Vladimir Cizelj, PhD and Vlatacom Institute Develop Better Border Control Technologies

When we speak of the term boundaries in psychology, the simplest way of defining them is as conceptual limits between two people. Furthermore, keeping those boundaries secure actually means keeping oneself safe and well in any interaction and this can also be an analogy between the borders of two neighboring countries.

Border management has been under particular pressure in recent times. Globalization is a process that includes free trade and free movement of goods and people. However, the goodwill of nations is often taken advantage of by malicious actors that deal in illegal smuggling, trafficking, and migration, and other forms of organized crime and terrorism.

To help governments address these challenges, Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, and Vlatacom Institute have made it their mission to develop effective systems and tools for better border management control.

Utilization of advanced technologies

Government and border control agencies are well aware of the advantages of cutting edge technologies when it comes to border control. We see more and more governments investing in the tools that can provide effective surveillance and monitoring of border activities, identity verification, and vehicle and license plate checks.

Systems for automated biometric identification, vehicle control, and multi-sensor imaging systems are all there to enable border and customs officers to make the right decisions on time and prevent or minimize the possibilities of cross-border and international crime and terrorism.

Utilizing innovative technologies together with improving international cooperation are keys to achieving optimal frontier security.

Vladimir Cizelj, PhD and Vlatacom Institute

Vlatacom Institute started its success story in 1997 when it was founded by Vladimir Cizelj as a private company. Over the years, the company became a manufacturer and system integrator and the first private institute of its kind in Serbia in 2015 and earned its reputation as a reliable partner and technology provider of many governments and high-profile enterprises in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The team around the innovator Vladimir Cizelj consists of scientists and experts in different fields essential for the development of state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of critical asset protection and border control, biometrics, and ICT security to name a few.

Thanks to its strategic commitment to innovation, the Institute provides innovative and highly secure solutions that match the requirements of national and international security and defense authorities.

Vlatacom border control solutions

Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, and his team of experts have engineered and continue to improve various solutions that serve to improve border security.

One category of solutions is the advanced sensor systems or the vMSIS3 monitoring and surveillance system. It is designed in a way that it integrates imaging sensors of different level definition to provide medium to long-range object detection, recognition, and identification.

Following is the biometric data verification self-service kiosk or the VLATACOM Verification Kiosk (vKIOSK-V). It possesses customizable biometric features and it biometrically verifies the identity by capturing the facial and fingerprint images of an ID document holder and comparing them to the ones stored or printed on the passport for instance.

The third category of border control solutions is the documents readers category where two solutions have to be mentioned. The first one is the VLATACOM Document Reader Handheld (vDR-H2) which is a travel and ID document verification device with an integrated fingerprint reader. VDR-H2 uses Vlatacom’s proprietary innovative optical scanner technology and is connected to a host computer via a regular USB interface. On the other hand, VLATACOM Stationary Document Reader or vDR2-C-OEM is a stationary device used for the verification of passports, visas, personal IDs, and driver licenses. It is a small terminal that can be installed in any kind of system including border control kiosks.

Final remarks

Governments worldwide certainly need to promote the free movement of goods and people. At the same time, they need to work on protecting the borders and interests of their citizens by establishing efficient border management control. Innovative technologies created by technology providers like Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, and his expert team at Vlatacom Institute represent essential tools to be employed by the border control agencies and other security bodies. Protecting borders means protecting ourselves and others from international criminal activity and utilization of state-of-the-art technology and improved international collaboration are keys to achieving that common goal.

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