How Much Does Amazon Earn in a Year?

How much does Amazon earn in a year? This is one question asked and answered by many users all across the world. The reason being people are searching for answers to this question. Amazon is known as one of the largest online retail sites, which has earned enormous profits by selling products of all kinds in every possible way. And the company doesn’t reveal any secrets of making colossal profits from the internet only by selling products. Any good amazon marketing agency like Olifant Digital can also tell you how good Amazon makes in a year because of its exceptional services and products, or how you can (as a Seller) earn a handsome sum. 

When answering this question, you can get the idea from knowing how Amazon earns its huge profit margin. The basic fact is Amazon keeps on making sales at every turn. They have been doing this for almost 14 years now. There is no stopping them. When it comes to profitability, Amazon stands second to none.

Even though they have been making sales at an unbelievable rate, they have never revealed their earnings before. The reason being they don’t want anybody to know that they are making huge profits from their site. 

So, How Much Does Amazon Earn in A Year?

First of all, let us see what kind of profit margin Amazon can make from each of its sales. It can be seen as a rough estimate based on their last year’s end sales. If we glance at their financial report, we can find that they have earned almost Rs 8 billion from sales in just one year. This shows that the website makes considerable profits in every single transaction. Therefore, it is clear that Amazon can continue to rake in enormous profits for the coming years.

Every year when we look at statistics on business, all we see are the numbers, which is basically what Amazon stands for, a numbers game. They have built an empire on customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. And this customer loyalty and joy are built on a foundation of one thing, and one thing only, information. 

They buy information about everything, and then through research and expertise, they give that information away to people who want it, which is how Amazon makes it in a year.

What is Amazon’s Annual Revenue?

CNN reported last year that Amazon had made $232.9 billion in revenue. Net profit was $10.1 billion.

Sometimes it can be challenging to see the actual numbers. We have broken down the business’s gross revenue to give you an idea of how much it makes per Second.

Amazon’s annual earnings of $232.9 billion would translate to:

  • $19.4 Billion per Month
  • $4.5 billion per Week
  • $638.1 Million per day
  • $26.6 Million per Hour
  • $443,112.63/minute
  • $7,385.21 per Second

Amazon would take less than 10 minutes to pay the fine to France.

Here are The Numbers:

We can say that the earnings of Amazon are profit because of its endless competition in the field of e-commerce. Every time we browse the net, we come across hundreds of competitors trying to sell the same product or offering the same services. 

With such stiff competition, every business tries to win over customers by providing the best products and best prices. To stand above others, Amazon has maintained its cost of the product and continues to do so till the day of its demise. 

Companies Earning Through Amazon

So, if you do a quick search for Amazon earnings, you will find countless companies claiming to earn huge sums of money through Amazon sales per year. Some of these companies will tell you that their profits are all the same, while others will give you different numbers depending on whom you ask. 

How much does Amazon earn in a year? To figure this out, you only need to look at how Amazon tracks its sales. Its website calculates its income by tracking how many visitors it has had to the site. These visitors represent people who have visited the site and purchased a product or paid for something.

Amazon earning can also be figured out by looking at how much of the site’s overall earnings go to the owners. Amazon marketing agency divides the profits of a given year by how many visitors it gets and then divides that number by the total number of products sold on the site. For instance, let’s say that a particular product sells twelve hundred units over a year. Then, that product’s owner earns one percent of that total.

How much does Amazon earn in a year can be tricky to answer, mainly because there is no way to know how much the company makes from each sale. 

Why Amazon Earns So Much?

They offer a wide variety of products and services. Because of their massive customer base, they can deliver millions of products in their inventory. They are popularly known as the world’s largest marketplace, and they are constantly expanding. Their reach is global, making them popular and learned not only in the US but worldwide. This is one of the reasons why Amazon earns so much.

They have a wide array of popular products and services. Every customer has different requirements and likes. Amazon has thousands of popular products to choose from, which means that they have an outstanding collection of things people like to buy. 

People looking for entertainment purchase books and movies, while others purchase appliances and gadgets. Everybody has different needs, so an online retailer like Amazon needs to have a wide selection of products that people can easily choose from.

They have a straightforward shopping system. They have a comprehensive product selection, which can be suitable for every kind of person. If you do not know which product you want to buy, you can easily browse through their wide selections and choose from there. 

The system is very easy and convenient to use, which makes their products popular. Many people consider them as the best place where they can buy their favorite items


If we look at this profit margin, we can also see that the income of Amazon did not decrease even during the year-end. 

Therefore, the website keeps on making money and adding to its fortune. Consequently, it’s not a question of ‘How much does Amazon earn in a year?’ instead, it’s a question of how much Amazon keeps earning every year!

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