Effuel Reviews – Does Effuel Really Works or SCAM?

Who doesn’t want to make savings, whether it is food, clothing or car fuel, people look for options to make great savings and reduce their monthly expenditure? People are shifting towards innovative ways to control their monthly expenses and using different ways to make great savings. When it comes to car, people opt for vehicles that are great in fuel efficiency. But, if you are having an expensive car with low mileage, you have to use external device to control the fuel efficiency. This is where Effuel comes into limelight. Effuel is the revolutionary device that can minimize the fuel consumption of your car by 25% without any large oil expenses.

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Car owners need to install the Effuel chip into the Electronic Control Unit of their car and reduce the fuel efficiency of the car by 25%. With this innovative device, car owners can now enhance the efficiency and performance of the car. It reduces the consumption of fuel in car without hampering the performance and mileage. Below is the comprehensive review on Effuel that will give you better reasons to install the device in your car.

  • Supports all the fuel inject engines
  • Manages the wastage of fuel in car
  • Monitors the fuel consumptions in engine and controls the flow
  • Heightens the mileage without excessive fuel consumption

Affordable option for car owners to control fuel consumption

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What is Effuel?

Effuel is the newly launched device that claims to reduce the fuel efficiency of the car by 25%. It is the chip that needs to be installed in the Electronic Control Unit of your car to reduce the consumption of oil without hampering road performance and mileage of the car. The device allows the car owners to save money on fuel without the need of adjusting the driving habits. The chip is designed to enhance the efficiency of the car and reduce fuel consumption by 25%.

All modern cars are fuel efficient and the modern vehicles come with gasoline engine that is known for fuel efficiency. The role of the Effuel is to revamp the Electronic Control Unit of the car, adjust the efficiency of fuel and improvise the performance of the car on road.

The product manufacturer has made many big claims about Effuel. They claim that it enhance the car fuel system and efficiency on bed, while reducing the consumption of fuel without reducing the mileage. There is no need for adjusting your driving habits on road to minimize fuel consumption. The device not only improvises the fuel efficiency, but also increases the power and torque performance of the car.

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Understanding the Working Process

Effuel is the innovative electronic device to reduce fuel consumption of your car by 25%. The device works to control and adjust the behaviour of the car’s ECU. The device acts as the ECOOBD2 plug that you have to plug into the OBD2 interface of your car.

Effuel is the class device known as the OB2 chip that works along with the ECU system of your car to monitor and adjust the fuel efficiency.

The cutting edge device works with the ECU system that monitors and enhances the performance of the car. As the chip is installed with the ECU it starts acquiring information of the driving propensities.

The device monitors important things, fuel flow, level of time spend on voyage control and more. After installation, it monitors your driving up to 150 miles and it understands the behaviour and using the data it tunes the ECU for low fuel efficiency and consumption.

It works virtually on all cars that are designed with fuel inject engine.

Some of the advertised functioning of the device are:

  • Enhance the fuel efficiency of the inject engine by 25%
  • Saves money on gasoline
  • Combat against the climate change and minimizes the impact on the environment.
  • Increases the torque by 25% and power of car by 35%

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Does Effuel Work As Advertised?

  • According to the claims of the official website, the product works as advertised to optimize the fuel efficiency of your car electronically without hampering the power, torque and mileage.
  • As per the claims, car owners can notice similar performance and boost in the efficiency of the car with Effuel as they would if using a mechanic.
  • The device electronically revamps the fuel efficiency of the car by optimizing the performance of the ECU system of your car with its OBD2 chip
  • Effuel works efficiently to deliver a comprehensive revamping of the ECU system or fuel efficiency and it is easy to install and remove.

Pros & Cons of Effuel


  • Saves money at the gas station
  • Enhances the fuel efficiency of the car up to 25%
  • Reduces environmental impact of the car
  • Combats against the climate changes
  • Increases torque up to 25% and power by 35%
  • It revamps the ECU system of car for higher fuel efficiency
  • It is easy to install and remove
  • It never damages the engine or the ECU unit of your car
  • Effuel is the OBD2 chip that increases torque and power
  • Claims to offer smoother rides and increase mileages per gallon of gas


  • Not compatible with all models of cars
  • Availability of the chip as it is only available online from its official website
  • Information about the product is only available at its website

How to use Effuel?

Below is the step by step guide to install the device into your car without the need of mechanic and specialized tools. Car owners have to follow the below mentioned steps to successful install the device into their car.

  • Take out the car key from the ignition hole of the car
  • Find out the OBD2 connector in the car dashboard
  • Plug in the Effuel device into the OBD2 connector
  • Put back the car key into the ignition and try to win the way into the primary stage
  • Switch on the reset button for five seconds and ensure that the device is securely plugged in and sit tight for 30-60 seconds. As the Effuel develop connection with the ECU system it starts working

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How Effuel is Different?

Effuel is the fuel saver that is efficient and different from other devices that work for saving fuel of your car. The electronic device is designed by professional automobile engineers and it claims to deliver the best fuel efficiency. The device is designed after researching about the fuel consumption of car engine and calibrating the software system that can work right from the beginning and control the fuel flow or injection into the engine.

  • The device helps in reducing fuel consumption
  • The gadget is available in small chip that is easy to plug over the fuel control unit of the vehicle
  • Without the need of mechanic and specialized tools the device can be installed in just 15 minutes
  • Effuel comes with a silicon chip that is calibrated with the software system
  • It provides data analysis for fuel injection and based on the data it controls the fuel consumption
  • The device is designed to fit the car’s system to save money on fuel and gasoline

Is Effuel a Certified Product?

Yes, Effuel is a certified product that has is associated and certified for usages in car by many automobile testing labs. The product is designed and formulated by many experienced automobile engineers. It is designed after many researches by the experts in the field and it is certified to be used in fuel inject engines.

However, it is necessary that you consider reading the instructions mentioned on the label of the device and use it accordingly. You need to check if the device is compatible with model of car you have.

Testimonials of Real Buyers

“I am using a Honda model car and frustrated with the fuel consumption of my car. So, I decided to install Effuel in my car and it helps in controlling the fuel consumption and now I experience more torque and power.”

“Effuel is the best fuel efficient gadget I have ever found. It helps me in managing my savings on fuel and allows the car to consume less gas with increased performance on road. I am happy with the manufacturer of the gadget and suggest all car owners to use it for fuel efficiency.”

“My car accepted Effuel and I am happy with the performance of the gadget. It not only controls the fuel efficiency and increases mileage of my car, but the torque and power of my car has also increased.”

Pricing and Ordering of Effuel

For a single unit you have to shell out $39.98 along with shipping and handling charges. For two units you have to shell out $59.97 along with shipping charges and for three units you have to pay around $79.96 along with the shipping charges.

If you are interested in ordering the unit please visit its official website to buy a device for your car.

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