The Detail Guys Are Giving Special Discounts For Their Trending Services Like Mulching, Landscaping And Many More!

The Detail Guys are famous for providing exceptional services like landscaping, cleaning, painting, pressure washing, deck refurbishing, mulching and auto detailing services for homeowners and business owners for over 10 years in Harford County, Baltimore County, and Cecil County.

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No one wants to live in a disorganized mess but cleaning it by yourself may require serious time that you don’t have. Why waste your precious time when you can call The Detail Guys. The Detail Guys specialize in not only home services but also commercial services.

The Detail Guys in Baltimore County and Harford County offer a wide range of services such as:

  • Mulching
  • Maryland Pressure Washing 
  • Interior and Exterior Painting Services 
  • Deck Restoration
  •  Vehicle Detailing 
  • Commercial Services 
  • Hardscaping Maryland Services 
  • Landscaping Bel Air MD 
  • Snow Plowing 
  • And more!

The Detail Guys put their efforts into turning a normal house to home. It can feel extremely overwhelming when it comes to home projects and fixes, The Detail Guys help you clean things up and enrich the beauty of your home. You will be amazed by the services they can provide you.

The best detailing company can provide details from the exterior to the interior of your home; The Detail Guys believe that your home should look sparkling and be a place where you can relax. A home can reflect the life style you have and it can also leave lasting impressions on your friends, neighbors and family members.

From landscape lighting to painting the whole house The Detail Guys provide all sorts of services. For over 10 years they have been in this industry, and they are providing people with variety of services. Their success is just because of their happy customers. They always put customer’s satisfaction in the forefront. 

Landscaping in Baltimore and Harford Counties

Landscaping not only enriches your home’s beauty but it can also protect the interior of your home. When it rains, guests can track mud inside into the home. In short, a messy exterior can make for a messy interior!

You may end up spending your quality time cleaning and let’s be honest, no one wants that. To avoid this from happening call (443)-756-4001 now and The Detail Guys will be there, cleaning things out for you. The Detail Guys provide elegant walkways that keep the mud away from you home and where it belongs instead. Due to their experience, they always know what to do to make your space something you can be proud of. As the best landscaping company, they also think outside the box to provide you with amazing solutions and results.

Landscaping is one of The Detail Guys greatest passions. Call them to get a free quote (443)-756-4001

See For Yourself What The Detail Guys Can Do!

Landscaping can also be a sure way to reflect the beauty of your home. When you have someone over, the first thing that people typically see is someone’s yard. Ask yourself, what kind of first impression are you making? The Detail Guys believe that it should showcase your own personal style and the impression that you want to portray. 

You most likely want to present the best version of yourself and your home to others, The Detail Guys believe that a house should also always look its best. Can you imagine going to a restaurant for a fancy dinner and as soon as you step out of your car all you see is a mess? You probably wouldn’t want to eat there based on just that! 

The value of landscaping cannot be underestimated, and no one understands this more than The Detail Guys.

It may sound like a bold statement but having a beautiful environment will bring more joy to your life. Having the best landscaping can certainly do just that. However, landscaping is not easy, it’s the work of both art and science.

A person with little to no experience or who doesn’t put their heart into what they’re doing probably isn’t going to be able to make your landscaping vision come to life. However, talent mixed with expertise is all that’s needed to turn your environment into something that you’ve only seen on HGTV. There are many things to look for if you want to have the best landscape like color, style, climate, soil, and so on. 

Landscaping is the passion of The Detail Guys and it is always the one of the most popular services they offer. With architectural experience and constructions skills, landscaping skills are developed. 

The best thing about landscaping is that, it boosts the value of the property. Increase your property value and enrich the precious moments you have in your home with The Detail Guys.  

You can have a variety of professional landscaping services if you are in Bel Air, MD. To completely transform your commercial and residential property into your dreamland you can call the best of best. There are countless reviews that speak for themselves about the success of The Detail Guys.

If you’re looking for a landscaping team to do a few things or even a full redesign, call (443)-756-4001 today!

The Detail Guys have never turned a good challenge down, and they are always ready to provide their customers the yard which they may have only dreamt of. 

Mulching in Baltimore and Harford Counties

Mulching is the most important tool of landscaping and gardening. Mulch is layer of material that is placed to the soil’s surface. There are many reasons why mulching is beneficial (not to mention it looks fantastic) and it can also provide many visual benefits. However, mulching is also being used to enrich the beauty of the landscape.

Mulch can be applied to the soil and it can be temporary or permanent. There are two types of mulching materials, organic and synthetic. Organic mulches includes leaves, grass clippings, peat moss, wood chips, and so on while synthetic mulches include carpet, Polypropylene, colored mulch and so on. 

The Detail Guys choose the mulch that not only avoids the weeds but also provides an esthetic look to your home. If you have a beautiful garden, then The Detail Guys make sure to use organic mulch that provides extra nutrients for your plants.

Mulching will not only stop the weed from growing but it will provide nutrients as well as protection to the soil. Adding mulch will also help to work as an insulator and mulch will help regulate the soil temperature.  

If the mulching is done properly then it will also protect the soil from moisture. Changing seasons can destroy the soil but mulch can keep it protected even from the moisture level. Soil can also run off in rain but mulch keeps the soil firm in its place and avoid producing mud. 

Due to the seasonal changes, there are times when it rains heavily; due to this you begin to see soil erosion. Soil erosion exposes the seeds that you may have placed in the soil. Mulch not only protects the soil from soil erosion, but it also protects the seeds, and they start to grow the way you want them to.

Mulch can also prevent bugs coming into your garden and eventually to your home. It has also been said that organic mulch prevents bugs more than inorganic mulches. 

To Get A Mulching Quote, Call The Detail Guys (443)-756-4001

You can tell The Detail Guys about your preferences; if you want to focus more on your plants then the Detail Guys will pay extra attention in providing protection and nutrients to your plants. If you’re more focused on decoration to your home, then The Detail Guys will take extra care to provide a rich look to home.

No matter what your needs are, The Detail Guys expert mulching team will be there for you and make your vision a reality. If you want to enrich the exterior of the home, you can call The Detail Guys and tell them exactly what your preferences are and what you would like them to do. 

The Detail Guys also can assist you in brainstorming and developing a plan to boost the appeal of your home. You may try to turn your dream into reality by yourself but you may not be able to do that because of inexperience and also because it is a time consuming job.

Why waste your time in cleaning up, when you have the Detail Guys!

If you love gardening, then mulch can be the ultimate time saver for you. Mulching itself is a real pain as it requires a lot of time and hard labor, but it reaps many rewards.

How To Mulch Properly

There are two ways in which you can combat weeds with the help of mulch. First you must mulch down the soil that is already weeded and then you need to lay down a thick layer to discourage the new weeds from growing.

4 layers of mulch is good enough to discourage growing of weeds. 2-inch layers are usually enough for the shady spots. If you know your garden bed is filled with weed seeds, then you can try double mulching techniques to prevent weeds.

To do 2-layer mulch you have to set the plants in place and water them well then you need to spread the newspaper and top the soil with the mulch. Mulch can also be a good way to retain the moisture and it can also help with regulating the temperature.

However, mulching can harm your plants if it is not done properly also it can harm the soil so if you need to let the experts handle it for you. Call to see what special discounts are currently being offered.

Landscape Lighting in Baltimore and Harford Counties

If you are in Baltimore County or Harford County, then you can get help from the best of best. With landscape lighting you can turn your yard into magical one with the twinkle and ambience that lighting provides, you can make the most beautiful memories right in comfort of your own outdoor paradise.

Landscape lightning can also be done for special occasions such as garden parties, birthdays, graduations, etc. The Detail Guys are happy to help you in making your event memorable. No matter what kind of event you are having you can call The Detail Guys and they will help you with the landscape lighting.

With landscape lighting you can enjoy your gorgeous outdoor space even after the sun goes down. If you are having guests in the evening, then you can also make the landscape visible with the help of landscape lighting. There are also automatic lights and remote lights that you can control that you can only turn them up when you need them.

Landscape lighting can also help you to park the car and to see in the dark. There are also solar powered lights that turn on automatically when night falls so that you won’t have to worry about energy costs as well as turning them on.

Call The Detail Guys today to discuss your home projects and they’ll devise a plan for you!

Pressure Washing Services in Baltimore and Harford Counties

You may find many pressure washers on Amazon or at the hardware store but why take the time to rent those pressure washers when you can have a professional company right by your side “The Detail Guys”. 

The rented pressure washers might do a sloppy job so why to trust them when you can ask The Detail Guys. Not only will you have professional work done but you will also pay less than you will pay for a mediocre job.

If you live near Baltimore and Harford Counties, then you might have searched for power washing near me but if you haven’t tried The Detail Guys then you may want to and see what really you can achieve. Most of the time trusting random businesses with your home can do more harm than good so it’s best to trust a reputable company.

The Detail Guys are enjoying their work and all the wonderful feedback they receive because they have been in the field for more than 10 years and you can also go through the many reviews that satisfied customers have left. The Detail Guys can provide the best quality soft washing and pressure washing services in Bel Air, MD and surrounding areas.

The services can also enhance the worth of the property. If you are in search of a new home or want to improve your current home or renovate then it could be the best option for you if you choose The Detail Guys.

The best service providers can come in handy if you want to clean the vinyl siding, deck, or any other thing. You need to know that if your vinyl siding is looking dirty then the house paint will also start to look dirtier. Power washing keeps your house or any commercial building fresh.

Pressure washing helps to clean the whole house and generally those areas which are frequently used such as decks, sidewalks, driveways, and so on. 

You will be so happy to see everything so clean and fresh looking! It will also help to keep the germs away. You can have a beautiful, healthy environment by calling The Detail Guys and they will provide the best pressure washing or soft washing services. 

If you are going to sell your home, then having it pressure washed is also a great idea to increase the value of the house. Do you know? The National Association of Realtors say that pressure washing increases the overall sale price of your home.

If you are looking into soft wash or pressure wash in Bel Air, MD and surrounding areas such as Edgewood, Forest Hill, Abingdon then The Detail Guys have you covered.  This pressure washing service is one of the best and chosen by many people.

You can also view reviews to know how much value they provide to their clients. With over 10 years of experience and 5 star reviews The Detail Guys are second to none and will be happy to show you why.

Try The Detail Guys for all of your home service needs. Make an appointment or get a free quote by calling (443)-756-4001.

Pressure Washing Services

Soft Wash

Soft wash includes

  • Home exteriors
  • Vinyl and aluminum siding
  • Vinyl railing
  • Stucco

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing includes

  • Business exteriors
  • Brick exteriors
  • Decks
  • Sideways
  • Parking lots
  • Patios
  • Sign Cleaning

Painting Service By Detailed Guys

Paint is the most prominent feature, and this is what most people notice when passing through the property. You can have either exterior painting or interior painting service from the Detail Guys.

Your paint job should be flawless because it will dictate the beauty of home. However, relying on some companies won’t work. If you want to have the best paint job on your home, then you need to have the service done by the best of best which is The Detail Guys.

If you are thinking of selling your house, then it is best to have it painted before listing it on the market because fresh paint will drastically increase the worth of the property. The Detail Guys always lay stress on the importance of maintaining the home routinely.

If you want to have home maintenance completed, then The Detail Guys are there to help. If you are going to sell the property and you want to increase its worth then you can ask The Detail Guys and they will provide, in their professional opinion, what will be best for you and your home.

Paint is not only important to enhance the beauty of the home but it also protects the underlying materials of your home or commercial building. If the paint begins to chip and peel off it could allow mold and mildew to grow.

 When the protection is worn off then the internal materials will start to decay as well. If the walls become brittle then it is not safe to even live in such homes. It will not only decrease the value of your home, but you won’t want to live in a home under those conditions.

Exposed wood is more vulnerable to cracks than unexposed wood and same for other materials. Why not give The Detail Guys a call and they will certainly help you protect your home. The best thing about The Detail Guys is that they are reasonably priced! 

Moreover, they are not like other painters. They put special value in their work. Anyone can put coat of paint on the home but professionals know special ways to do that and such ways increase the beauty of the home. The Detail Guys have special people reserved for painting jobs. 

There are so many reviews you can read which will tell you the quality of work that The Detail Guys perform. At The Detail Guys quality is always kept as the number one priority.  You can say that they are The Detail Guys for good reason.

To have high quality commercial painting services in Bel Air or other surrounding areas call the best company at 443-756-4001. Paint quality is also the important factor, and The Detail Guys only choose the best paint available in the market that not only provides unique textures to the home but is safe to use. The company only uses low or no VAC paints.

To have both interior and exterior services completed in Bel Air, MD choose The Detail Guys whether you are searching for a commercial building or residential. Another wonderful thing about the best detailing company is that they treat your home or business as if it were their own. This measure enables them to treat the building with care. 

Professional Interior and Exterior Painting Services in Bel Air, MD

  • Interior and exterior residential or commercial painting 
  • Low or no-VOC paints
  • We use Sherwin Williams paints and coatings
  • Call for free quote

Deck Restoration In Baltimore & Harford Counties

Decks can be subject to different wear and tear and if your deck is not looking the way it looked when you installed it then you may need to have a deck restoration service. Your deck might be experiencing color fading or paint chipping every day or its boards may be becoming out of shape. 

This is not uncommon at all; with time the deck is subjected to wear and tear. If you want your home to look perfect, you need to call The Detail Guys and inquire about their deck restoration services.  

If your deck is not what it was when it was installed then it will be showing the sings of aging. Due to weather and other unfavorable conditions the deck can experience damage. If your deck is severely damaged, then you need to reconstruct the deck.

The Detail Guys maintain your deck and make it look like new one once again. The most important service of The Detail Guys is deck restoration, not only do they replace the broken boards with new ones, but they also replace every single detail to make it look like new.

To increase the longevity, you can have deck staining service. Deck staining can be an ideal service for those who are not ready to install a new one. Having a spotless home and worn-out deck does not make sense at all. Why not try the professional deck restoration team and have them make your deck spotless?

Deck repairing or deck remodeling can become a very time-consuming project if it is neglected. The old worn-out planks are not only destroying the beauty of your home, but they are also unsafe.

The wood panels can also warp if they are left unrepaired. If you want to protect your family and you loved ones then have the professional deck restoration service.

If you are thinking of selling your home, then deck restoration can also increase the value of the home. The Detail Guys can provide deck restoration throughout Maryland, and they can make your deck look and feel brand new. 

Not only they will clean your deck’s surface, but they will also give it a new look as well as long lasting protection. You can also customize your deck and make it suite to your needs. To get help from the best, Call 443-756-4001.

The Detail Guys work in Bel Air, Maryland and in surrounding areas. If you need any help regarding deck restoration The Detail Guys will be there to help you out. From color touch-ups to completely remodeling the deck, The Detail Guys can take care of the any job related to deck. 

If you want to make your deck look new again then give the best deck restoration company a call. When you have a brand-new deck, you can again get out and relax in the sun with a good book by your side. Deck restoration experts perform different services and won’t have to worry about a thing.  Just tell them what you want, and you can leave the rest to them.

Deck Restoration Services in Bel Air, MD

  • Repair and restoration
  • Staining
  • Painting
  • Change color
  • Rail upgrading and replacement
  • Vinyl railing installation
  • Lattice replacement
  •  The Detail Guys use Sherwin Williams products

Vehicle Detailing Service Done In House

Just like other service vehicle detailing is also specialty of the detailed guys. Like mentioned before they put details in their work especially vehicle detailing. You can ask them to have your auto or any truck cleaned inside out. Such cleaning makes a pleasant experience whenever you get into your vehicle. 

The detailed guys have new large detailing facility that allows them to handle the vehicles, so no matter if you have personal auto, truck, RV or fleet vehicle, you can ask the detail guys for detailing.

There are many services that detail guys perform. Covid-19 has changed the way we were living. It has transformed the living of almost every person in the world. During these times the cars were left alone because everyone was at home. 

As the vehicles are neglected, the dust began to collect on the exterior.  Moreover, the food that was left in the car became rot and it became difficult to tolerate the smell. No matter which caused the car to smell, all you need is to have it washed.

You need to stop torturing yourself and others who are happen to be in your car. Call the detailed guys today and they will help you make your car spot less. The detail guys put so much detail in their work that you will even start to have new car smell.

Not only you will have external and internal car detailing but your car will also be free from the bacteria and viruses. You can have everything clean from car to home by calling The Detail Guys. 

The Detail Guys also clean company vehicles and the clean company’s vehicle can give the best impression of the business to the customers. Having a clean vehicle can also help your employees to work efficiently. To have the best detailed job call The Detail Guys 443-756-4001.

You can call to schedule an appointment or you can ask for free quote. You won’t be disappointment at your decisions that is best thing about detail guys. Your vehicle can reflect your personality and your company’s vehicle can reflect your company image. 

As you may know that first impression is everything, if dirty vehicle from company approaches you then you may judge that the company is not worthy. With the direct link of the vehicle to the company one might maintain the vehicle to have the best expression. 

A dirty vehicle means that the company does not pay attention to his vehicle and if the company is not paying attention to the vehicles how it can be paying attention to his customers. 

Commercial Services In Baltimore & Harford Counties

If you are a business owner then you will be in need of commercial service to help you clean up exterior as well as interior of your commercial building. You can also give your commercial building a fresh look with the help of commercial landscaping and mulching service.

If you want to increase the beauty of your commercial store then you are here at the right place. The Detail Guys provide the best mulching and landscaping services to enhance the beauty of your commercial store. 

There are companies that provide cleaning and landscaping but most of them don’t deliver as they say they would. You can rely on the detail guys because they are enjoying good reviews for over 10 years. With The Detail Guys you will have the finest quality of cleaning, landscaping, mulching, pressure washing, painting, vehicle detailing and many more. 

If you are in need of professional landscapers, snow removal, mulching, painting, pressure washing company then you are in luck you can have all of these services from the detail guys. All of these services are performed in Edgewood, MD and nearby areas. 

There are many companies that provide so many services, detail guys can provide so many services in even cheap prices. The company works for different areas such as Bel Air, Forest Hill, Abingdon and nearby areas. 

The Detail Guys value you and they know how much a business owner puts his/her effort to their own business. They also know that a business owner is extremely busy and he might not have time to perform different tasks by themselves. That’s why the detail guys are there to keep you covered in Edgewood, MD.

From cleaning jobs like office cleaning to landscaping job Detail Guys got you covered. The commercial landscaping service in Edgewood, MD can make your business presentable to its customers. Detail guys provide different landscaping services like mulching, weeding, trimming, and many more. You can also customize the service to put your dreams into reality.  

When the weather gets gold, detail guys provide snow remover service in Edgewood, MD throughout the Harford County. You can rely on the best company if you are ever find your business surrounded by snow. Detail guys also salt the concrete to keep the employees as well as the customers safe when they enter or leave the building. 

A presentable business exterior can tell many stores to its customers. Business is not big or small so even if you are running a small business the detail guys can help you out. Presentable business building can also give a long lasting impression to its customers. 

Detail Guys put “Detail” in their work so that their work could tell story of its own to the customers. 

Commercial Services in Edgewood, MD

  • Commercial Landscaping
  • Snow Removal, Salting
  • Painting
  • Office Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Junk Removal
  • Pressure Washing
  • Deck and Access Ramp Renovation

The detailed guys provide office cleaning, window cleaning, and other cleaning job so that the office becomes clean inside out. During unfavorable weather, you can even have snow removal and salting services for the walkways as well as parking lot. 

To have any of the service just call the detailed guys and they will be there for help. You can restore your commercial space with the help of detailed guys. If you need to wash the exterior then you can ask for pressure washing service. You can have exterior facelift with the landscaping and handscaping service, or you can have interior cleaning services or painting services.

Our customers always come back to detailed guys because they see that they will not getting service like detailed guys from other companies. 

Hardscaping In Baltimore and Harford Counties

No matter if your home is freshly built or it is 100 years old, you may need hardscaping services. Usually sidewalks cracks up and fail due to lack of proper care. The retaining wall can also crumble due to seasonal change.

To take care of this you can call the detailed guys or you can fill out a form to have to have the detailed guys call you back. 

The hardscaping service is provided in Bel Air, MD, entail is also similar process to landscaping but it has few minor differences. Hardscaping can refer to elements of landscaping such as stone and gravel. Hardscaping also refers to the construction of patios, decks and driveways. Hardscaping is also a category of landscaping that joins paved surfaces into softscapes. 

Handscaping can provide variety of benefits. It can not only make your home or business look amazing, but it fixes the issues that come along with owning home or business. Handscaping can fix uneven yards, and can prevent erosion. 

Erosion is the main cause of uprooting the trees and plants from your property. This erosion damages the yard’s surface and the yard becomes more susceptible to flooding and other natural disasters.

The best hardscaping service can be found in Bel Air, MD Harford county, like Edgewood, Abingdon, and forest hill. By calling the best shardscaping guys you can make your property look polished and welcoming.

The more welcoming the home and business is he more refresh one feels upon entering them. You can call the best landscaping service to take care of things like retaining walls to patio paving. Detail Guys works effectively and puts details to their work to ensure the happiness of their customer. 

The Detail Guys are always prepared to bring the best out of your property. Now it’s only up to you what you choose for your property. Hardscaping is sure way to increase the property’s accessibility as well as value. 

If you are interested in such services call the best hardscaping service at 443-756-4001 for more information. You can also schedule an appointment by filling out the form. 

Hardscaping Services In Baltimore and Harford Counties

  • Retaining Walls
  • Placement of Stone, Gravel, Etc.
  • Pressure Washing
  • Patio Paving
  • Deck Refinishing
  • Driveways
  • Walkways

Home is the most expensive investment that you make in your lifetime, so it is best that you maintain it and preserve its beauty. By calling detailed guys today you can even have discounts and cheap service that you may be looking for.

To make best home makeover possible, it just needs your vision and the skills of Detail guys. There are people who just think and won’t act those people may leave behind in the life. Responding is good to move forward and to deal with the problems right now.

Neglecting problems can cause major problem. Even little cracks can become life threatening so don’t wait call the Detail Guys Today.


The Detail Guys are performing variety of services like Landscaping. Mulching, Pressure Washing, Interior and Exterior Painting, Deck Restoration, Vehicle Detailing, Commercial Services, Hardscaping Maryland Services, Landscaping Services, Snow Plowing services in Harford and Baltimore Counties. 

If you live nearby these counties or in these counties you can call the Detail Guys for the services mentioned above. Detail guys are enjoying the fame for more than 10 years and the fame is due to the quality service they are providing their customers. You can go through many reviews to see how much value they give to their clients. If you want to have the best as well as cheap service you can give them a call. 


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