!

Provacan CBD Vape Oil Review

Another great way to consume CBD oil is by vaping with the Provacan CBD vape oil. When you use their unique VapePod device, which was created by Kanabo Research, you can then try the day or night vape oil. (These are prefilled cartridges that are used specifically with their VapePod device, they are not the same thing as the e liquid bottles which will be covered next.)

Provacan CBD E Liquid Review

The Provacan CBD e-liquid is nicotine free, vegan, and they contain less than 0.05 percent THC. The terpene rich formula gives their e-liquids a unique scent, and nice flavor. All the Provacan e-liquid blends are safe, and of high quality.

They offer 3 bottle sizes:

30mg e-liquid = £8.99

300mg e-liquid = £24.99

600mg e-liquid = £39.99

Provacan CBD Capsules Review

The Provacan CBD Capsules are flavorless and would be a great choice for people who love the benefits of CBD, but may not like the taste of taking the oil directly. The capsules are a popular way to consume CBD and they have received great reviews. The capsules provide an accurate, pre measured dose of CBD.

The capsules come in 3 different options:

180mg container

Price: £19.99

6mg of CBD per capsule

30 capsules per container

720mg container

Price: £49.99

24mg of CBD per capsule

30 capsules per container

2880mg container

Price: £149.99

96mg of CBD per capsule

30 capsules per container

Provacan CBD Isolate

CBD isolates may not be as common in the UK, but they can be a versatile, effective, and easy way to get your daily dose of CBD. Crystal and powder isolates are made by using advanced extraction equipment to isolate only one cannabinoid – CBD. This is done because of CBD’s versatile and beneficial properties. The isolates contain 0 THC and it’s perfect for people who are concerned about that.

The Provacan CBD Isolate powder comes in 2 choices of 1,000mg or 5,000mg

1,000mg CBD Isolate

Price: £24.99

Designed for high milligram of CBD content.

100% THC free

5,000mg CBD Isolate

Price: £89.99

Made for the serious CBD user

100% THC free

Below are the most common methods of use for CBD Isolate:

Oral application: You can consume the powder orally the same way you would with oil. You just place one serving of the powder underneath the tongue (most people wait for 60 seconds before swallowing)

Oil Infusion: If you prefer to consume a liquid you can combine the powder with a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil.

Edibles: You can get creative and add an isolate powder serving to brownie mix or your favorite salad dressing.

Provacan CBD Oil Spray

The Provacan Gold CBD Oil Spray is THC free and it comes in 3 different strength formulations

300mg CBD Oil Spray

Price: £24.99

300mg total CBD content

60 spray doses per bottle

600mg CBD Oil Spray

Price: £39.99

600mg total CBD content

10mg per single spray

60 sprays per bottle

1200mg CBD Oil Spray

Price: £69.99

1200mg total CBD content

20mg CBD per single spray

60 sprays per bottle

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Provacan Gummies Review

The Provacan CBD gummies come in two options, 100mg and 500mg bottles. CBD gummies are fast becoming one of the most popular forms of CBD consumption. These CBD gummies taste great and it’s easy to make them part of your daily routine. Upon our review of the Provacan Gummies, one of the best features is there is no weird or bad after taste like you may get with other products. These are very tasty and it’s hard to stop at just one gummy! So if you want a most convenient method of consuming CBD, then Provacan gummies are a great choice to add to your daily routine.

100mg CBD Gummies

Price: £12.99

100mg total CBD content

Great Tasting!

No bad after taste

500mg CBD Gummies

Price: £49.99

500mg total CBD content

Great tasting fruit flavors

No bad after taste

Provacan Topical CBD Products


Provacan CBD Cream

The Provacan CBD Cream formulation is perfect for people with sensitive skin, delivering a rich, moisturizing effect to help soothe and protect the skin. It is specially formulated with omega oils and panthenol. This special crafted lotion will help leave your skin soft and supple.


Price: £29.99

100ml bottle

Great for sensitive skin!

Provacan CBD Lip Balm

This CBD lip balm is scientifically developed to soften, moisturize, and nourish dry/cracked lips.

Provacan also has some other topical CBD products, such as balm, massage oil, CBD shampoo, and CBD bath salts.

cbv 1

Provacan Massage Oil

This massage oil’s active CBD formula also combines deep tissue massage therapy ingredients, making it excellent for pre workout or post workout therapy

Price: £19.99

100mg total CBD Content

Soothing ingredients which include Eucalyptus, Ginger Root, Rice Bran Oil.

Provacan CBD Oil Benefits

Now lets talk about some of the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil. Not all CBD products are created equal and Provacan has proven that it is one of the best brands in the UK. There has been lots of positive feedback from customers about the many Provacan CBD oil benefits such as:

*Relief From Anxiety

*Relief From Arthritis

*Pain Relief

*Fibromyalgia Relief

*Better/Deeper Sleep

Provacan CBD Dosage

Most people new to the CBD oil world start off with a dosage of 6% oil, taking 1 or 2 drops under the tongue. It is best to hold it under the tongue for at least 30 seconds or more to help it absorb into the bloodstream quicker. You can start with 1 drop to make sure there is no reaction. Then you can increase that by one more drop every 1-2 days until you find the right balance for you, since everyone is different.

But if your are an experienced CBD oil user, you may wish to go straight for the 12% oil, taking 3-4 drops as a starting point. The maximum dose for the 12% oil is 10 drops, which can be taken up to 3 times per day.

Although some of the Provacan CBD products can contain trace elements of THC, there is not enough to get you high.

All the Provacan products are legal in the UK! The company conforms to all UK laws regarding the sale of CBD products as a food supplement. The products are developed by the parent company Ciitech LTD, which is a longstanding member of the UK Cannabis Trades Association (CTA).

Provacan CBD For Anxiety

How CBD Helps With Anxiety

CBD is on the rise in many areas. Celebrities, athletes, and even medical experts are using CBD to improve their quality of life. In recent times there has been a movement made up mostly of mental health experts that advocates the use of this drug for different mental disorders and conditions.

But we are going to focus on a single condition: Anxiety. Yes, science bears it out, CBD is effective in relieving anxiety.

Anxiety is a vicious cycle. The first thing you should do is lessen the symptoms, so you can then focus on the root of the anxiety. Nobody says it’s easy, but a trusted brand like Provacan CBD oil help a lot. Provacan is a leader in the production of the highest quality CBD oil on the market today.


Provacan CBD Oil For Sleep

Sweet Dreams: Using Provacan CBD Oil for Better Sleep

CBD, thanks to its relaxing properties, is of great help for all those who find it difficult to fall asleep.

In addition, it also helps you sleep better. Relaxing the muscles avoids many of the things that affect the quality of our sleep, such as muscle tension (avoiding bruxism, among others) and pain that could interrupt our valuable sleep.

From the way we look at it, CBD is extremely effective in treating a large number of sleep disorders. Already for a couple of decades, when CBD oil did not yet exist in the way it exists today, marijuana was prescribed in many places to alleviate insomnia.

As a therapy, CBD oil is very successful, and is usually sufficient for most of those with mild problems, but if you need it, you can also accompany your CBD oil with other products that contain CBD. After all, this chemical compound is very safe to use and there is no risk of addiction or overdose.


Provacan CBD Oil For Dogs

Today we want to talk to you about CBD oil for dogs. Choosing a good CBD oil for your dog is important, and you want to choose a high quality brand like Provacan.

A recent study from Cornell University in thaca, NY showed a reduction in pain in arthritic dogs, with no negative side effects due to CBD consumption.

Diseases that CBD helps control:

  Inflammation: Helps in inflammatory processes, such as arthritis or inflammatory bowel diseases.

Pain: Not only does it have anti-inflammatory benefits but it also helps reduce pain caused by specific ailments.

Seizures: This is one of the main causes for which it has been tried to legalize the use of Marijuana, since according to studies carried out by the Autonomous University of Mexico, the use of cannabis reduces repetitive seizures. In the case of canines, it reduces the intensity and frequency of seizures in dogs diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy.

Neurodegenerative diseases: Helps improve symptoms in older dogs with cognitive dysfunction syndrome. It helps them to have a better rest.

Cancer: There is no established confirmation if the use of CBD helps dogs undergoing chemotherapy, however it has been shown that in humans, rats and ferrets it has benefits by reducing nausea.

  Anxiety: The use of CBD in reducing anxiety in dogs requires more research, but since CBD helps with anxiety in humans, it stands to reason that it could help ease anxiety in dogs also.

CBD oil for dogs must be of high quality to be effective and safe.

Take into account the following points:

  • Purity and quality: The manufacturer must provide a certificate that tells you how much CBD is in the product.
  • Dosage: Knowing the exact amount in mg of CBD the product contains per ml will allow us to better adjust the dose adapted to our dog.
  • THC: Make sure it contains less than 0.2% THC.
  • Ingredients: Investigate that it does not have: pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, heavy metals or solvents.

Provacan meets all the requirements of a high quality CBD oil that would be safe for dogs. (please also consult your vet to make sure that CBD oil in general would be ok for your dog)

CBD oil has a wide range of therapeutic properties. There is evidence that some of them are as follows:

  • Painkiller.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Antioxidant
  • Neuroprotective.
  • Anti-nausea.
  • Antiemetic; that is, it prevents vomiting.
  • Anxiolytic.
  • Antipsychotic
  • Immuno-modulator.
  • Reducer of the craving for cocaine, heroin and alcohol.

For all the above, CBD oil can be used as an adjunct to various treatments for multiple diseases. In addition to the above, it is also recommended as a dietary supplement . The best known benefits of this product are as follows.

Shipping Information

All the products are shipped from their fulfillment center in Kettering, United Kingdom.

UK deliveries are done by Royal Mail with signature and tracking. Delivery target time is 24-48 hrs (business days)

Provacan CBD Oil Review: Final Conclusions

Provacan CBD is fast becoming the best brand in the UK marketplace for CBD oil products. They have developed the first fully compliant CBD oil in the UK. They offer quality products formulated by the top researchers and scientists in the world, using cutting edge extraction techniques and equipment. There are enough reviews from customers that can attest to the quality and effectiveness of their products. We think they are a great company with a solid product and we also highly recommend trying their products.

Where To Buy Provacan CBD Oil in the UK?

You can buy Provacan CBD in UK, just click the link below to visit their official website:

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