Best Ways to Sign PDF Documents Online

To put a signature on a PDF document, it takes only a few minutes with proper tools. You don’t have to print, sign, and scan it. The USA law recognizes eSignatures as official. All you need is to add signature to PDF online. With the wide range of tools available on the market, you can sign your documents on any platform of your choice.

Types of Signature

To find the best PDF signer online, you have to know what you are looking for. The more features you require, the more advanced tool you need. There are two options available for every user:

  • Digital signature offers you a personal key, verification, and cryptographically secured personal data. Your document is authorized with it. While it offers a high level of security, a digital signature is an incredibly complicated tool and unavailable for free;
  • An electronic signature is the image of the signature attached to the proper column in your PDF document. You may perform it on any platform, using a wide range of apps for this purpose. Usually, this signature is more than enough for any business you deal with.  There are numerous tools for electronic signatures PDF use. This signature is usually expected on the documents you send via email.

How to Sign the Document

There are numerous programs and apps that turn your signature into electronic and add it to the document you choose. You can easily create online signatures for free. Still, you have to learn how to sign on PDF online. Once you pick the program, you need to perform the next steps one by one. For this example, we have used the PDFLiner service:

  1. Select the document you need. It must be PDF. To pick the file, you should click the “Upload” button.
  2. Create the signature. You have to find the “Sign” button. After that, find either “Add Signature” or the icon with the “+” sign. There are only three methods that can be used while you are making the signature, which are:
  • Typing your name. Pick the style of your signature. If you decide to type the signature, you can also pick the size of the letters, color, and style. There is a wide range of handwriting styles offered in every app;
  • Drawing the signature with the mouse. Once you decided to draw the signature, you have to practice a lot, using the mouse, pointer, or trackpad;
  • Uploading JPG or PNG image of the signature. If you already have an image of a signature to add, you need to scroll down the page and click on the place to insert it. You may change the size of the signature as well.
  1. Send the document you have signed. Now you have your signature. You can download and save it. Next time you need it, you can just add the signature from your device. 

For this particular case, the PDFLiner program was used. It allows your colleagues who use the same app to edit the document if it is needed. At the same time, if you need to change the document, you can use any other PDF editor.

Various Solutions for Different Platforms

For each platform, there is a wide range of tools available. You may add a signature to PDF online on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms. Here are just a few solutions for you:

  • Windows. You may try Adobe Reader. It looks like the most popular tool to work with PDF documents. It is lightweight and simple to use. Multiple third-party readers use the same scheme as Adobe Reader, but generally, they are not free of charge.
  • Mac. The Preview app that Mac owners can use also allows creating and editing the signature. You can easily draw it with the trackpad. You can draw the signature with one finger and easily attach it to the document.
  • iOS mobile platform. If you want to put the signature via the iPad or iPhone, you can do it with the Preview, created for Mac. You may also use numerous apps, like Adobe Fill & Sign, available for mobile phones. You can tap the signature button, type your name, or draw it.
  • Android platform. The best option here is Adobe Fill & Sign. There is no built-in app that offers eSignatures for Android. Nevertheless, you can try third-party apps. Adobe Fill & Sign is one of the most popular choices that allow you to sign documents without limit for the whole month and free of charge. Once the trial ends, you have either to pay for a subscription or search for another app.
  • Linux. Linux is a little bit more complicated when it comes to the tools offered for you. There was an Adobe Reader version that was not discontinued. You may try any online tools like PDFLiner, HelloSign, or Xournal. Using these tools, you can install the image, draw it, or attach the already made picture.
  • Cross platforms. There are numerous tools that offer their services on various platforms. Adobe Reader is one of them. If you don’t want to download the program on your device, you can use online services like PDFLiner or Xournal.


No matter which tool you decide to use, always make sure that it is secured. You trust your personal data to the app, and you have to ensure that it will not be used by any third parties. Although the eSignature is less protected and advanced than a digital signature, it still must be kept safe. You may add extra security to the PDF document by installing several locks. PDF documents can be locked with the fingerprint via different apps. Make sure that your business colleagues have access to the document too. If the document must be reviewed by other peers or signed by others, it must be open for editing but closed for other people. You can share access with your colleagues.

The Best Way to Sign Documents

An electronic signature is considered to be the most effective, easy to attach, lightweight, and fast instrument for your business. No matter which app you use to attach the signature, you are still able to do it without printing, signing in pen and paper, and scanning your document back. This signature saves you hours of work. Before you decide which app is the best for you, you can try several of them. Depending on your personal preferences, you can use two or three apps for different gadgets. If you opt for free apps, check whether they are not limited by the trial period.

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