YouTube marketing strategy tips to implement right away

In this post, you’ll learn more about YouTube marketing. We will give you the latest tested and proven approaches that can take your marketing strategy to another level.

Define your value proposition

Now that you have a solid understanding of what makes your competitors successful, it’s time to develop your YouTube channel’s value proposition. What is the value of the content you offer to your audience? Why should users watch your YouTube videos?

The value proposition needs to be communicated to the audience – this can be done at the beginning or end of the video, or included in the channel’s trailer. Briefly tell us what your channel has to offer and why viewers should subscribe to you.

Defining and communicating your value proposition is only the first step. The most important thing will be to demonstrate the very value and quality of each video.

Create your own channel style

YouTube channels with a well-established style and recognizable identity are more successful than those that do not have one. Why? The fact is that a holistic brand inspires trust among new viewers, and a recognizable style stands out among thousands of other videos.

So how do you brand your YouTube channel? First, you need to create a channel logo, and then use the brand and corporate identity guide.

This is a kind of collection of rules for your channel, which will determine how the visual component of your videos should look like (for example, background, corporate style of the cover, font, colors, etc.), as well as the mood and atmosphere of your channel, editing style, and other details. …

Your goal should be to maintain a consistent style across your entire YouTube channel so your audience can instantly recognize your videos. And as you work on your own brand style guide, you can check out our sample for inspiration.

Create an intro splash screen

From the point of view of competent marketing, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of a consistent style for a YouTube channel, so bloggers on YouTube are adopting various tools to optimize their activities. We are talking about individually created intro screensavers and end screensavers, video previews, musical accompaniment, and other elements.

You can create a professional YouTube intro by using online intro templates.  One of the most popular screensavers is logo animation. If you have a channel logo, or you are just going to create your own logo (we strongly advise you to do this), then using a template such as an intro splash screen can be created in no time.

Create an original cover

The original cover is another step towards a YouTube channel that looks truly professional. This cover will become a strong visual component of your brand; its goal is to tell what your channel is about and attract new viewers. If you have a logo, be sure to include it on your cover.

Create a channel trailer

Another important element of your YouTube marketing strategy is the channel trailer. This is a short video intro that appears at the top when visitors visit your channel. The trailer can be viewed by all viewers who are not subscribed to your channel.

The trailer creates the first impression of your channel for potential subscribers, tells what your YouTube videos are about and how they will benefit them. The right trailer will help motivate first-time visitors to follow you.

What are the secret ingredients of a good trailer? Let’s watch and analyze one trailer – an animated video from Kurzgesagt (45 seconds), this channel publishes colorful animations about science.

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