How the Fantasy Sports Industry evolved in India?

Fantasy sports have been the next big thing in the sports industry. It is terrific that the fantasy sports companies like Dream 11 and others have evolved to such a great height in India and worldwide. The users of such applications and websites deposit money, which has worked for the Dream 11 and other fantasy apps.

In India, millions of users play official fantasy sports on their mobiles and laptops, and many of them have been playing it continuously for over three years now. But they have not been rewarded with success as we all know the fantasy sports have an X factor, which is called the ”Luck”.

Even after a lot of research, one cannot win in the fantasy sports like Dream 11 and others. Luck also holds the key to success in such fantasy sports applications websites, and that is why many users who have played this official fantasy game for many years still cannot win high rewards for their hard work.

Picking a correct playing 11 and predictions will help the users to win prizes. But many of them forget to pick teams before the deadline. The team that was picked last week gets automatically selected, which can make the users lose some crucial points, affecting the rankings amongst the six million users worldwide.

In the fantasy sports applications, the users should not forget, and they should find their time out of the busy schedule to update teams every week if they want to win in the single match one and daily fantasy contests, which are run by the websites and apps like Dream 11.

As we all know, they found Dream 11 in the year 2008, and Harsh Jain is the co-founder of this number 1 fantasy app company. Now the Dream 11 has been reaching newer and more recent heights. The Dream 11 is also an official partner of the BCCI, and it is also the title sponsor of the cash-rich league tournament like the IPL – Indian Premier League.

But before Dream 11 came into the picture, ESPN Star’s joint venture gaming company called Super Selectors set up the first game and company in the country. However, it was shut down even before IPL made its way in the world.

The co-founder of the Dream 11 app, Harsh Jain, is an engineer by qualification. To solve his personal problem, he set up a fantasy sports application on the sports he loved in India.

Many cricket lovers in India might be interested in playing fantasy cricket game, and many didn’t mind playing this fantasy application. This is how the number one sports fantasy application was started.

Dream 11 is the first version of free play, a season-long cricket fantasy game in a graphical format with an ad-driven business model. Dream 11 ran this business for almost four years. But this formula did not work in the country after the Indian users didn’t pay attention. They wanted something which has instant gratification.

Then in 2012, The Dream 11 company changed its ways and tricks to make it work. They came with various formulas for daily fantasy sports, and they also tweaked their revenue model by removing ads, and they allowed the users to deposit money on their teams through this app.

They would collect the money collected through the contest in a pool, and after the match got over, the user who won the most points would win that pool of money after the deduction of the service fee.

Harsh Jain also introduced pay to pay variant in India. But he also consulted lawyers around the country, which helped him to know whether premium sports are legal in India or not. Legal advice is always essential, especially when fantasy sports haven’t been deemed a game of skill because the premium version falls under the betting and gambling act, which is still illegal in our country.

In premium sports, the primary law is the Public Gambling Act 1867. The Act is over 150 years old, which doesn’t allow gambling in public. But it needs to be seen someone can deposit money in a game of skills and a game of chance.

Laws can be different in various states of India. the game of skills like horse riding and some states have been exempted on the mere of skill.

The game of skill does not amount to gambling, according to the Supreme Court of India. The game of skill can be considered as the commercial activity. But In the states like Assam, Orrisa, and Telangana, one cannot play the game of skills on money because Premium fantasy sports are illegal in India’s three states.

The Dream 11 fantasy application is a game of skill. You should read Dream11 review and then dive into it. The users can play it for free, and if they wish, they can deposit money. They introduced this module in the year 2012 by Dream 11, where they had the option of free play and deposit money for the teams.

Even though the freemium ran successfully, the one user of Dream 11 lost fifty thousand, and that’s why he decided to take on the company. Varun Gumber filed a petition saying that the Dream 11 company is not about the game of skill. But it is clearly about betting and gambling.

But the Punjab and Haryana High Court found that Dream 11 has various parameters which rise out in the match. So the game of skill has a more prominent influence on the fantasy app, and the court has approved Dream 11’s extensive qualities in the app. They also dismissed Varun Gumber’s petition.

The judgment went in favor of Dream 11, which was a big win. On this app, one can choose as many players as possible in the team. Dream 11 does not ask the users to choose just one or two players, and they called it a fantasy app.

The sports industry is a self-regulated industry termed by the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming, where Harsh Jain is the chairman, and it was founded in 2017, according to the IFSG website. There are only 17 members in this group.

India’s government does not yet well know IFSG as this group is still a private institution. Till the Indian government recognizes it as a regulatory of Indian fantasy sports gaming, they cannot have game-changing law members as GameChanger Law advisors.

The individual states can develop adequate legalizations for online sports fantasy companies to regulate the online gaming industry, which will help fantasy sports remain the game of skill. They should not be the game of chance.

The Dream 11 has grown huge every week because of its fans and followers in India and worldwide. Dream 11 has 45-lifetime users who play for money. But there are six million users more with the premium account, and that is a revenue source for them.

Now Dream 11 has been the official gaming partner of KFC BBL, ICC, and CPL. It has been an official partner of the BCCI and the title sponsor of the IPL as well. Dream 11 also raised 100 million dollars which had a Chinese multinational holding as their investors. With that, Dream Dream 11 holds 90 percent of the Indian fantasy sports industry’s market share.

Dream 11 also signed India’s former captain, cool MS Dhoni as their brand ambassador. Joy Bhattacharya said the app had more than seven thousand users in the launch app in the first half and hour itself, and by midnight, the system went down.

The users can play the app for free, and if they wish to deposit money, they can use credit and debit cards, wallets, net banking, UPI, and other secure more money transfer modes.

Dream 11 wants to retain its users, which is the most challenging challenge for them as they got just 15 percent of the audience from 300 million people of India. They had good growth as well, which they got in distribution. Now the Dream 11 will be around the market in this fast-growing industry and keeping the users is the high challenge that lies ahead of them.


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