Key tips to help you start as a beginner in New world!

Just started with your first stint in New world and require some expert guidance and support?  Look no further as here we bring you all the required tips, tricks and recommendations handpicked from the professional gamers all across the globe.

We’ll cover all you need to know about choosing the proper build, reducing grind time, and more in this New World Beginner’s guide. Let’s go right to the point about what you need to do to win.

You have all the freedom to create your own path because the game does not demand a certain player role. This could work in your favour while also being a problem. For these reasons, it’s critical for newcomers to grasp New World and how it works in-game. Don’t worry; we’ve put together this New World beginner’s guide to assist you comprehend the basics and improve your decision.


Choosing the Right Build

Choose from the several builds available in New World to guide your points to the style that best suit your requirements .It is recommended, however, that your build corresponds to a balance that will help you in numerous situations.

Beginners in New World should remember to pay close attention to their builds while keeping an eye on boosts. At level 24, your build has a huge impact on the performance of your mission. Your ability to choose from a variety of weapons and builds affects your success.


Finish up with all the Quests and Side Quests

Each of the four sites where you can spawn has its unique collection of side quests. These quests are essential for collecting the necessary xp points to level up and face more difficult adversaries later in the game.

If you spawn at Everfall as a New World beginner, the enemy you may encounter in the side quests may be difficult to deal with.  So, it’s a better idea to start in a location with easy side quests and finish that line first. One alternative is to begin by completing the First Light side quests. Quests like town missions may provide a low amount of xp, but they will aid you in the long term.


Re-spawn to reduce travel time.

New World doesn’t come along with any mounts (at least for the time being), so you’ll have to rely on your feet to go around. Simply put, you’ll waste a lot of time travelling back and forth while questing. In New World, beginners will frequently find this annoying.

Consider assassinating your character to reduce these journey times. This will allow you to respawn at the start of the quest assignment. When counting all the travel time throughout quests, a simple method like this one can save you a lot of time.


Stay patient

As a Beginner in New World, you may come along with all the excitement and nervousness.  Yet it is what will influence your rise once you reach the higher levels of higher opponents. Examine the strengths of the factions — a server with a dominant faction adds to higher outputs. Invest time and effort into meticulously building your weapons; higher-leveled weapons will have more boost slots.


Utilize the available weapon slots.

As you start over, you have the option to choose from a range of weaponry. In New World, there are no set classes, so you’ll have to figure out which weapons you want to employ and modify your build to fit your desired playstyle. A sword and a bow, for example, or a life staff and a hatchet, can perfectly suit your requirements accordingly.


Keep an eye on your weight.

It’s good to put on the best-stat armour for increased survivability, but the gear you wear adds to your overall weight. This, in turn, can have an impact on your ability to maneuver and evade.

If you’re aiming for a sturdier build, you may be willing to sacrifice mobility for more defence, but if you’re going for a more evasive playstyle, you need pay attention to the weight of your gear.

Your inventory has a weight restriction as well, and carrying too much will slow you down considerably. To keep your luggage light, make use of the storage facilities at various communities.


Keep checking your gears

Regardless of whether you are using Weapons, tools, or any random gear, they all will downgrade eventually on use or when you die. Hence, it s always recommended to check your stuff on a frequent basis.

These gears can be repaired by using with a modest amount of Gold and ‘Repair Parts,’ which you may obtain by salvaging any weapons or armour you don’t intend to use. This is also useful because it frees up crucial bag space.


Final word

We hope that this New World Beginner’s Guide has given you a better understanding regarding the Do’s and Don’t’s of the game. Furthermore, you can enroll yourself for the New world Boost services to get an edge over other players in no time.

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