Top 5 Thrilling Fun Cars to Drive on Weekend

People often get bored and exhausted after a tiresome working week. Weekend is a relaxation period in which some do shopping and gaming while others prefer to drive their thrilling car on weekends. Just book some thrilling and adventurous automobiles from any Dubai rent a car company to make your weekend joyful.

Fun and sports cars are usually used on weekends for a long drive and racing competition. Some feel fun to drive their family car while some drive their fun cars in a thrilling way to win a driving competition. Supercars always come to mind while talking about such thrilling automobiles. Beside expensive supercars, there are some affordable fun cars for a weekend of spirited driving.

Mazda Miata

You will enjoy a thrillful drive in Mazda Miata. This fun car is available in its 4th generation. Being a lightweight automobile having two doors and a rear-wheel-drive roadster, it is known as the gold standard of automotive fun at cheap rates.

You can drive it on the six-speed manual or automatic transmission. A four-cylinder engine along with a naturally aspirated 2-liter capacity makes it worth driving as you will not face problems of fuel depletion while racing. This wonderful car is available at a cheap price of almost $26,580.

Ferrari 488 Spider

Ferrari 488 spider is an amazing supercar having a two-door convertible with an aggressive side. Its soft seats are fitted to comfort you. The twin-turbo engine of 3.9 liters capacity is available in this vehicle for the production of 661 horsepower and 760nm torque.

You can drive this automobile at a high speed of 100 km/h only in 3 seconds after ignition. The ultimate speed of 330 km/h is achieved during a captivating driving experience. This car is available at a moderate price.

Nissan 350Z

If you want to drive on weekends in racing competitions but you don’t own a vehicle, you can rent a Nissan 350Z and any other automobile by any professional vehicle rental company of Dubai. Monthly car rental offers are also offered by rental companies.

This vehicle has great features including power delivery in horsepowers, easy handling, and superb speed. You can buy this car on a low budget. Moreover, you will be eligible for modification and enhancement of supporting the Z-line of your car.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang is a super cool fun car due to its current generation style. The automobile lines of Ford are sleek and design restraint. These lines are also associated with taillights and fastback silhouettes. The only demerit of this vehicle is its V8 engine that can be altered with a lightweight four-cylinder engine.

The four-cylinder engine has a capacity of 2.3 liters fuel along with a turbocharger and EcoBoost engine. Despite this, you can upgrade the performance package of your vehicle by adjusting a bigger compressor and radiator along with an additional power production capacity of 330hp.

Porsche Boxster S

This supercar is designed with the best power delivering capacity. Some vehicles have economical value, some have less expensive maintenance engines and great powering capacity. But Porsche Boxster S is an all-rounder car.

It has a flat-six engine to ensure your smooth and energetic drive. Its engine of 6.2-liter capacity generates 460hp and 630nm torque. Dubai rent a car service providers are offering this vehicle on a car lease. So, grab this opportunity of fun driving.

No matter which car you choose for driving. You will enjoy the speedy journey on every track within pocket-friendly charges by leasing a vehicle from the cheap monthly car a rent company of Dubai. So, it’s time to get ready for a new adventure in one of these fun cars.

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Hafiz Sarmad