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In this era, everyone wants to earn online, but most people find it difficult to find online earning means. Trading is one of the best online options to earn a lot of money while staying at home. The Coronavirus pandemic has also promoted remote working. During the lockdown, the major companies asked their employees to work from home. A vast majority of people who became unemployed during the lockdown are turning to online trading.

Yuan Pay Group Review

For trading, there are many trading platforms or exchanges that are offering hundreds of products for trading. But people in the majority do not possess the technical skill of trading. What’s more, it takes a lot of time to become a professional trader. Trading bots, on the other hand, provide a safe way to investors because these do no demand high skills. One will have to submit money and wait for profit because the algorithms used in the software automatically execute trades. Out of unlimited trading bots, Yuan Pay App is a reliable trading bot with unlimited features.

Brief Introduction to Yuan Pay Group App

Yuan Pay Group is the first reliable software that allows you to trade the Chinese national cryptocurrency, digital yuan. As you know, the Chinese cryptocurrency is going to become the next big reserve currency of the world as China is the fastest growing economy in the world. It is the only app that is offering the digital yuan for trading. Moreover, the company claims that it is regulated by the Chinese government.

With the Yuan Pay Group, one can convert his national currency into the digital yuan. In the coming days, China’s national cryptocurrency will become the top-rated currency of the world. This is a golden opportunity for you before it may become the favorite coin of the investors. The software is built using the advanced technology of the modern era that executes only winning trades. A trader can be offered the ability to trade other top-rated pairs that result in high profit. The firm started contributing crypto community in 2010, and since then it has worked with many banks and institutions in putting cryptocurrency on the mainstream road. It does not work like traditional bots in the markets. Rather, it is a unique platform that works on advanced principles of technology. According to the company:

“YuanPay group was created in 2010 and since then we’ve been working with banks and other organizations to legalize crypto trading in China and develop relations with external investors.”


Start your Journey with the Yuan Pay Group

No company can beat the Yuan Pay Group in ease and functionalities. If you follow few simple steps, you can become a dedicated member of the trading company. I will elaborate on the simple strategy to become the official member of the firm. Following are a few simple steps that you need to follow.

Phase 1: Registration

Unlike many other companies, Yuan Pay Group will not put you in confusion as the process of registration is simple and easy. Besides its regulated nature, it does not demand comprehensive information that is required to fulfill requirements of anti-money laundering (AML) and Know your customer (KYC) policies. Simple, you have to write basic information in the given boxes, which are opened after you click on the registration page. The basic information includes first name, last name, email, and phone number. Furthermore, it is recommended to use a strong password so that the account will remain safe from any kind of hacking attack.

Phase 2: Deposit Money

Similar to the first step, the second step is also easy and does not waste the time of investors. The customers, in this step, are required to submit funds in the trading bot. As long as you do not add money to the wallet of the company, the next process will not start. Yuan Pay Group does not ask users for large money, but one can start his trading journey with a little amount of money in his bank account. It has set the minimum limit of deposit at 250 euros, which means that a user can easily trade digital yuan by adding only 250 euros to the authorized bot.

Phase 3: Start Trading

Finally, you are eligible to carry out a trading process involving top-rated coins in the market. On top of that, an investor can easily purchase Chinese digital currency. Once you become familiar with it, you can earn tens of thousands by investing only a small amount of money. However, I will recommend you take benefit of demo trading because it will introduce you to the site.


Top-Notch Features of Yuan Pay Group App

The features offered by the Yuan Pay Group App are not available on its competitor platforms. The more you become familiar with it, the more you admire it. Cutting it short, I will brief you on its top features.

Regulated Brokers

When a user trades instruments on the trading bot, it connects them to regulated brokers via API. The connected brokers are not common firms but are registered with concerned authorities. Moreover, the rules and regulations do not create any kind of fuss in traders’ pathways. What’s more, the fast execution system of the trading bot will let you earn thousands of dollars in a matter of days.

Professional Team

The team plays a major role in the success of a company. The software of the bot is designed by a team of professional developers. The developers have employed artificial intelligence to make it feasible for the modern crypto markets. The team of the Yuan Pay Group has years of experience in the field. For your kind information, it is developed by experienced traders and developers. According to the bot website, it was working with the Chinese government in the development of China’s state digital currency.  In the “Contact Us” section, a user can register his query or complaint. The support team of the company will contact the user promptly.

Best For Novice Traders

The best thing about a trading bot is that people are not bound to gain trading experience before diving into the sector. Novice traders should select Yuan Pay Group because it makes things easy and helpful for beginners. Earning profit without having prior experience is a charming thing. What’s more, there is no need to download it on your device as it executes online. There is only one condition as you have to become an official member of the company. Sit back and see how your minimum investment turns into large capital. When we compare it with other trading bots in the market, we should accept the fact that it is provided with the largest return on investment.

Fee Of Cost

Out of hundreds of trading bots, there are a few which are great in features. And there are some which offer services to customers free of cost and do not charge on trading, deposits, and withdrawals. On the first page of the bot, it is mentioned that the company does not ask customers to pay any fees on trade. So, it is the best opportunity for newly aspired people to check the high-profit nature of cryptocurrency. The fee structure is competitive, and you will not find such a low rate list on any other platform.

Customer Support

It is true that online chat support is not available for users. The lack of an online chat support option is the only demerit of the bot. However, the “Contact Us” is active 24-hours a day as support agents respond to customers’ queries on time. It has hired professional support agents, which work very hard to serve users in the best way possible. Till now, I have not heard a user complaint regarding its customer support.

Easy Deposits and Withdrawals

The majority of trading platforms in the market do not ease the process of deposits and withdrawals. But you will find Yuan Pay Group a good bot when comes to the question of deposits and withdrawals. Withdrawal facility remains available anytime, which sounds nonsense, but it is 100% true. Based on my personal experience and user reviews, I can assure you that the withdrawal option will available to you 24-hours a day. Moreover, it does not present a list of questions before money withdrawal.

Demo Option

All bots in the market are not providing users the facility of demo option. Yuan Pay Group is one of the unique bots that are giving permission to traders to enjoy the demo option of the software. The demo option helps people familiarizing themselves with the bot. With the demo functionality, one can know about the app in detail, plus advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, there is no risk of money loss if you are a beginner in the field. It is the most reliable and efficient method to learn about crypto trading.


Is Yuan Pay Group a Scam?

As I have used the trading bot personally, I have not found any kind of fraud with it. But there are some wrong rumors which are only spread by competitors. The old customers of the bot expressed their full satisfaction with it and also admired it for top-notch functionalities. It is a fully regulated and authorized trading company that fulfills all rules and regulations of the regulatory authority. It fulfills the criteria of a secured trading firm. So, one cannot raise a question about its regulated nature of security. It is the best trading bot for both beginner and professional traders due to its easy-to-use functions and options. As the company claims it is registered with the Chinese government, traders and investors can also enjoy the trading of the digital yuan. The unemployed people could earn money by putting only 250 euros in the robot.

Integrated User Interface

The user interface of the Yuan Pay Group is friendly and integrated so that customers will not get awkward. The user interface of a company has importance because it is the first impression of a company or a product to customers. If a new member lands on the site and finds the user interface difficult, he will not come back. In the same way, if a trading company does not offer friendly UI, there are very few chances that traders create a permanent relationship with that firm.

Yuan Pay Group is fortunate in this sense because its user interface is outstanding. The team wrote all needed information on the homepage of the website so that newcomers will read it carefully before registration. The reach to destination points is just a click away. Everything opens after tapping some clicks. Even beginners can feel the experience of professionalism. The journey from your landing on the first page to real-time trading just consumes few minutes. So, an intuitive interface is one of the best features of the trading robot.

How does Yuan Pay Group work?

As per the site, Yuan Pay was first founded in 2010. Since then, it has been offering services related to cryptocurrency. It has worked with banks and other financial institutions in pushing cryptocurrency to the mainstream. Finally, the Chinese government rolled out national cryptocurrency to empower the digital economy. The team of the trading robot also says that Yuan Pay Group is selected by the government to distribute digital yuan.

After years of hard work, Yuan Pay Group became authorized by the Chinese authority in the selling and buying of China’s state cryptocurrency. The world’s famous Financial Times reported that the Chinese official cryptocurrency is one of the revolutions of the 21st century. China is the first largest economy to come up with a state-level digital currency. According to financial experts, the new official currency of China will undermine the reserve power of the US dollar. The US is far behind China in the development of the national digital currency.

The detailed information mentioned on the site will assist you in how to use it. According to the given information, it claims the offering of high return over investment. It is a good thing about the site that everything is mentioned in a clear way so that new beginners will not baffle with bulk information.

Is it Profit Making App?

In terms of profit-making, it is the best trading bot in the market. There are many entities running in the market which does not offer high return over investment. Moreover, they also cut high fees on deposits and withdrawals. They also charge service fees on the execution of trades. On the other hand, Yuan Pay Group does not charge fees to customers at the time of money withdrawals. It is the best opportunity for the people who got unemployed during the pandemic. Similarly, housewives can also take profit from the opportunity by investing only 250 euros in the robot. So, start your journey with the Pay Group App and be ready to earn money in thousands of dollars. On the website, it mentioned how interested people can become rich by purchasing China’s new cryptocurrency. The firm claims that is the only government-approved entity that can distribute digital coins among global investors.

User Security

The security of users is the first priority of the trading bot. People care and pay major attention to a company before joining the company. It is impossible that funds of users become unsecure on the platform of Yuan Pay Group. Once you become an official customer of the bot platform, the team of the firm takes full responsibility for his funds. Additionally, the funds of users are safeguarded with the latest technology.

In its entire history since its creation, the bot did not become vulnerable to any kind of theft attack. On the other hand, many competitors of Yuan Pay Group became victims of scams or cyberattacks. What’s more, it is authorized by the regulatory authority and follows anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies. So, there is no chance of scam or theft attack as long as you stay on the app.

Focus on Privacy and Transparency

First of all, I will talk about the rules and regulations of the company, which are related to the privacy of users. The privacy of customers is the foremost thing which should be kept in mind. Some scam companies are selling the personal information of consumers to third parties and take millions of dollars in exchange for users’ personal data. The information of a user will remain hidden even from the staff of the company. The personal information taken at the time of registration is only for compliance purposes.

Like privacy of users, the team working behind the Yuan Pay Group also pays attention to transparency on the platform. Here, transparency means that there should be a transparent relationship between the company and its users. Everything on the site is written with a clear voice. Traders often complain that trading firms charge fees that are not even mentioned on the website. But the Yuan Pay Group does not include hidden fees. The details about trading fees can be known by connecting with the support team of the bot.


High-rated Tools

With tools, experienced traders make a lot of money. But if the tools are accessible and feasible, the beginner traders can also fill their bank accounts with money. So, it is also a case with the Yuan Pay Group that the tools available are very beneficial in trading China’s state digital currency. With these tools, a user can purchase digital currency in a matter of minutes.

Positive Feedback

Due to top-notch functionalities, the think-tank in the industry passes very positive reviews for Yuan Pay Group and the digital yuan. PayPal founder Peter Theil claimed that China is very progressive in the development of digital currency at a national level. Furthermore, it is the first incident ever that a government is involved in the creation of cryptocurrency. Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Group, said in the past that when China would launch crypto, he would definitely invest in it. I have found a bundle of positive reviews on the trusted sites which give me a firm belief that Yuan Pay Group is a reliable trading bot.


Yuan Pay Group is famous among traders and investors due to its premium wallet features and management of cryptocurrency. As a leading trading bot, it defines itself as the only regulated crypto company that is providing a golden opportunity to investors of purchasing Chinese national cryptocurrency.


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