Best Natural Appetite Suppressants 2021 – [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

If a survey is conducted on people who are pursuing their weight loss journey or have been through it, 9 out of 10 people will instantly agree to the fact that overeating, munching, and snacking are the biggest hurdles in their journey. The tendency to eat whatever you want and whenever you want is enough to make you obese and take you closer to an unhealthy lifestyle that is not desirable.

Food temptations are indeed difficult to get over. We love to eat our favorite pizzas with extra cheese to get over our depression, and we also eat a plate full of pastries and burgers to celebrate our happiness. So, the vicious loop keeps on continuing. It is exactly at this place that appetite suppressants step into the canvass.

Top 3 Natural Appetite Suppressant


What is Appetite Suppressant?

The best natural appetite suppressants work effectively to control all the parameters that lead to overeating and an unhealthy eating lifestyle. Most of the best natural appetite suppressants target multiple aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Their approaches could include the generation of various neuronal signals, changing the levels of hormones in the body. The goal is to make a person stop eating excess and lose weight. Appetite suppressants also target the burning down of excessive fat in the body and the boosting of metabolism. Suitable metabolism can lead to the greater utilization of the assimilated products and thus prevent their storage. You are going to experience a loss in the desire to eat excessive food when resorting to a natural appetite suppressant. Overall, these products can make your lifestyle healthier and bring your back on the fitness track.

The market is flooded with pills, drinks, shakes, and powders, which claim to bring effective weight loss and naturally suppress the tendency to overeat. As common people, it is indeed very difficult to make out which one is the best. If you are suffering from the same dilemma, here is a must-read for you.

1- LeanBean – Best Appetite Suppressant for Women

The mother company of LeanBean is a British Brand – Ultimate Life. The brand is extremely well known, especially for the amazing supplement products that it manufactures for women. The major reason why this product has such a huge fan base is the notable result. Many people who have already tried a lot of other pills and powders for curbing their appetite collectively agree on the fact that LeanBean has the strongest action one could expect from an appetite suppressant. So, if you are scrounging the market for a robust variant, LeanBean is undoubtedly going to be the best natural appetite suppressant.

The surprising fact is controlling hunger is more difficult in women than it is in men. Since LeanBean hails from a brand specially dedicated to women, this is a perfect solution for all the lovely ladies out there who are trying hard to control their appetite and get back into a healthy lifestyle. LeanBean is extremely efficient in controlling excessive hunger and thus puts a bar on the various upcoming problems.

What are the Benefits of LeanBean?

There are multiple benefits of LeanBean. The most important ones are:-

  • LeanBean is completely vegan, and hence it is efficient for vegans who have a really difficult time finding a well-suited appetite suppressant for themselves.
  • It comes with a 90 days money-back guarantee that means you get your whole investment back if the product does not work for me.
  • It is an excellent remedy for all those women who are suffering badly due to excess weight. It curbs the excess appetite in women and helps them put control on the overeating tendency.
  • It also helps to reduce the fatigue in the women’s body and maintain suitable hormonal homeostasis in the female body.
  • LeanBean gives a great boost to the metabolism of the body. It poses the least side effects and is extremely beneficial to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The body gets a natural dose of energy through appropriate nutrient assimilation, and that too in a completely natural way.

What are the Ingredients of LeanBean?

The primary ingredient in LeanBean is Glucomannan. The concentration of this ingredient in LeanBean is quite high. This particular metabolite occurs in Konjac plant roots and is extracted from the same source. The Konjac root extracts have been used for a long time as a natural appetite suppressor and are widely acclaimed for their intense potential.

Glucomannan is the main ingredient in LeanBean; however, it is not the only one. It contains four other main natural ingredients which function as appetite suppressants –

  • Cayenne
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Acai
  • Piperine
  • Choline
  • Zinc
  • Green Coffee Extracts
  • Vitamin B12 complex and Vitamin B6
  • Chloride
  • Chromium Picolinate

Each of these ingredients has its natural potential to control hunger and are reasons for the extreme power of LeanBean.

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How Does LeanBean Work?

The basic science behind the working of glucomannan is its swelling up when in contact with water. Glucomannan is the natural soluble fiber that in anhydrous condition doesn’t take up much space; however, when in hydrated condition, the glucomannan swells up, occupying plenty of space. This shall induce a feeling of fullness and stimulates the brain that the stomach is already full. The discussed phenomenon instigates a neural feedback phenomenon in the brain, and the brain subsequently receives the signal that no more food is needed.

The fact that LeanBean comes from a women-oriented brand is practically reflected through the functioning. Apart from being a natural appetite controller, LeanBean contains a perfect mix of such natural ingredients, which controls the hormones in the female body and regulates them appropriately. The homeostasis of hormones also plays a great role in the metabolism and adipose tissue accumulation in the female body. LeanBean thus affects multiple aspects of the female body.

For example, many women face the problem of bloating and the tendency to overeat exaggeratedly during their periods. Intake of LeanBean regulates the hormones during this time and maintains their appropriate levels and hence is perfect for use by women. Menopausal weight gain is a major problem in women associated with a whole lot of other hormonal turmoils. LeanBean is their perfect partner during this time. It helps a lot in changing the eating pattern in menopausal women.

LeanBean is great for women who are suffering from the addition of adipose tissue in the lower abdomen or what we generally refer to as belly fat. Belly fat is the most stubborn fat of the body and takes a great deal of pain to burn the fat. The natural ingredients in LeanBean natural appetite suppressant are extremely efficient for aplenty of other purposes. Intake of LeanBean gives a kickstart boost to the natural metabolism of the body, which is essential for the proper digestion and assimilation of the nutrients we ingest through the food. Appropriate metabolism prevents the unwanted deposition of fats in various parts of the body. The problem of obesity is largely due to compromised metabolism.

So, LeanBean is the daily dose for your body to banish the unhealthy cravings and to give a much-needed boost to your metabolism. LeanBean largely relies on the natural thermogenic dynamism of the body to achieve higher metabolism instead of using any unhealthy chemicals.

How to Take LeanBean?

You need to take two capsules of LeanBean three times every day. The capsules are easy to swallow, and you can consume them effortlessly with a glass of water.

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2- PhenQ – Best Appetite Suppressant For Men

PhenQ is a super pill. Yes, it is that one-stop solution we all crave for. Who on Earth likes to take in 10 pills for ten different problems, whereas the reality is we all fight with sometimes more than ten problems. All we want is a single magic pill that shall exert a strong effect on all the problems.

Most people who are planning to take natural appetite suppressants must be grieved with a dozen of lifestyle problems such as poor basal metabolic rate, increased fat deposition in the body, and whatnot. PhenQ is that dream product you had been thinking of. It is a single pill that can effectively cater to 5 different problems. Though PhenQ is renowned as a diet suppressant mostly, it is an effective metabolism booster, fat burner, and a product that brings around a typical change in the lifestyle towards the positive direction. Consumption of PhenQ makes your body fit, and healthy keeps the gut happy, and most importantly, keeps you away from multiple lifestyle disorders. PhenQ is like a fitness regime.

How does it work?

Not only is PhenQ unique as a product in itself, but it also takes a very unconventional and scientific approach towards making your body fit and fine. Whereas the majority of diet suppressants in the market are either fat burners or carbohydrate blockers, PhenQ works more on increasing the metabolism of the body. For people who are overeating tremendously and want to do something serious about it, PhenQ is one such product you must connect with. PhenQ works from multiple facets and prevents weight gain and overeating from an array of angles. The versatility and multiplicity of approaches make PhenQ a wonder product.

Here is a summary of how it brings about a change in your body

  • Shifts the metabolism cloud to fat. The body tends to store fat in the form of lipids in the adipose pockets of your body. Since glucose comes from the breakdown of carbohydrates is a relatively easy to use energy currency for the body, it always prefers to use that. PhenQ makes the body use more fat for metabolism hence putting a bar on fat deposition and also enhancing the utilization of pre-stored fat for effective body activities.
  • PhenQ is also an effective energy booster that is dedicated to giving the energy levels in your body a clean rise. You feel less fatigued and can carry out your day in the most energetic way ever. PhenQ is highly preferred by people who are suffering from tiredness and do not want to indulge in physical activities. Staying away from exercise and workouts will keep on making you obese. PhenQ can stimulate the body to be energetic and bid farewell to unnecessary fatigue.
  • PhenQ is one of the best natural appetite suppressants and justifies its purpose. It has multiple ingredients like Chromium Picolinate that can reduce your craving for excessive carbohydrates and sugar. PhenQ brings your diet on a healthy track. Ingredients like Nopal are extremely well known to prevent water retention and act as wonderful natural appetite suppressants.
  • PhenQ stops the overproduction of fat in the body and hence also prevents the excessive storage of fat. The unique effect of PhenQ on the fat metabolism of the body makes it one of the best products for bringing the body weight under control.
  • Being overweight and physically unfit is closely related to the state of mind. An obese person never feels good about themselves and is always irritated. This is nothing abnormal. The close relationship between physiology and psychology is natural and prominent. PhenQ contains natural ingredients which can boost your mood. While on a diet regime, it is very common to have cravings, especially when you have been staying away from a particular food for a long time. Consumption of PhenQ elevates the mood and keeps you away from these mood cranks, thus increasing the determination of healthy dieting.

In this way, PhenQ works from multiple angles in making a person healthier. Losing weight is, of course, a part of it, but there is a lot more to it, and PhenQ caters to all of it well.

Constituting Ingredients of PhenQ

PhenQ holds a special name because of the all-natural composition of the product. All the constituents of PhenQ are natural and do not have any potential side effects. So, being healthy is now a lifestyle, and PhenQ makes it better. Let us have a look at the ingredients of this super product.

  • L- Carnitine Fumarate:- Helps the body to use lipid/fat as an energy source and thus reduce the storage of fat in the body.
  • Caffeine:- Helpful in stimulating thermogenesis inside the body and an excellent natural component to reduce fatigue. Caffeine instills the body with energy and helps to keep the mind concentrated and focused. Caffeine consumption gives the energy boost to the body to work more and handle stress better.
  • Capsimax Powder:- Enhances the thermogenesis in the body, which helps burn the belly fat and put your body in an overall metabolic homeostatic state. Capsimax powder is a great natural ingredient to boost fat utilization even when at rest. It is like a magic component.
  • Chromium Picolinate:- Extremely helpful in reduction of excess carbohydrate and sugar craving.
  • Nopal:- This is the main appetite suppressing component that is well known for its natural properties. Nopal is also an effective ingredient to prevent water retention in the body, thus reducing chances of metabolic toxicity.

Other secondary ingredients present in PhenQ are:-

  • Piperine: This is naturally obtained from Black Pepper and has the potential to increase the thermogenic metabolism of the body that is especially useful in breaking down stubborn fat.
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3):- Niacin helps in rapid energy mobilization and prevents the storage of energy, especially in the form of fat reserves within adipose tissues. Niacin helps the body to have circulating sources of energy ready at hand for use.
  • Alpa – LACYS RESET:- It is a clinically prepared compound that uses the latest principles of science to improve the thermogenesis in the body and burn down fat. This compound is made of alpha-lipoic acid, magnesium, and cysteine base. It is highly beneficial for boosting metabolism.

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What are the Benefits of PhenQ?

PhenQ can bring about a renaissance in your lifestyle. PhenQ is a successful product with a very good testimonial as being one of the best appetite suppressants. Your age and gender have nothing to do with the intake of PhenQ. It is extremely helpful for an effective weight loss journey. Here are the top 5 benefits of PhenQ in a nutshell:-

  • It greatly suppresses appetite and unnecessary sugar cravings.
  • It acts as an effective fat burner and prevents the over-accumulation of fat in the body.
  • It contains ingredients that can elevate the mood and reduce mood swings, especially food cravings.
  • It is effective equally on both women and men and people of all ages.
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

How to Take PhenQ?

You should start by taking two pills daily. There is a particular convention that you need to follow while taking this pill, and that is regarding the timing. It is recommended to abstain from the use of this pill after 3 p.m because the caffeine content can lead to insomnia. So, you can take one pill with your breakfast and the other one with lunch. Each pack of PhenQ contains 60 pills. You can observe notable results within three months of consumption. PhenQ is a part of the lifestyle. Many people prefer to stop the consumption after achieving their desired weight and then maintain that weight through diet and exercise. While others prefer to use it for a lifetime because there are some excellent pros of the product, including the boost of mental health.

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3- Zotrim – Best Natural Fat burner

Zotrim is  a clinically proven best natural appetite suppressant and is of special help to women. Zotrim is noteworthy also because it is a completely herbal product and one of a kind. Zotrim intake promotes weight loss through a completely natural process and brings down the tendency to overeat and curb down appetite naturally. So, let us take a closer look at Zotrim.
Zotrim is quite similar to PhenQ in the context that it is an overall supplement for the body and greatly helps in targeting multiple aspects of weight loss. It is not like any med. Instead, Zotrim is your partner for your weight loss journey. The herbal ingredients of Zotrim make it a top favorite, especially for people who are freaking obsessed with an all-natural composition of products.

Constituting Ingredients of Zotrim

All the craze about Zotrim is because of the herbal ingredients in it. Let us scrutinize the ingredients and try to figure out how they can be your perfect partner for a weight loss journey.

  • Guarana Extract:- Guarana is an extract from a very famous plant indigenous to South America. This is a very common ingredient you will mostly find in energy drinks. The Guarana seeds have a very high concentration of caffeine. It is manifold higher than what is present in Coffee. Guarana is one of the strongest stimulants found naturally. Hence intake of Guarana can greatly stimulate the body and maintain a constant level of high energy within the body which helps in better performance and keeps away tiredness and fatigue.
  • Yerba Mate Leaf Extract:- This is also quite similar to Guarana Extract. Yerba Mate Leaves also contain high doses of natural caffeine and are taken by people as a very strong energy drink. This leaf is also typically found in South America. It is a brewed drink and taken just like tea. Yerba Mate Leaf is capable of naturally suppressing the appetite and thus be your perfect partner in the weight loss journey.
  • Vitamin B3 / Niacin:- Niacin is well known for its energy mobilization properties. Vitamin B3 helps the body to have a constant source of energy in the available form. Niacin also prevents the excessive deposition of fat in the body. Vitamin B3 is also very helpful in protecting the body against plenty of other degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease. This is of special importance to the brain.
  • Damiana Leaf: It is widely used in medical science because of the amazing properties of this extract to treat depression and fatigue, which are extremely associated with collateral symptoms of weight gain. Damiana is mostly found in the Caribbean region of Central America. It is one of the most famous natural aphrodisiacs found on Earth, and the extracts of this leaf are incorporated in Zotrim.
  • Caffeine: As we know, caffeine is a very good ingredient to instill into your weight loss journey. Caffeine helps a lot in stimulating the body and initiating the much-deemed focus and concentration of the mind.
  • Vitamin B6:- Very much essential for the normal growth and development of the body, especially of the central nervous system. It is found in fish, chicken, potatoes, and chickpeas.

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How Does Zotrim Work?

The perfect combination of a host of ingredients makes Zotrim extremely effective as the best natural appetite suppressor. The high concentration of caffeine in Zotrim makes it a perfect one for suppressing the appetite. Caffeine and other ingredients in Zotrim keep the mood elevated and the energy level at a peak. A person who consumes Zotrim remains quite alert and active and is readily able to work more. More physical activity and greater awareness help in the weight loss journey.

The presence of Damiana Leaf in Zotrim is one of the most notable characteristic features of the product. This is a magic ingredient and keeps the mood fresh. People often end up eating excess while they are in depression. Because the consumption of excessive quantities of favorite food stimulates the brain’s satiety center, it also makes one happy. So, eating your favorite ice cream while you are under stress makes you happier. But that is not good for the well-being of the body. Extracts from Damiana keeps a person in a positive state of a kind and hence deteriorates this tendency to either overeat or eat unhealthy, which are two big causes of being overweight.

Vitamin B3 and B6 present in Zotrim is extremely beneficial to maintain a perfect state of energy balance in the body. Both of them are naturally potent to give the body a feeling of high energy. Both of these vitamins convert the assimilated nutrients into available energy. Thus, you never feel the need to eat more just because you are unenergetic.

What are the Benefits of Zotrim?

  • Zotrim offers multiple benefits, which are marvelous in the weight loss journey. Let us have a look at a few of them:-
  • Induces a sensation of fullness in the stomach that suppresses the appetite and the tendency to eat more.
  • Zotrim helps to bring down the tendency to eat frequently. Once you start taking Zotrim, you will notice that you are munching and snacking far less than what you used to do earlier.
  • It gives you much more energy and keeps the mind active and focused. So, you don’t feel fatigued or tired.
  • Intake of Zotrim Before exercise shots can help the body to gain more from the workout and helps in burning down fat better.

How to Take Zotrim?

It is usually recommended to take two pills of Zotrim before the three major meals in a day. That means 6 in total. You can simply consume the pills with a glass of water. Avoid taking more than nine pills a day because extremely high caffeine levels in the body can cause problems in the sleep schedule.

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Final Thoughts

Here were the three best natural appetite suppressants in the review. I hope your life has become sorted by now, and you are ready to choose the best one for yourself.

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