Worldwide Sodium Sulfate Market Research Report 2021 by Type, Application, Participants and Countries, Forecast Year to 2026

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The worldwide sodium sulfate market is projected to seeing a CAGR of 2.6% during the conjecture time frame. The development of the market can be mostly credited to the expanding utilization of the salt as a crude material in the assembling of different items, including cleansers and cleansers, and glass, just as in the Kraft cycle for paper pulping.

Asia-Pacific (APAC) is required to observe the quickest development, regarding esteem, during the conjecture time frame. This is fundamentally determined by the expanding interest for items like cleansers, cleansers, paper, and glass to oblige the roaring populace around there. The arising nations around there, like China, India, and Vietnam, are contributing essentially to the sodium sulfate market thriving, inferable from the rising mindfulness identified with cleanliness, selection of Western culture, expanding reasonableness, and developing populace.

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Sodium Sulfate Industry

Essentials Governing Sodium Sulfate Market

The development of the sodium sulfate market is driven by the interest for powdered cleansers in arising nations in APAC, Africa, and Latin America (LATAM), like China, India, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. This has spurred a high-volume interest for the salt, for item details, lately. This is mostly credited to the simple development of powders; the additionally substrates go about as a filler in cleansers. Plus, the expanding reception of the items, is because of macroeconomic development and shift from hand to machine-based washing of garments, would drive the interest for sodium sulfate in cleanser and cleanser definitions.

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The rising interest for glass in development projects, by virtue of the recuperation in the area in created nations and ventures across non-industrial nations, is relied upon to drive the sodium sulfate market during the not so distant future. The developing development industry is filling the interest for glass, especially in current structures, where it is exorbitantly utilized in outsides, rather than the traditional blocks and concrete. Sodium sulfate is utilized in glass producing as a fining specialist, which helps in eliminating little air rises from liquid glass. With the developing buyer inclination for counterfeit façades, the market is relied upon to advance during the estimate time frame.

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Sodium Sulfate Market

Sodium Sulfate Market Segmentation Analysis

The cleansers and cleansers class produced the most popularity for the salt, based on application, representing over 30.0% worth offer, in 2018. This can be essentially ascribed to its properties, which empower cleanser powder to stream unreservedly. It is utilized as a filler in cleanser powder that empowers the change of the centralization of the dynamic matter in the powder, as required.

Geological Analysis of Sodium Sulfate Market

Universally, APAC was the biggest sodium sulfate market, regarding esteem, in 2018, and it is relied upon to keep up the pattern during the estimate time frame. This can be significantly ascribed to the maximum usage of the item in China for different applications, significantly cleansers and cleansers and materials. Furthermore, the Chinese individual consideration area has acquired fast speed, inferable from which there has been an expanding interest for sodium sulfate, as a crude material, for the creation of shampoos, cleanser bars, body washes, and a few other individual consideration and cleanliness items. Thinking about the future business situation, China is required to lead the APAC sodium sulfate market, creating income worth $880.9 million of every 2024.

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Sodium Sulfate Market

Serious Landscape of Sodium Sulfate Market

The sodium sulfate market is concentrated, described by the presence of little players, which together record for more than 57.0% portion of the market. MINERA DE SANTA MARTA S.A., Xinli Chemical, JSC Kuchuksulphate, Jiangsu Yinzhu Chemical Group Co. Ltd., China Lumena New Materials Corp., Sichuan Hongya Qingyijiang Sodium Sulfate Co. Ltd., Grupo Industrial Crimidesa, and Nafine New Material Co. Ltd. are the significant players working on the lookout.

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Ongoing Strategic Developments of Major Sodium Sulfate Market Players

Lately, the significant parts in the sodium sulfate market have taken a few key measures, for example, item dispatches, geological developments, and consolidations and acquisitions, to acquire a serious edge in the business. For example, in November 2018, Beautiful Mind Capital (BMC), a free private value structure, reported the securing of Cordenka from Chequers Capital, for an endeavor worth of $268 million. Chequers Capital will move every one of its resources, which incorporate its Obernburg site, which has an ability to deliver 40,000 metric huge loads of anhydrous sodium sulfate, at its.

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Additionally, in October 2018, In January 2019, Albemarle Corporation declared the beginning of development at its lithium hydroxide (LiOH) change site in Kemerton, Western Australia. The plant will deal with spodumene mineral (containing 6% lithium oxide), to deliver lithium hydroxide, and sodium sulfate as a side-effect. The volume of sodium sulfate is relied upon to be in the tune of 200,000 tons yearly.

Market Size Breakdown by Segment

The sodium sulfate market report offers extensive market division examination alongside market gauges for the period 2014–2024.

In view of Application

Cleansers and Detergents

Mash and Paper



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Geological Analysis

North America










Asia-Pacific (APAC)




South Korea

Latin America (LATAM)





Center East and Africa (MEA)



Saudi Arabia



Primary Data vs Secondary Data: Advantage and Disadvantage Analysis

Key Questions Addressed

What is the current situation of the sodium sulfate market?

What are the chronicled and present sizes of the classes inside the market fragments and their future potential?

What are the significant impetuses for the market and their normal effect during the short, medium, and long terms?

What are the developing chances for the major parts on the lookout?

Which are the vital locales from the speculation viewpoint?

What are the key techniques being embraced by the significant players to extend their piece of the pie?

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