Caddy in GTA Vice City: Cheat Code

(picture credits: FenderMustaine, youtube)
(picture credits: FenderMustaine, youtube)

While GTA III is credited as the game that really shot the franchise into the mainstream, it was Vice City that really cemented its position.

GTA Vice City was quite ahead of its time with regards to its 80s aesthetic, art style and soundtrack. Since 2014, there has been a resurgence of appreciation for all things 80s, and has been termed as Retrowave.

Retrowave music and art seem to be all the rage today, and GTA Vice City provides just about everything when it comes to pleasing fans of Retrowave.

The city is seemingly drenched in neon during the night, colourful wardrobes for every character and the one of the best 80s soundtrack in any movie or game.

GTA Vice City features some of the best music from the 80s and IT combined that with some of the most iconic car designs mirroring those from real-life. The game is an absolute joy in every second of gameplay.

Caddy cheat code in GTA Vice City

From being able to dress up in a full golf attire to even driving a golf Caddy on the road, GTA Vice City gives you free rein all over the city. While the Caddy isn’t an impressive piece of machinery like the Infernus, it can still be a lot of fun.

Nothing is more enjoyable than leading the police and the military on a wild chase across the city in your Caddy. While the vehicle won’t be able to Outrun the police forces, it certainly makes for a lot of fun.


You can use the cheat code in the Pause Menu or while in the game. One of the many things players tend to do with the Caddy is seeing how many flips one can manage to do in the car.

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