What Are The Common Addiction Treatment Methods?

Drug addictions are a cause for destroying the lives of people all around the world. Addiction is nothing like a disease but a condition. However, it has its treatment. Treating addiction is not very easy because of its relapsing nature. This means that addiction can always return, which makes it very dangerous. 

Any addiction begins when people start taking anything that is addictive. People think that they have control over themselves initially, but as the addiction grows, it becomes uncontrollable. Treating addiction is not very easy because it is not a disease but a condition, and a lot of effort are required in the treatment.


Addiction treatment depends on various factors. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Addiction is a chronic illness and is not very easy to treat.
  • People should get treatment at the earliest. Otherwise, it can get harder to overcome addiction.
  • Addiction treatment can differ from person to person.
  • Long-term treatment is very critical.
  • Counseling is essential in patients.
  • Rehabs are available all around the world that are easily accessible for the masses.
  • There are rehabs for all budgets, from the dual diagnosis treatment centers in Rhode Island to Government-funded rehabs.

The Different Types of Treatments

Addiction treatment can differ from person to person. Some people require only medication, while some can require more than that. The different types are as follows:-

  • Counseling is an essential type of treatment. Counseling helps in making the counselor, as well as the patient, understand the cause of addiction. This makes it easier to get rid of the addiction.
  • The most common form of treatment is medication. Medication is easy to implement, and it helps the body to control the urge to take drugs.
  • Addiction often comes along with various mental illnesses. Treating those illnesses is also a method to treat addiction.
  • One of the most effective types is long-term follow-up treatment. Addiction can relapse, so it is essential to administer a long-term treatment.

The Methods

Some of the methods used to treat addiction are:


Detoxification is the most common and primary method— to treat addiction with medical assistance. Detox releases all of the addictive substances. A specialist performs detoxification in a safe environment, under observation. Patients can develop suicidal or life-threatening symptoms because of these methods. Detoxification is performed along with other ways to ensure maximum effect.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is among the most effective methods. Doctors all around the world use this method because this is not only effective against drugs but other addictions too. CBT can help in identifying the triggers that lead to consumption. Knowing the triggers proves to be very helpful in the treatment as well as after the treatment. 

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy

REBT focuses on rational thinking. It tries to implement rational thinking in the patients by identifying their negative thoughts and turning them into rational ones. This helps in making patients realize that they are in control of their situation and not the situations. This proves to be effective in the long term. Administering this method along with other effective ones can prevent the relapse of addiction in some cases.

12-Step Facilitation

This method helps a patient who deals with substance abuse. The idea of this method is accepted. The patients have to accept their addiction in the first step of the methods. Once they have accepted themselves, they are aware of the consequences and the effects of their behavior on society and their own lives. Support groups are an essential part of this method. Seeking support from people who have been through something similar proves to be effective in most patients.

Contingency Management

This method uses rewards for treating addiction. To enforce positive behavior, one can use these tips. If a patient does something good, then he is rewarded for his actions.  This method proves to be beneficial in the long term as it can enforce positive behavior. Rewards make it easier for patients to remain sober. Contingency management can cause a permanent behavioral change in the patient, leading to curing the addiction and preventing the relapse.

Medicated Treatment

Behavioral therapies are great as they can help patients understand themselves better. But, medication is equally essential. Combining any therapy with medication has proven to be beneficial in most cases. Medication reduces cravings during addiction. Detoxification and other such methods can cause mood swings and depression, and medication helps with that too. Rehabs all around the world use medicines for treating their patients.

Addiction treatment is advancing with each passing day to allow people from all walks of life to live a life free from addiction. People can even opt for a luxury rehab in Houston TX, or can look for other options. There are even rehabs that treat patients free of cost. This makes it possible for people to choose a rehab based on their preferences and their budget.

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