How to Be a Full-time Twitch Streamer

In recent days, the terms “professional gamer” and “streamer” have become familiar as esports have begun to spread worldwide. “Streamer,” which has recently been recognized worldwide, is a person who receives a donation (Donate or subscription) from the viewer by distributing it. Or they receive a reward from the sponsor by placing an advertisement on the distribution screen.

Originally it was a person who broadcasts the game live. But once you have a fan, you can also make money from solo talk videos and tutorial videos. To broadcast or post gaming video, one of the leading platforms is Twitch. Now it is a popular trend for gamers to become Twitch streamers.

Whatever; if you want to be a full-time twitch streamer and build a career as a gamer, you must read this guide before studying anything. The article will provide a step-by-step explanation of what you actually need to become a twitch streamer. You can even visit our mentioned link to buy Twitch followers and get a 100% authentic audience.

Decide which game to deliver:

First, let’s decide the game you want to distribute. When choosing what game to deliver, it’s a good idea to use it as an index to determine the following two.

  • Popular games at that time
  • A game that you are used to and are good at

A popular game has a lot of viewers so that many people can see it. When a new seasonal game comes out, it’s a good idea to live stream it.

Also, if you are familiar with a game that you are good at, you can interact with users who want to learn by watching the distribution of people who want to improve the game and play well. The quickest way is to become a strong player in a popular game, but try live streaming a game that meets either of these.

Open channel on Twitch:

After deciding what kind of game to distribute, you can create a channel on Twitch where video distribution is possible. “Twitch” is one of the recommended platforms. The reason is that Twitch has a quick way to monetize, and all the users who come to the platform are aiming for games. Once you create an account for “Twitch,” a channel will be opened, so please create an account first.

Set up the right equipment:

To start streaming professionally, you need high-quality hardware and software. Except for the equipment cost, everything can be done for free. It’s pretty easy, so it’s a comfortable environment for people wondering about becoming a streamer.

Indeed, the equipment you need will change depending on the game console you want to distribute, so determine it carefully. The devices that can be distributed on Twitch are basically PCs or PS4s. It is not very suitable for distribution from a smartphone alone. This is because it cannot be delivered while playing the game.

Make your unique value proposition:

Video game streaming quickly became a crowded space. It isn’t easy to stand out by playing video games randomly for the viewer. The streamer needs to define a “niche” to build on it. Some viewers will want to focus on their skills and learn. Other viewers will want to entertain and don’t care too much about their skills.

Ideally, streamers can be skilled and entertaining. Getting 100-200 viewers at all times is a great start. But if your goal is to make a profit on your rent, invoices, and meals, you need to increase that number.

It’s necessary to get viewers into the stream via Twitch chat, but that’s not enough. Streamers have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media channels to gain and grow their audience base.