Robert Floyd of Horry County Explains What Ethical Hacking Is and How Can It Be Beneficial to Your Business

Robert Floyd of Horry County Wants Your Business to Better Understand Ethical Hacking

When most businesses think of hackers, they immediately think of villains who may be trying to hack their company’s proprietary information or the personal information of their employees, customers, or clients. However, not every hacker is bad. Ethical hackers are working to turn the table on hackers and help your business find vulnerabilities or exploits that hackers may exploit for malicious purposes or monetary gain. If you run a business, even if you do not have a web presence, ethical hacking is something that should be on your radar. Here is more information about ethical hacking from Certified Ethical Hacker and Internet security expert Robert Floyd of Horry County.

Robert Floyd of Horry County Explains What Ethical Hacking Is

Robert Floyd of Horry County states that ethical hacking is the process of legally attempting to break into computer networks and systems to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats. Typically, ethical hackers are hired by organizations to test the security of their information technology assets including networks and computers as well as websites and critical business applications. These organizations invite or hire people who have hacking expertise to try to infiltrate their systems, giving them valuable insight into the various ways that hackers may be able to penetrate their systems. On some occasions, ethical hackers have hacked into a company’s information systems and simply told the company about the breaches, free of charge, but typically, ethical hackers charge companies for their services.

Robert Floyd of Horry County Lists the Reasons Why Ethical Hacking Can Be Beneficial to Your Business

Robert Floyd of Horry County explains that ethical hacking can be extremely beneficial to a business. If a hacker is able to infiltrate your information systems, they can obtain private business or customer information. When you hire an ethical hacker, you get insight into how hackers work and whether your system stands up to hackers trying to hack the information systems that run your business. Most businesses do not realize their information systems are vulnerable until they are hacked by malicious hackers, so hiring ethical hackers keeps you one step ahead of the bad guys.

Robert Floyd of Horry County Details the Risks Involved When an Unethical Hacker Breaches Your Information Systems

Robert Floyd of Horry County says that there is a significant risk involved in unethical hackers hacking your information systems. Data breaches typically end up on the news, and that looks bad for your business. Customers and clients also lose trust in your business if your company gets hacked. Class action lawsuits have been filed against companies that have been hacked. And lastly, your proprietary business secrets can be leaked to the public resulting in a loss of competitive advantage.
Robert Floyd of Horry County explains that ethical hacking is one of the best ways to find out if there are any weaknesses, vulnerabilities, or problems that unethical hackers can exploit and use to obtain private information stored in your information systems. Breaches to your security can lead to customers or clients not trusting you, potential fines or lawsuits, and a loss of information that was private and confidential to your business.

To protect your information and reputation, contact an ethical hacker today to learn more about how they can help you with your information security.

Robert Floyd of Horry County