Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review- Is Unlock Your Hip Flexors Legit?

We might know a lot about workouts and daily physical activities. Even after so, our bodies may ditch us with a common condition called tight hip flexors, as we pay less attention to keeping those muscles fit.

Tons of so-called professionals and youtube experts claim to vanish your tight hip flexors problem through simple stretching. It takes a lot more than that! The only program worthy of taking a look at is ‘unlock your hip flexors.’ The unbiased, Unlock Your Hip Flexors review will tell you why.

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If you want to know how to unlock your hip flexors, you would need to know the angles you can stretch from or multiple other exercises combined to help you do the desired. The best part about the Unlock your hip flexors digital program is that it works for tight hip muscles, loosens tight back leg muscles, and supports overall physical wellbeing.

So, make a smart move and have a look below!

What Are Hip Flexors?

Hip flexors are nothing but a bridge that connects the upper body with the lower part. As you go around your lower spine, you’ll find many core muscles, medically known as the psoas major muscle or hip flexors.

If you didn’t concentrate on much of the 10th-grade biology, let me tell you that the psoas central muscle has the sole responsibility of connecting the upper and lower body! Besides, the hip flexors retain all the vital organs responsible for breathing, metabolism, filtration, movement, and so on.

Without healthy hip flexor muscles, it’s impossible to control a balanced movement, sit properly, walk, stand, run, or even obtain a more muscular core strength.

Hence, if you haven’t been paying much attention to your tight hip flexors lately, it’s high you should!

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Unlock Your Hip Flexors: What Is It?

The ‘Unlock your hip flexors’ is a workout program in two sets of workout videos and a 63-page PDF.

What does the program focus on? As you can guess from the name, it focuses on stretching and relaxing the tightened psoas muscles. This relaxation can lead to resolving several physical difficulties, including bad posture, breathing issues, sleep apnea, joint pain, stress, decreased libido, stiff back, and leg muscles, and so on.

In the Unlock your hip flexors pdf and videos, you’ll find a total of unlock your hip flexors ten exercises that aid loosening of your hip flexors. And how does it happen? By following the sequential flow method, you can unravel layers of physical tension and have a healthier body bridge.

Before we dig into the details, care to know the benefits of unlocking hip flexors?

  • Improve body posture, mobility, and flexibility
  • Relax the hip locked up muscles
  • Support an increased level of power, agility, and endurance
  • Improve strength, muscle condition, and boos the weight loss routine
  • Boost overall energy, and maintain a healthy blood flow, and so on.

Don’t worry about your busy schedule, because you’ll only need about 15 minutes of regular workout time to relax your body! For the sake of good health, that isn’t much.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Creators of Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program

The leading exercise therapist and kinesiologist Rick Kaselj and fitness professional Mike Westedal are the names you’re looking for-the creators of the program.

With 16 years of client experience regarding fitness and kinesiology, thousands of fitness professionals look forward to hip flexors Rick Kaselj program and his findings. He has six years of University teachings on kinesiology, and therapeutic exercises, which ultimately lead him to complete his Master’s in workout science.

Speaking of Mike, he’s a well-known sports nutritionist, and of course, US bestselling author, thanks to his fitness, strength, and muscle training books. If you’re a fitness freak, I’m sure you’ve visited criticalbench.com once or twice at least; know that Mike is the founder of this long-time fitness site.

Well, what can we say? You’re in the right hands!  And the whole program has zero chances of being a scam or a collection of fake claims, unlike others.

Why Should You Reverse Tight Hip Flexors Damage?

If you’re still in the early stage of pain and ailment, then you still have time to take control of your situation. Otherwise, this will lead to multiple issues, including

Back pain

Once you sign up for the program and know how to unlock your hip flexors, you’ll have an active set of hip flexors balanced between pushing and pulling. You might wonder why you need the balance. It is indispensable to prevent back muscle strains and ultimately back pain.

Week core strength and immunity

There’s a reason why the hip flexors are known as the ‘fight or flight’ muscles. During moments of danger, the muscles tighten on their own to shield you. Now, if you have constant locked hips, that can’t be the sign of anything good.

It will lead to hyperactive adrenal glands and weaken your core along with immunity.

Belly fat

Not everyone can cut down their fat with mere workouts or diet plans. The sole cause for a lot of people isn’t the appetite, sedentary lifestyle, or diet. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s tight hip flexors.

Once you take care of the psoas muscles, the hip flexors pull the back muscles and give you the long-desired flat tummy.

Unhealthy blood circulation

With a stiff group of central muscles, you are bound to have disrupted blood circulation, significantly below the waist.

Hence, healthy hip flexors can save you from varicose veins, weight gain, cardiovascular arrest, or even strokes.

Bad posture

What can you expect from an unhealthy combination of flexible and stiff muscles? Nothing but a bad posture and discomfort in daily movement!

It might even affect your overall skeletal system. So, before it’s permanent, relaxing those hip flexors seems like a must.

Are you already suffering from the above issues? Are you stressing about it? Don’t worry; you are very close to reaching out to the advanced hip flexor secrets.

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What Causes Tight Hip Flexors?

You are spending your days as usual, and boom, one day, you understand that you have tight hip flexors! Yes, some of your mere everyday activists can lead it to, such as,

Sitting down in the same posture for long hours

Poor sleep schedule and sleeping in lousy posture

Stress and anxiety

Poor choice of regular workout plan

For athletes, it’s the regular sprinting, jumping, or kicking that leads to this problem.

Yes, you might be surprised about the athletes’ part, but it’s true. And you can’t get away with the hip flexors trouble with just any kind of workout plan; that’s for sure, some might even worsen your condition. So, unless you sign up for a trustworthy program like Rick Kaselj Unlock your hip flexors, you’re in trouble!

Does The ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors’ Program Work?

Once you make the Unlock your hip flexors download, you’ll know every trick on how to unlock hips. But the question is, does it work?  And if yes, then how?

The program tells you all about the significance of the psoas muscles on your whole body. It isn’t only a significant factor for physical well-being, but it also supports you mentally, and spiritually.

With simple and clear instructions, the Unlock your hip flexors DVD or pdf tell you how and which hip flexor exercises can target your hip flexor muscles and loosen them.

As I signed up for the program, I also learned how to straighten my body posture and how relaxing hip flexors can benefit my day-to-day movements.

To your surprise, you’ll know about the daily workout routine that has been harming your physique more than improving it. It also tells you how to rectify the problems by switching to the right workout plan.

The program tells you the exact step-by-step methods on how to reverse the damage.

Not only does it relax your hips, back, and body, but it also boosts your intimacy capacities, improves sleep schedule, and rids anxiety.

Even the Unlock your hip flexors DVD reviews say the same. We’ll take you there soon. Till then, why don’t you take a brief look at-?

How Does The ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors’ Program Work?

Hundreds of YouTube videos by ‘Fitness gurus’ show you how stretches,  foam rollers, or even foam balls can help you push away psoas muscle pain. If you think you’d instead take these free programs, then you must want to ask those who’ve already taken them and if they have benefitted.

It’s a lot more complicated than they show it. But the hip flexors program teaches you the particular stretches, movements to help you reach the desired goal. I’ll introduce you to a few of their exercises-

Flexibility workouts: For flexible movements of the joints and to rid the joint pain and strains, this workout plan works like magic. These include lying hip rotation, frog stretch, piriformis stretch, etc.

3D core stability workouts: With stronger core muscles, you can improve your body performance, agility, and power. This activity includes eccentric ab pulldown, sagittal plane, front plank, frontal plane workouts, etc.

PNF stretching: PNF, short for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretching, loosens the rigid and tight joints. The exercises support continuous extension and contraction of muscles, especially the hip and legs.

Muscular activation workouts: To activate or boost our locomotory muscles, these simple exercises help us move freely and comfortably. These include push up to rotation, arm pull down, hip bridge, shoulder taps, etc.

Dynamic stretching: Dynamic stretching improves the extent of joint motion and blood circulation.

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The Sequential Flow Method

Have you ever written a generative code, or maybe put together IKEA furniture? Without the right order, the outcome is either zero or unsatisfactory. The same goes for hip flexors exercises.

Yes, you could learn what exercises they tell you to perform and do it on your own. But that’s not how you’ll benefit from the program. The trick to making things work lies in what they call the sequential flow of the exercises and stretches.

As Rick teaches you the sequential flow of workouts, your body and its organs start their natural healing  through movement, improve your strength and immunity. Now, this is what makes this program different from the typical ones.

What’s Inside The Program?

As I said earlier, the Unlock your hip flexors manual comes with a Unlock your hip flexors book or ebook and two sets of training videos.

EBook: The Unlock your hip flexors eBook explains the human anatomy of the hip and abdominal area. It also explains how maintaining a good state of these muscles is mandatory for everyone. Besides, it also shows you detailed instructions of every exercise you’ll perform for relaxing hip flexors.

Video set 1: These are how-to-do videos for each stretch or movement.

Video set 2: The second set included real-time follow-up videos of the workouts.

Now, there’s an exciting offer going on that comes with two bonuses. You got to hurry up before the offer expires!

Bonus 1: Unlock your tight hamstrings: Due to sedentary lives, with a lot of sitting time, our hamstrings tighten up as well, which results in bad posture and back pain.

With this free program, valued initially at $29, you’ll get a routine workout plan for unlocking hamstrings for improving back and leg pain fast.

Bonus 2: 7-day anti-inflammatory diet: With the 7-day Anti-inflammatory diet, you’ll get a list of recommended meal plans, foodstuff, and tips to help natural healing.

Who Should Go For The Program?

Since there are zero side effects of the program, it’s suitable for anyone irrespective of age, sex, and physical condition. You should sign up for the program today-

  • If your sedentary lifestyle makes you sit all-day
  • If you have joint and muscle pain
  • If you are suffering from difficulty in everyday movement.
  • If you want to improve your posture, and mobility
  • If you’re going to lose the bulging belly
  • If you’re going to lead an active and healthy life

Unlock Your Hip Flexors: Pros and Cons

Thanks to Rick and Mike for the easy-to-follow program that targets the hard-to-reach psoas muscles. Although they have ensured a holistic approach for overall wellbeing, there are still a few shortcomings. Why don’t we check out both the pros and cons?


  • Simple instructions with an easy-to-follow guide
  • Pdf and Video formats of instructions for user convenience
  • Takes only 10-15 minutes regularly
  • Boosts energy, power, and immunity
  • Offers a better sleep schedule with no stress 
  • Works for all ages, sex, and body types
  • Heals your body naturally
  • Comes with the Unlock your hip flexors 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Does not give you results overnight
  • You can only get the program from an online purchase.
  • If you have medical conditions or surgery history, you might as well consult with your physician beforehand.

What Does The Program Cost?

You’ll be surprised to know that all these benefits of the Unlock your hip flexors cost you only $50 max! Besides, with Unlock your hip flexors coupon code available on their website, you can even opt for a nice discount.

Click Here To Download Unlock Your Hip Flexors From The Official Website (60 Days Money-Back Guarantee)

Visit the official website and you can make the purchase at once with the offers. If you are looking for Unlock your hip flexors free download option, then unfortunately, the program isn’t free.

You must be thinking, if the charges are so low, what’s the probability of the program working? To clear your doubt, the creators have even included the no questions 60-day money-back guarantee! Zero-risk investment, and entirely trustworthy, as Unlock your hip flexors reviews say.

Real Customer Reviews

If you don’t trust my words, that’s fine. Why don’t you take a look at the Rick Kaselj reviews on the program by general customers?

Kay says on Unlock your hip flexors Reddit reviews,

” I felt improvement in my hips and back in 2 days!”

That’s great, Kay! Jen says,

” I have been using the exercises presented in Unlock your hip flexors for the last two weeks, and I cannot believe what an impact it has made!”

It was the same in my case too, Jen! A happy Amazon customer says,

” Just reading the book and watching the DVD helped me to unlock the muscles that had seized. It does work!”

Of course, it does!

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Reviews – Final Words

So, tell me, after the unlock your hip flexors review, did I waste your time, or were the few minutes worthy?

Considering today’s lifestyle and diet, many persons, including the active ones and athletes, face tight hip flexors. If you’ve already taken regular exercises to heal your pain,  I don’t think it has helped you much.

Thank goodness the fitness professionals created the Unlock your hip flexors program. If the price seems high to you, I’ll tell you one thing, is there anything beyond your health? Why not try the program for yourself before you say anything else.

Click Here To Download Unlock Your Hip Flexors From The Official Website (60 Days Money-Back Guarantee)

The FAQs About Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Q. What are the symptoms of tight hip flexors?

Poor posture, difficulty in movement, lower back ache and tightness, etc.

Q. Can you pop your hip flexor?

Yes, you can! Just a do a simple butterfly stretch safely, and you’ll hear your hip flexors pop.

Q. What does a locked hip feel like?

You will feel stiff hip joints and hear popping and clicking as you make movements.

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