CARBOFIX Reviews 2021 – Where to Buy Carbofix? Working, Ingredients, Benefits & Results

CarboFix is a lifesaver for those people who want to lose weight but are afraid of the laborious process. CarboFix comes in the category of dietary supplements, but it is much more than that. CarboFix, as its name suggests, it is a carbohydrate management supplement. Carbohydrates are the basic source of energy for the human body. Fixing these carbohydrates so that they are all utilized in the production of energy is Gold Vida’s primary motto. Keeping this point under consideration, Gold Vida launched CarboFix in the dietary supplements market.

CarboFix assures a fast weight loss journey to the people who tend to take it. It comes in the form of capsules which people intake along with their diet. It claims that it will help in fast fat burning by controlling the metabolism of the human body.

CarboFix, along with weight loss, also helps maintain good health of the body and prevent its exposure to many different diseases. Nowadays, everyone tries their best to keep their weight regular because they know obesity is a menace. People who have average weight try their best to keep their bodies in shape. They try to maintain their body weight. They want it to increase. On the other hand, people who are obese are working even harder to lose extra fat. they go for different types of diet plans and workout routines. This routine works for some people, but nothing works out no matter how much exercise they do or how strictly they follow their diet plan. CarboFix is a solution for all those people.

CarboFix increases the metabolism of the body that results in weight loss. Metabolism is the process in which more giant molecules, also known as building blocks of the human body, are broken down into smaller molecules with the release of energy. The body uses this energy released to do daily life activities like eating, walking, and sleeping. People eat food that comprises mainly carbohydrates. The average intake of the meal is three times a day. So three times, our body receives carbohydrates in a bulk amount. A healthy body, through its fast metabolic action, breaks down the food to obtain ATPs.

CarboFix accelerates the process of metabolism in the body through the AMP-activated protein kinase path. Exercise always increases the rate of metabolism of a body; that’s why exercise helps lose weight. In those cases in which extreme exercise is not showing any results on people, it means that their body’s metabolic rate is prolonged. CarboFix is known to turn the metabolic switch on in the body.

CarboFix works to activate the enzyme involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates. that enzyme is AMP-activated protein kinase. It utilizes all the carbohydrates in energy production so that the body may break the fats down for more energy afterward. The main benefit of this process is that the AMPK breaks down the already present fats in the body without leaving any sensation of hunger cramps. CarboFix is outshining all other dietary supplements because it helps to lose weight without making someone hungry. CarboFix controls their hunger.

CarboFix breaks down the fats around the waist, arms, belly, and from all those places that ruin a person’s body shape. It makes them even more confident as it burns the fats of the body. It also assists in insulin sensitivity of the body. It makes CarboFix the best choice for people having type two diabetes.

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CarboFix is a dietary supplement made from organic products. Each of the ingredients used in its making is obtained mainly from plants. Every component has its benefits. They not only aid in weight loss but also maintain the good health of the body. A dietary supplement made from all organic compounds makes CarboFix even more popular because it won’t have any adverse side effects on the body.

People use many ingredients of Carbofix separately as a medicine to control weight. Other diet supplements help lose weight, but they also leave drastic side effects on the human body. Those side effects include hypertension, insomnia, high blood pressure.CarboFix burns fat and regulates the normal functioning of the human body, like glucose levels. It Is an antioxidant that keeps one safe from many other diseases. CarboFix is a health booster, body maintaining supplement.

Keeping all these things in mind, a well-known company, gold Vida, has launched a product named CarboFix, which lies in the category of dietary supplements. CarboFix is a holy grail product for people who want to increase their metabolism rate yet are afraid to trust any such medicine due to their experience with the toxic ones. These supplements contain very organic ingredients. Those are the ingredients that people use to make medicines to lose weight.

CarboFix has many stories attached to it. Some people believe that some 99-year grandma who lived in an Ecuadorian village discovered this medicine. People believe this story because of the ingredients. They are purely organic and simple. No one would have thought that this simple mixture could do miracles for people. Whatever the truth is, its explanation is as follows.


CarboFix is a dream product presented by Gold Vida. The person who came up with CarboFix is Matt Sterling. He is a graduate of Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. He is a fitness trainer. According to him, he went on a trip to a remote Ecuadorian village. There he noticed something strange. Every person in that village was brilliant. Even if they were teenagers or older people, they were so active that it was unbelievable.

He met a 99-year-old grandma there. She was just 99 in numbers; otherwise, she looked no more than 55. She was such a fit lady that she left everyone astonished by her gait. She was highly active and used to walk 3 miles daily!

Matt was left wondering that how could someone of this elder age can be this active. Finally, he could not resist himself, and he went o that old lady. He asked her about the secret of her refreshing style. She told him that people of this village regularly drink tea. That tea is a mixture of different herbs. When that lady showed matt the combination, he was left dumbfounded. He could not believe that he has found the most beneficial product ever. This is the emerging story of CarboFix.

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People are always hesitant to lose weight because the process is callous.  No matter how much tough exercise one does, it always increases the metabolism, but it causes hunger pangs. If that hungry person is only surviving on diet food, it is no less than torture. CarboFix is that product that will increase the metabolic rate and reduce hunger, yes! It will reduce the need! Isn’t it great?

The sales of CarboFix never dropped the day Gold Vida launched it. This clearly shows that how effective these supplements are. These supplements are showing their results on the people who are using them. And they all are delighted that why its popularity is increasing day by day.

The human body needs fats in order t work properly. These fats are an essential component of human cells which collectively form tissues and then the muscles. The cell membrane has fat molecules deep inside its structure that make it selectively permeable and do not allow unnecessary substances to move inside the cell. Similarly, some delicate organs need protection, especially in the abdomen. There is a layer of fat cells to keep those organs warm and protect them in case of some abrasive shock.

The main issue develops when the amount of fat starts to increase in the body. There are many reasons behind it. One primary fundamental reason behind this is the intake of fructan. Fructan is a type of carbohydrate made up of polymers of fructose molecules. Fructose molecules come in the category of sugar. So we can simply consider the intake of fructan as the intake of sugar.

From the word sugar, it doesn’t mean that it has to be present in sweets only. As it is a polymer of carbohydrates, it is present in vegetables, fruits, and bread. Now the concerning point is that this fructan is one of the most common carbohydrates. It is present in all those vegetables and fruits that people commonly cook. Those fruits and vegetables are even used in salads because they are a significant source of energy.

The main point over here is that our body can store only a limited amount of fructans inside it. Although they are needed to produce ATPs when they exceed the average, they start to merge fructan inside our fat cells. Now, this activity is a significant threat. When these molecules combine with the fat cells, the fat ratio of the human body will increase. Then that fat would settle in different areas destroying the body shape and creating many diseases as well.

If this fat increases in the area known as the lower belly, it can cause severe hormonal issues in females, known as polycystic ovarian syndrome. A female’s whole hormonal system, menstrual cycle, and reproductive cycle are affected a bit. Generally, an increase in body function level also increases the weight and causes blotting in the stomach.


There is an enzyme known as AMP-activated protein kinase inside our body cells. It is also known as a metabolic switch. It covers the food and fat into energy, which uses the fat present inside the human body. Now the case is that an increased amount of fructan blocks the AMP-activated protein kinase. It cannot work. Moreover, the additional fructan incorporates with the fat cells, which even becomes a bigger mess.

The exercise activates the AMPK. AMPK is an enzyme, and enzymes always need something to start them. So practice does that. But the question is till when? This enzyme gets activated for a brief period of time. It requires the body to be a part of strenuous physical activity to get activated. Everyone cannot manage this type of exercise routine. Some people are very eager to lose weight. They directly start from very tough exercises, which can also result in sprains and pulling of muscles.

An increase in the level of fructan causes the release of insulin from the pancreas. Insulin prevents the sugar from dissolving in the blood. Instead, it fixes the glucose molecules inside the liver and other tissues. This process seems fine, but it becomes a menace for overweight people.

The liver is the main organ of the human body that helps in the detoxification of toxic substances. The AMP-activated protein kinase is present inside the liver as well. Its activity helps in burning the body fat as well as keep keeping the cholesterol level low. Insulin is also known as the fat-storing hormone. The presence of sugar activates insulin, and we usually uptake sugar in the form of meals several times a day.

Insulin completely blocks the activity of AMP-activated protein kinase. Due to this, fructan starts storing inside the liver, increasing the fat ratio inside the liver and halting its activities. It increases the cholesterol level of the body. Now at this stage, fats start to become a part of the human body. It stats to incorporate into the body cells. They form layers around human organs. It is the type of fat that is not visible. At this point, it becomes dangerous,

Fats start to become a part of the human body. It is a matter of the fact that free or loose fat burns quickly. But the fact that it gets incorporated inside the human body’s cells is brutal to burn. It requires extreme effort and continuous strenuous exercise to burn it. Everyone cannot manage that type of routine. At this point, losing weight becomes very hard.

This increased weight can also result in diabetes type 2. It happens when insulin does not work. The organs refuse t hold the glucose inside them. Blood dissolves excess glucose that results in diabetes.

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Now let’s talk about the ingredients that combine to form such a magical mixture. Every element that makes up these supplements are of vital importance and play a very significant role in losing weight in different ways. CarboFix does not have any harmful side effects because it consists of natural organic ingredients. Every component in the mixture of carbofix is organic and is obtained from living matter, primarily plants. The elements of CarboFix  are

  • Berberine
  • Cinnamon bark
  • Alpha-lipoic acid
  • Chromium
  • Benfotiamine
  • Naringin



Berberine is a compound tha extracted from the bark, roots, and rhizomes of the plants. It is an organic compound. It plays a very significant role in weight loss and thus enhances the working of carbofix on the body. Berberine activates the AMP-activated protein kinase. This enzyme then converts the fats of the body into energy. Fats are present In the human body, and the exceeded amount of fats is a physical and mental burden. When berberine activates the AMP-activated protein kinase, it does not use any food. Instead, it acts on the fats present in the body and generates energy by using those fats. In this way, one does lose weight and does not feel hungry as well.

Berberine also stops the process of gluconeogenesis. It is the process that takes place in the liver and kidneys. The liver cells and the kidney cells make glucose from the products obtained from the breakdown of lipids and fats. Berberine plays an essential role in inhibiting this process because glucose blocks the activity of AMP-activated kinase protein.

Berberine is also very beneficial to maintain intestinal health. It reduces the activity of clostridium bacteria and the bile salt hydrolase. By doing this, it alters the function of intestinal bacteria. This process builds the amount of taurocholic acid in the intestine. Taurochloic acid, in return, activates the farnesoid receptor, which helps in the metabolism of bile salts and lipids.

Berberine increases the number of LDL receptors in the body, resulting in the removal of LDL cholesterol. In this way, berberine helps to lower down the cholesterol level of the body. This chemical also inhibits the activity of the enzyme that increases the fat storage known as lipoprotein lipase. It helps in forming insulin resistance. It maintains the blood sugar level in a healthy range.

Berberine improves cardiovascular health. It lowers the triglycerides ratio. It improves metabolic health as well as helps in curing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Each serving of CarboFix contains 400mg of berberine.

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The second magic ingredient of CarboFix is cinnamon bark. Astonished right? That reaction is justified because one cannot expect a simple component in one of the best dietary supplements like CarboFix. But this is the truth. We already mentioned that it is the simplest thing that turns out to be of great benefit. Cinnamon is also one of those simple ingredients.

People have been using cinnamon for centuries in order o lose weight. They form many mixtures like cinnamon and honey or cinnamon tea. Let us dig deep into the process by which cinnamon helps in weight loss.

Cinnamon activates the AMP-activated kinase protein, which ower the fat ratio of the body by converting it into energy. Cinnamon plays a very vital role in regulating the blood glucose level. Diabetes is a disease caused when the blood glucose level is high. Cinnamon controls diabetes by maintaining the sugar level in the blood. It also helps in diabetes as it is a very supplement to ower the body cholesterol level as well. It helps a lot to the people who are suffering from diabetes.

People usually enjoy eating high-fat food. Cinnamon reduces the toxic side effects of the intake of such type of food. Cinnamon is known to act upon the white fat of our body. It’s the fact that pads our body. These fat pats are present in a large amount in the body’s elbow, joint, and needs. It is found in the face of the human body as well.

Moreover, cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory product. It has anti-bacterial qualities as well. Cinnamon maintains the good health of one’s body during the process of weight loss. Thus, it makes CarboFix even safer to use because it will help in weight loss and provide other benefits to the body. Each serving of CarboFix contains 100mg of cinnamon bark.


It is the third magic ingredient of CarboFix. Alpha-lipoic acid is secreted naturally inside our body cells, and it has many beneficial effects on our bodies. It is these f secretions tha. They are involved in the production of energy inside the human body. It is involved in accelerating the human body’s fat oxidation ( burning of fats), thus making carbofix suitable for weight loss without any strenuous effort.

It is very beneficial for people who are suffering from type two diabetes. It makes the body sensitive to insulin. It activates the AMP-activated protein kinase in the skeletal muscles, making it susceptible to insulin. It makes the body able to use its insulin to lower the glucose level of blood. It is an antioxidant as well. It makes CarboFix the best choice for people who have diabetes. Each serving of CarboFix contains 50 mg of alpha-lipoic acid.


Chromium is the fourth magic ingredient of CarboFix. All of these ingredients are the supplements that one average body already needs to function normally. Chromium maintains the blood sugar level. The deficiency of chromium in the body leads to insulin resistance. So this product is a holy grail for people who are already suffering from insulin resistance.

This compound activates the AMP-activated protein kinase in skeletal muscles. The reason behind it is that when skeletal muscles indulge in physical activity, they use the glucose and fats stored in the muscles to produce energy. Activated AMP would accelerate this process and thus make space for more glucose storage in skeletal muscles. So chromium would make insulin effective by reducing the blood glucose and storing it in skeletal muscles for further energy expenditure. As the skeletal muscles would use the stored glucose, so this production of energy would not cause any hunger cravings after the exercise. In this way, chromium in CarboFix reduces insulin resistance. It makes CarboFix a literal hero for patients with diabetes. Each serving of CarboFix contains 200mcg of chromium.


The fifth magic ingredient of CarboFix is benfotiamine. It is a derivative of vitamin B called thiamine. It is a lipid-soluble compound. It has outstanding effects on patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy. It is a condition in which the diabetic patient is very vulnerable to heart diseases as well.

It is an antioxidant and also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It makes CarboFix a healthy diet supplement even for those who do not want t lose weight because CarboFix can also maintain their body health. Each serving of CarboFix contains 80 mg of benfotiamine.


Naringin is the sixth magic ingredient of CarboFix. It helps in weight loss by activating the AMP-activated protein kinase—it helps reduce adipose fat. We can also call it belly fat. This fat is harmful to women because it surrounds their varies and causes Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. In this way, this ingredient makes CarboFix all in one health maintaining, with losing dietary supplement. It prevents cancer as well. Each serving of CarboFix contains 50 mg of naringin.


CarboFix is not suitable for people who are under 18. People suffering from some chronic diseases should consider a recommendation from their doctors before using it. The doctors have the patient’s medical history, so he would know if these capsules would come out beneficial for them or not. Pregnant ladies should also avoid the intake of CarboFix. It is most suitable for people who are obese and have a high fat count. CarboFix is also a good option for those people who gain weight quickly. People suffering from high cholesterol levels fear that if this situation is prolonged, they may become heart patients. Such people should go for CarboFix.


CarboFix seems an up-and-coming product. The key points that make CarboFix different from other dietary supplements are

  • CarboFix does not require a specific diet plan with its intake. People take it while having a meal with his card ratio.
  • CarboFix has a straightforward formula. each and every ingredient is mentioned on the packaging. Each element of carboFix is organic, so one should not be concerned about the toxic side effects.


The instructions given on the packaging of CarboFix illustrate the following points.

  • One should have intake two capsules daily.
  • There are 60 capsules per bottle of CarboFix.
  • One bottle of CarboFix goes a whole month.
  • CarboFix shows results within 1-3 months.
  • It has no significant side effects.
  • One bottle of CarboFix is for $49


The body of every person behaves differently. On an average basis, CarboFix starts to show its performance in a day. A person starts feeling the difference in his body after the first intake. On an average basis, significant changes in the body are visible after finishing the first bottle of CarboFix. For some people, it takes three months to work.

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CarboFix is manufactured in the united states of America. The manufacturing facility of CarboFix is certified.


CarboFix is available on only its official site. Its price details and reviews are on that website. All information related to CarboFix, including manufacturing site, manufacturing date, and privacy policies, are provided on that website. There is a point that CarboFix is available nowhere except on the official website.


According to the main agenda of matt sterling, he wanted to manufacture a product through which he can train his clients to turn their metabolic switch on. The critical factor of working of CarboFix is

  • CarboFix has all those ingredients that activate the AMP-activated protein kinase. This enzyme directly acts on body fats and turns them into energy.
  • It involves no hunger cramps. It is the point that attracts so many people to get CarboFix as their dietary supplement. It uses the already present fat in the body incorporated in muscles and changes the body’s shape.
  • Some of the ingredients of CarboFix act as antioxidants. Intake of CarboFix capsules results in young and refreshing skin of the users.
  • CarboFix is a holy grail product for people who are suffering from type two diabetes.
  • CarboFix activates AMPk so that it does not allow the accumulation of extra carbohydrates into the body.
  • CarboFix makes a person more energetic and reduces the signs of fatigue.
  • CarboFix keeps a body in proper shape.
  • CarboFix increases the insulin sensitivity by reducing the fats.


CarboFix is very extensively researched. Considering Matt Sterling’s claims on this product, many researchers tried their best to investigate this product and its ingredients. Talking about the sources, the National Center for Biotechnology and Information is an honorable mention. Many researchers are trying their best to find something new in its formula. But the truth is that the combination of these six ingredients is legendary. Each component is entirely organic, and their effects on human bodies are already a matter of fact. So most scientists are already aware just by reading the formula of how beneficial it is. As mentioned before, it may act differently on different bodies but all of its ingredients are purely organic. If dosage of any ingredient exceeds the body needs, still it would not have a drastic effect on the body. This point makes CarboFix a dietary supplement with absolutely no side effect. It would benefit a person whose weights are in the normal range.

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