Is Speechelo Best Text-To-Speech Software? Don’t Miss

Speechelo is the cloud-based text-to-speech software that enables you to convert your text scripts into human-like voiceovers. Unlike other TTS software, Speechelo doesn’t need to be installed on your computer. You can access it from its official website and use it anywhere and anytime.

Being a digital marketer, I came to know about this software through one of my clients. At that time, I was paying hundreds of dollars to voiceover artists, so I decided to pull out my card and pay $47 to give it a try. I used this link to purchase Speechelo from its official website.

After testing it for a month, I am back to share my Speechelo review.

In this review, I will cover all its features, pricing, discounts, and bonuses and tell you how you can get free samples to test it before purchasing the software.

Without further ado, let’s start this review.

Speechelo Review – Everything You Need To Know

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies are replacing the need to hire professionals; the day is not far when we will rely only on technologies.

This AI technology is also the foundation of Text-To-Speech software.

The demand for content creation for monetization has increased at a rapid pace in the past few years. Many software developers came forward and developed TTS software.

Previously, internet marketers were using Amazon Polly and Google Wavenet to convert their text scripts into speech and use them for videos, introductions, advertisements, etc.

However, these services were not well-liked in internet marketing because they sound too robotic.

With the development of AI, many software developers reprogramed their TTS software and made it possible for users to give a human touch to their voiceover content. Along with that, many developers introduced translation technologies that allow users to translate their content as well.

There are many TTS software available all over the internet, both paid and free. The real challenge is to find TTS with an easy-to-use interface and provide many other customizations as well.

Introducing Speechelo Text-To-Speech Software:

Speechelo is one of the popular Text-To-Speech software by Blaster Suite. It produces human-sounding voices so that you can use them in your videos.

Speechelo has an easy-to-use interface, and all you need to do is paste your text script, select the voice, and done. It will make great human-sounding voiceovers that you can easily add to any video creation software.

Some features that make Speechelo top in the TTS category are:

  • It contains 60+ human voices, including male, female, and children voices
  • It allows adjusting the rate of speech
  • Users can add pauses and breathing to make their voice sounds natural
  • Users can select the tone of voice (normal, serious, joyful)

Besides these features, Speechelo can also allow you to translate your text script into 23 foreign languages. Some of them are Danish, Japanese, Arabic, German, French, Portuguese, Turkish, and more.

Speechelo is cloud-based software that you can access anytime and anywhere. You can get Speechelo by paying a one-time payment of $47. You can hear sample voices by visiting the Speechelo Official Website.

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Who Created Speechelo?

Speechelo is one of the software by the Blaster Suite team. Blaster Suite is an online software development company that provides different software to help customers promote their products to the right audience.

Stoica Mihai is the founder of Blaster Suite. He has over 13 years of experience in the marketing field. He always brings unique and creative ideas to help people optimize business activities and promote products by creating content.

Blaster Suite specializes in creating social media advertising and video marketing software. Some of their bestselling products are Video Marketing Blaster, Videly, Thumbnail Blaster, Scriptelo, and Video Spin Blaster PRO.

Blaster Suite is developing software and updating them since 2009. Speechelo is yet another successful product that helps marketers to get top-quality human-sounding voiceovers without paying high charges to professional voiceover artists.

Who Can Get Maximum Benefit From Speechelo?

Speechelo is easy-to-use cloud software that helps you to convert your text script into human-sounding voiceovers.

If you want to make YouTube videos but don’t have enough confidence to appear on video, you can use Speechelo. All you have to do is write what you want to say, convert it into audio with Speechelo, and use that audio file in any video creation software.

Note: You can also use these voiceovers and do lip-sync if you don’t want to use your voice but appear on the video.

Speechelo can also help you in creating:

  • Training videos
  • Sales videos
  • Review videos
  • Facebook and Instagram video ads
  • An audio version of your blog post or course
  • And many more

Additionally, if you want to add an income stream to your portfolio, you can make a small investment in Speechelo software and sell your voiceover gigs on Fiverr and other related service marketplaces.

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How Does Speechelo Really Work?

As I already mentioned above in this Speechelo review, Speechelo software is an easy-to-use software that you can use to convert your text into speech with just a few clicks.

Here are the three steps to convert your text into speech with the help of Speechelo:

Step 1 – Paste Text: First, you need to paste your text into the software’s text editor. It will analyze your text and add punctuation marks to make your text sounds as natural as possible. There is an option to upload text files as well.

Step 2 – Choose Language & Voice: Next, you can select preview samples voices before choosing the one you like. The standard version comes with 30 different voices, and the premium version contains 60+ voices. You can also add pauses, breathing, and emphasize words if you want. Finally, you can select the tone you want to keep in your voiceovers. You can choose between standard, serious, and joyful. Finally, click ‘Generate’ to convert your text into voice.

Step 3 – Generate & Download: At this time, your voiceover is ready. However, before downloading, you can listen to it online. If you need to make some changes or select another voice, you can do so. If you are satisfied with the voiceover, you can download the audio file and use it for video creation.

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What I Dislike About Speechelo?

Speechelo standard version (one-time $47) comes with 30 voices. And if you want to get access to all 60 voices, you have to pay ($47 quarterly)

Artificial Intelligence can provide high-quality human-sounding voices, but you will not get high-quality accents for foreign languages such as Turkish, German, French, and more.

Speechelo Standard has a restriction of 700 words, and if you want to covert more than that, you have to break your text script into multiple files or get the Speechelo Pro version.

Speechelo has a fair usage policy that allows users to convert 500,000 words monthly in the standard version and 700,000 words in the pro version. Suppose if you used these words in one day, you can’t use the software for the next 29 days.

It doesn’t contain any free trial version, the only way to test this software it paying for the standard version. However, you can also listen to the sample voices from the official website.

If you are planning to sell your voiceover services on Fiverr or Upwork, you have to buy the Pro version.

What Do I Like About Speechelo?

Speechelo has a simple and easy-to-use interface that converts text into speech in just a few minutes.

It uses translation technology to convert your English text into any foreign language you want. Additionally, these foreign languages sound much like human voices unless someone listens to your videos carefully.

Speechelo doesn’t depend on Amazon Polly or Google Wavenet voices, and it has its voices, which sounds much better.

Speechelo allows you to adjust pitch level, breathing, and emphasis to make your voiceover sounds humanly as much as possible. Additionally, you can preview your voiceover before downloading them.

No need to install it on your computer. It is cloud-based software, and you can use it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

No restrictions on how you are going to use these voiceovers. You can make money with them either by using your YouTube videos’ voiceover or selling your voiceover services.

It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. You can test this software for 60 days, and if you don’t like it, you can get your money back. However, you will lose access to your account and not be able to get it again.

Positive Reviews:

Speechelo is the bestselling TTS software with hundreds of positive reviews from customers who have achieved success with this software.

Before purchasing this software, I talked with two previous customers of this software, and I would like to include their reviews.

One user, Carlos, noticed his videos started getting more engagement from viewers after using Speechelo. As per him, Speechelo helped him in getting more loyal subscribers who like and share his videos.

Carlos thinks that Speechelo is a great program for YouTubers who are not confident enough to use their voice and face in their videos. Many popular YouTube channels are using voiceovers in their training, cooking, and educational videos. It seems viewers are recognizing these voices as human voices. Plus, the option to add breathing and pauses is the unique feature I saw in Speechelo only.

Another user, Yash from India, used these Speechelo voiceovers to make product reviews videos. Amazingly, these videos are bringing affiliate sales for him regularly. It is like passive income to him. So far, he has earned 10X the amount he invested in Speechelo.

Considering these Speechelo reviews, it is safe to say Speechelo is the best TTS software with unique features you will not find in any other TTS software. Let’s take a look at its features.

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Speechelo Features:

I have highlighted different Speechelo features throughout this review. However, in this section, I will give you a brief look at all its features. Here are the characteristics of Speechelo:

Online Text Editor: If you are not using a service like Grammarly, then chances are your text script contains common punctuation mistakes. When you paste your text into this online text editor, it will automatically adjust your script to sound as humanly as possible.

60+ Voices: Speechelo Standard version comes with 30 videos that you can use to make your videos. These voices are enough for your projects. However, if you want to sell videos to your local SEO clients, you have to purchase the PRO version. You can recover your investment with just one sale.

Breathing, Pauses, And Emphasize: It is a unique feature I have found in the Speechelo, and many users also agree this feature helps make human-sounding voiceovers. If you spend some time with this feature, no one can point out these are real human voices.

Voice Tones: It is another unique feature of Speechelo in which you can select different tones as per the situation. You simply can’t keep a normal voice tone when the situation is serious or joyful.

22+ Foreign Language Translation: There is no need to hire professional translators who will charge a lot of money to translate just a few paragraphs. You can paste your text into the editor and translate it with just one click. It can translate into Spanish, Turkish, Hindi, Russian, Chinese, and more.

Change Speed & Pitch: Speechelo prepares voiceovers at a rapid speed, and you have the option to preview your voiceover before downloading them. If you are not satisfied with the voiceover, you can adjust the speed and pitch of the voice to make them sound natural.

Buying Advice:

You can purchase Speechelo Standard version from its official website for $47 one-time fees. You don’t have to pay again and can use it as long as you want.

As per the Blaster Suite team, the initial cost of the Speechelo Standard version was $100, but now they are offering a 53% discount. We can’t say if it is a marketing tactic because some Speechelo competitors come in this price range. I don’t think the Blaster Suite team will increase the price.

You will also get some options to upgrade your membership. These are:

  • Speechelo Pro membership – billed $47 quarterly
  • Tube upgrade – $37 one time

You can decline these offers, but if you want to use these voiceovers to sell voice services, consider having a Pro version. Additionally, the Tube upgrade allows you to convert any YouTube video into text. It can be a great time saver.

There’s not any discount coupon available for Speechelo, and the 53% discount is already applied when you visit the official website.

Is Speechelo Expensive?

I check some TTS software so that you know what you are paying for? Here are some alternatives to Speechelo:

Natural Reader: It has a free version, but if you use it commercially, it will cost you $899 annually or $99 monthly

Talkia: It is $39 per month, and the enterprise version is $39 per month

Netvibes: The commercial version is $70 per month

Syntheys: $97 for 60 minutes voiceover

I haven’t used these programs, that’s why I can’t comment about their quality as compared to Speechelo. However, if we consider price alone, then Speechelo is a clear winner. You only have to pay a one-time cost of $47 to use it on your projects, but if you want to sell your service, Speechelo Pro is $47 quarterly which is still cheaper than all its competitor.

Speechelo Pro Update:

Speechelo’s standard version is available for personal use, but if you want to sell your voiceover service on any service marketplace, you have to buy Speechelo Pro services.

Speechelo Pro is $47 quarterly, and it will unlock many more features compared to the standard version. Some of the useful features you will get with the Pro version are:

  • 60 voices as compared to 30 voices in the standard version
  • 20,000 character limit as compared to 5,000 character limit in the standard version
  • 40 background music tracks
  • A commercial license to sell voiceovers
  • Voiceover Cash Machine book that teaches you how to make money with voiceovers

After upgrading to Speechelo Pro, all you need to do is make a couple of sales, and you will recover your investment amount. It is like Speechelo Pro allows you to run your online business and pay $47 quarterly. It is one of the great ways to make profit in the recession.

Final Verdict:

Videos are one of the best sources to get attention from your customers. However, many of us don’t have a good voice nor the extra cash to pay voiceover artists for their services. Thankfully, we now can take help from Text-To-Speech software to get voiceovers.

As I covered everything in this Speechelo review, I am sure you now have a complete understanding of the features of this software. If you are still skeptical about this software, you can check the voice samples available on the official website. However, if you are looking for TTS software, Speechelo is the clear winner.

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