First COVID, now Record-Breaking Heat Keeps Kids at Home – Company finds Solution for families struggling to entertain kids

Brainrich Kids at home play gyms empower entire families!

Physical activity reaches all-time low levels

Miami, Florida July 6, 2021 – – – – If you are a parent who is struggling to entertain your kids at home due to the pandemic or bad weather, you are not alone. Millions of kids are now watching more TV and YouTube than ever. Kids’ physical activity has dropped to virtually non-existing levels. Just when we thought that vaccines and summer would bring back more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, we got hit with record-breaking heat in most states. In a September BMC study BMY STUDY scientists pointed out that “in the short term, lack of physical activity in kids could lead to declines in mental health, attention span, and an increase in sleep disruption. The long-term consequences may include increases in childhood obesity and an attendant rise in metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.”

Home Play Gyms are the solution

Brainrich Inc, recently introduced a Home Play Gym concept that several thousand families are now enjoying. A Home Play Gym is a modular playground made from steel and can be installed inside a home. They hold 220 pounds of weight; even parents can enjoy them! These unique designs can be configured for virtually any space – small or large.

Kids can play and exercise 24/7 despite the weather, COVID, or work schedule.

Home play gyms became life saviors for neurodiverse kids, because many Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) centers were closed during the pandemic. And even before that, some kids could only get just one 50-minute-long therapy session per week. That is why Brainrich Kids play gyms are so highly regarded by every OT and PT. One mom said, “I got tired of being a jungle gym myself, and I had no idea how I would survive this if it wasn’t for Brainrich Kids.”

This small, family-owned company was busy even before COVID, now they are barely keeping up with the demand. Some parents waited for up to four months to get a gym in 2020. This year, with even more supply chain disruptions and the rising costs for virtually everything, it is recommended to order now for Christmas.

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