What Makes Kratom Different and Similar From CBD Oil?

Recently, CBD oil and Kratom are receiving a lot of fame and popularity as numerous ads are showing up on tv. These can be beneficial for any age group due to the natural healing effects that are provided through these herbal, all-natural remedies. These remedies are very famous among people.

However, some people aren’t sure whether CBD oil and Kratom work the same way or not. It would be incorrect if CBD oil and kratom were called similar because of their different origins, different composition, different treatments. Although, they both act as a better alternative to medicine. 

About CBD Oil

Naturally, CBD oil, also known as Cannabidiol, Cannabis sativa L. plant. Hemp and marijuana, which are considered to be very effective substances, are the strains of the plant. Marijuana is more likely to have a larger amount of THC than hemp. This is the reason why the person who consumes it tends to get “high”. When referring to hemp, it only has 0.4% (or even less) amount of THC. Hence why it had been legalized in numerous places. CBD oil is mainly recommended to those who need help in curing a medical condition.

About Kratom

On the other hand, kratom is a herb that is collected from a tree that goes by the name of Mitragyna Speciosa. The likelihood of finding one is the highest in Southeast Asia. For ages, kratom leaves hold many benefits to help cure botanical medicine. This tradition is most common in Thai culture. Kratom has several different names, some of them are Ketum, Korth, Mitragyna speciosa, and much more. It holds 40+ compounds within itself. The most important compounds among these 40 are Mitragynine and 7hydroxy mitragynine. This is because they are the sole reason for the effects that occur after consumption of ketum. Meaning that the sensations and feelings that you get after its intake are due to these two specific ingredients.

This was a brief rundown on what exactly these two herbs are. It is vital to know the origin as well as its active components for everything that you consume. This will further help you in making sure that you make the right decision of what you put inside your body.

1) CBD Oil vs Kratom: Both Act Differently

The working of kratom is mainly done with the help of natural opioid receptors that are already in our bodies. These opioid receptors are what activate kratom in initiating its effects hence why it’s so famous among people.

On the contrary, CBD oil works by the endocannabinoid system that is present inside our bodies. it mostly affects the nerves which further helps in keeping the number of cannabinoids maintained. This way, any sort of pain or inflammation is lessening.

2) CBD Oil vs Kratom: Treats Different Types Of Pain

Both of the plants help cure pain. Now you may ask what type of pain? Generally, it caters to two specific types of pain – Nociceptive and Neuropathic pain

Usually, injury is the major cause of nociceptive pain. Doesn’t matter if you fell or through a needle, whatever you are feeling is related to nociceptive pain. The role of kratom in this situation is that it helps in treating the pain and make sure that it reduces to a great extent.

On the other hand, neuropathic pain is usually noticeable if the body has weakened because of some sort of illness or disease. This pain is generally felt from the depths of the body. A few conditions that can be reduced by CBD oil are peripheral neuropathy and Multiple Sclerosis.

3) CBD Oil vs Kratom: Consumption Method

Every consumer must know the correct way to consume any herb. For instance, CBD is initially taken in the form of an oil. After that is done, we proceed by converting them into different forms such as capsules or edibles.

There are many ways in which you can take CBD oil, some of them are smoking it or maybe consuming it through a vaporizer. It can also be used in the form of a balm, gummy bear, or even popsicles. It completely depends on the consumer how they feel the most comfortable to consume it. 

However, when referring to kratom, it consists of three strains. These strains are identifiable through the color of the veins – red, green, and white. Each strain acts differently and needs to be handled accordingly. Ketum is present in numerous variations. These variations include capsules, powder form, and extracts. One very famous method of sing it in powder form is the ‘toss and wash method. Another way for its consumption is by adding either the capsule or the powder form into your beverage or your favorite food.

4) CBD Oil vs Kratom: Psychotropic Effects

It is no doubt that being aware of the side effect is extremely important as it will affect your body directly. Hence it is beneficial if the consumer is knowledgeable about the side effects to prevent any sort of potential mishap that may happen. 

Taking herbs and drugs daily is a habit that is slowly becoming a norm. CBD oil is considered to be non-psychotropic, this essentially means that it will not give you the “high” effect. However, kratom is indeed a psychotropic herb that may cause the consumer to become dependent on its intake. This dependency is very hard to get over. Further side effects of kratom include the user hallucinating.

The Bottom Line

The debate on which is better, kratom or CBD oil, is never-ending. It is a tough choice to figure out which will benefit the most. However, now being aware of all the facts of both the herbs, we hope this decision is easier to make.

This article would summarize that CBD is considered a better alternative to kratom, as stated by experts. However, this opinion is entirely dependent on the user and what suits them the best. The reason being that everyone’s body is built differently, they all have different metabolisms. Hence, it is best to do whatever works well for you but being cautious alongside. 

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